New Era Continent: The European Union and the Eurasian Alliance


article is devoted to the issues of opening Russian-European
western borders.

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1. - The geopolitical image of today's Russia.- Criticism of the Soviet model.- World liberal revolution and the post-Soviet mentality.- (P.1);
2. - New baptism of Rus.Great Russian Europeanization.- Euro-Russian geopolitical balance: historical necessity "unsealing" of Russia.- Historicize rights for foreigners.- (P.5);
3. - The pursuit of cultural and business parity.Background of the 1st European Party of the Russian Federation.- Orientation, practices and capabilities so in the foreseeable future.- (P.8);
4. - Conclusion.- Conclusions.Wishes.- (Page 11 of 12 pages. Total volume);

CHAPTER ONE.Geopolitical image of today's Russia.- Criticism of the Soviet model.- World liberal revolution and the post-Soviet mentality.

... So, We, humanity, and not passive miroutverzhdayuschey Civilization again

"on the doorstep ..." Another milestone, another Rubicon, which, by the will of the great historical process, we can not but strive to go."Hut on Chicken Legs", finally, turns his back to the swamp ... and to progress - forward.And let it so that the sun of a new day still rises in the east - the clock of history, as before, administers its course towards the west, steadily and efficiently, in the land proclaiming his unconditional eastern values ​​and rights.Indeed, the fact we are all inhabitants of the European continent, is a direct witness of a unique and universal significance of the historical process, a new age-old page whose, at the time of visibility, open the fact of Russia's WTO accession, and follows the signing of an agreement on visa-free relations between Russia and the European Union.- Enormous changes and, of course, is a tremendous responsibility.
not it redeveloped Russia, finally, is able to overcome the force of the curse that was the curse of the democratic and civilized world against xenophobic, bristling of the Soviet Union and its rancid Sovietism.How expressive today are all achieved and forward-achievable results oboyudostoronnih efforts of the two mega-spaces and the mega-crops in the fight against evil "of neglect and otvraschenchestva" - as it is expressive in the background of all of the general state of affairs, what is the natural continuation of the once"Cursed started renegades" of the struggle!Here, however, the idea sotsiologicheski- (and Political) -sravnitelnaya, can not hesitate and again, that way is not noticed by the first, but more and more increasing similarity geopolititicheskogo and psycho-moral image of contemporary Russia with the image of Soviet Russia ... In spite of the inevitable dialecticalthis, so I think, it is impossible not to become more attentive and biased view of those specific conventions that form the basis of all subsequent perception and the development of the said moral and global process.- For, unquestionably, the process of synthesizing the two cultures - a phenomenon regarding fundamental aspects of morality.
For Westerners, is in the minority in the age-old Russian, the ethical question of bourgeois political rapprochement between the two empires, will be, first of all, building a sense of constitutional compliance to all norms of humanistic Informed Code of Rights and Freedoms, unquestioned for a civilized community.This, however, is not always in the attention and interests of those "traditsionistov" who so often in favor of the permissible reproach, more fit, more that way, adhere to the "drinking-stagnant 'position and tactics for all the inevitable Soviet cultural heritage.As soon as, these things still more, in many respects, it correlates the received notion of the ancestral roots and principles siimi-called true of so-called Russianhumane attitudes and perceptions of view of the future of the Social-Political novosversheniya - will need, with the most careful, be able to draw Eye of the Great Stories svidetelnoy those just, Soviet, stagnant inherited the sins of today, what ... let, but will notagain an occasion for a new ethical and moral disaster, when a friendly-motivated agreement with Europe once again will turn the unexpected continental war, as it happened to be the Soviet Union and the Reich.How
harmoniously interact with each other, that way, and today's geo-political principles of post-Soviet Russia, both inside and dynamic social and moral values?- [We, of course, talking about it except in the sense of state-adopted watered.course.] - So how, in this case, one justifies the other?- Here, and a natural position bearing on all foreign policy trends (as in the Eurasian West and in the East), and the domestic political reaction of the government to create a social and cultural atmosphere in the life of the active Russian society ... This - and the effect of the Russian population policy, causesthe existence of trans-national political alliance, whose geo-political position, for today, especially manifested in the creation of the Eurasian Union, has recently signed a number of countries of the former CIS countries;in that - at the same time, and (as a consequence, also the demographic, cultural and ethical imbalance in the cost-modernized country) will inevitably still administrative centralization of internal regions of Russia (* recent statement of Mr. President Medvedev on the legal regional administration, what are all the same(!) has a certain number of "Capital-head" trend than the "people's election" *) - of course, the larger the internal control;and this - not unknown tsenzornyh tightening moral and academic standards in the idea of ​​the reorganization of cultural life - the so-called lawsecological purity of the city, the laws on noise (* and, therefore, in the sort of pretext - perhaps that is also the laws on the music, then, and how much something, um, about the restrictions on freedom itself - who knows ..*), the laws also filmography (* only recently, yet delicate presidential decree *) proposed new decree on the media, etc.etc.- It is easy to imagine how the corresponding moral policies may soon begin to take place, and also in relation to theater and literature - and it is quite fitting, that is, re-usovetirovannomu society and its government;- And all this, just by the time the long-awaited opening of the very historical borders, which once divided the continent into Soviet and, of course, anti-Soviet sphere!Now that "both magnets" Two Empires (namely those represented space of polar crop on the borders) are in more and more with each other interaction - we obviously must make every effort to ensure that the polar magnetic effect, which take on a momentum of their sudbovershascheerapprochement became certainly be positive.- For all who gave the statement First of significant economic interest between Russia and the EU, we're still talking about the interaction of cultures, native representations thereof, and believing their moral values, and have as a consequence to this - the possible practical points of contact.As soon
