When it lasts, and how much the rainy season in Vietnam?

Vietnam too stretched from north to south.Its territory is located in several climatic zones.Therefore, the question of when to start and end the rainy season in Vietnam is very difficult to answer unequivocally.Tourists vacationing in Thailand and know that the sub-equatorial belt covers summer rains may come to Hanoi in the winter and incredibly surprised.Because the New Year weather in Hanoi (and all over North