, Western Culture, and it has long been the Social-economic culture is the product of a centuries-old process of the World Liberal Revolution - in fact, yes, we will stick (and quite as well as in the practices of market analysis, in view of the different time perspectives of development of thesome of the exchanges) to ask before a fundamental issue, namely, when all components of domestic and foreign policy of Russia, are inclined to me, in general, include the State Russian States, following the dominant idea of ​​the continental-liberal revolution, or our government, at the root,belongs to the idea of ​​some other? ... Here, however, we should certainly be borne in mind that only the first case of a positive response, predritsanno-emerging relations with the Euro-space pop-West, we will be spared the next negative lessonsStories.- When will it really so that the majority of the class-conscious in Russian intellectuals in their voices, leaves, still, preference, right, the first option - if time itself carries our attention to the meaning, in which the idea of ​​open-liberalism realizesmyself ... in something, that way, in a relatively-sufficient, and something in need of protection indispensable.
liberal revolution in modern history, the explosive aspect of catalyzing way came in the years of breaking of the Berlin Wall - rushed, it is symbolic of Western Europe to the subsequent unification of imperial;- After making a, in his inevitable prostrenii the East, true anti-Soviet revolution in the Russian reality, what the witness himself, Mr. Moscow putsch;- By its very progress it claims the expansion of the boundaries of neo-ethical social and cultural space in the direction from west to east.Is not it?- Thus, even in a new etymology - something that recently was considered to be "undone" in Eastern Europe, the Western democratic angel now blessed to be part of a united Europe, and the spirit of xenophobic and stagnant hell it is absolutely hostile.The same - and with regard to Russia, the future generations, which liberalized - radiate today "purgatory" in the fatal follow their moral and social Europeanisation.And that way, "radiate purgatory" in the case of sim should definitely will mean somewhat different than what the system-polar supposed to be only as the expansion of "Russian family, Russian and Russian proc sense," - declares that self-confidence, ogranicheno-patriotic minds and that,
unfortunately, often as before, takes its source, alas, just out of blind and xenophobic, yet stagnant and the principle of representation.
Russian liberals, in their practices, claim the eternal aspect of the confrontation - with time, inevitably the same and positive are permitted, nevertheless, in favor of pan-European liberal principle - the confrontation between the aforesaid is the principle and suppressive bounded norm doktrinstvuyusche-politsionirovannoy,traditional forceful and that "traditional svoerusskoy" system.Does not that catchy comment on Medvedev that "... in fact, the Court has never, in general, and is the standard measure for the Russian law and order ..." (* retraktuya his words in one of his speechesKhodorkovsky *), the liberal Russian community still find sufficient just to force a necessary, albeit little more effective, but the - counter-argument;- And this is very good.- All continental liberal revolutionary mind vospriemlit in Russian democratic battles, first of all, commitment to integrity, the pursuit of openness and receptivity to the correctness, yes.How, however, sad to remind here that, too, that the so-called"Engage in dialogue" on the front level of intercultural social and diplomatic policy - that way, and the connivance of the (if not when, indulging) by those same liberal forces - oddly enough, to the rural repeatedly is precisely the same one opjatafter "pan-hunker-svoerusskuyu" position: it is, in fact, satisfying all national characteristic statements [* Akin, by the way, Medvedev's (!) *], as something that is "only Russian tradition" and "do not want to know anything", and" our word - and the law, and - neither give nor take - a mother herself, "and in a perfect sometimes, alas, ignoring the ethical and liberal sense of the European measure.Even if I'm a bit exaggerating, - developments in the archives of the past few years show yet about some truth in my words, that way, more a reminder of the Anglo-Russian "cultural conflict", an ethically-business precedent case of Mr. Dudley in Moscowand etc.- If you look closely, you can discern a similar trend in the choice of the parties' positions, that way, at various levels are still post-Soviet (!) Russian reality.The reality of post-Soviet mentality;if the new reality, it is still, in many ways, more xenophobic-limited, revanchist-suppressant sight and sense.So even obvious if the representative of the 'European principle "in today's Russian politics, Mikhail Prokhorov, a relatively more recently proclaimed - let, and due to the reservations and however - proclaimed the possibility of increasing the length of working day (and, allegedly, infixed and not encouragingly, the increased rate) for the Russian citizens, which, by the way, especially as, contrary to the liberal-biased, truly European dimensions and type in questions of institutional and acquires the rights and freedoms of the working population;Europe itself and the idea of ​​great-Europeanism in Russia, siih and similar contexts, as if there is one opposite the other, is not it?- Of course, in these and others. Examples of pseudo-liberal, implicitly, inhumane, even when involuntarily More interpretation of western opinion has the undesirable effect of perception of themselves relations with Western Europe, what is in the truly disadvantaged diplomatic, inter-social andinter-cultural affairs should embody indispensable oboyudostoronnost process open, resonant interaction and humanistic vzaimoglasiya two continental cultures and their aesthetics.Continuing necessary here
criticism and analysis of this, we can not deal with the question today more unattained, ethical and moral balance between Russia and the EU, that way, to speak not only about the business partnership agreement the two existing governments, but also the kinds of civilizing oboyudo-mega-concerned communities, with regard to all attendant to this, populyatsionistskim social and integration practices on both sides of the beginning of a global process.

CHAPTER TWO.The new baptism of Rus.Great Russian Europeanization.- Euro-Russian geopolitical balance: historical necessity "unsealing" of Russia.- The rights of foreigners.

Indeed, the impending milestone visa-free relations between Russia with the Western European world, its significance can be equated favorites, momentous milestones in the history of the development of our entire state and society;this - is indisputable, another baptism of Rus.In fact, unconditional gratitude to all those who give this a proper report, and the great regret of those who err on the idea of, say, not so great the importance of ongoing Projects.A stupid liberal-patriotic minds in Russia justifiably tend to consider this a diplomatic turnaround as preconditioned return the authority of the Russian state in the civilized Eurasian continent, but, in reality, it is - even, to a lesser extent,"The idea of ​​Russian-national reabelitatsii" rather than a - start seriously great rebirth of the country as a whole, the beginning of a qualitatively new Russian ideology.And that, to a greater extent, suggests that to us - everything that, in the light of ethics, there are diplomatic tact - was seeking to open a "window (primarily) to Europe in Russia", as soon as her friendly attitude towards usvery confidentially, other could not be found in the person of Ona thief;- Yes, the same "thief who is criminal and inhumane climb into someone else's box" (from the Bible * *), is not it?Sim sense siih days of the recent history of Russia - it is, in many ways, a new, decisive stage of the great Russian Europeanization, and this, and only in this sense (!), The accompanying moral force can seriously defend themselves before any thought of upgrading euro-Russian inter-ethnic relations.For, starting from the time of Vladimir the Baptist, and later on, so to speak, and on the diplomatic reforms I.Groznogo etc.and t.sravn. We every time we accept and so inherit a part of Europe and that is why every one of the wise reformist politicians in Russia, was originally used for ^ Olsha freedom for Europeans on the territory of this state - opjatstill and Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great.And so, now, we - and minds of the community, democratically oriented towards implementing the principles of the ethical concept of Western European humanism - must seriously take care of achieving the result, wrong, and greater openness of Russia (internal) of the company for the West-European interest and attentionbecause to implement the "European principle of" we need a Europe growing Europe - Europe is Europe in Russia.- How successfully this conclusion is related to the actual position of the current international affairs?Conclusions.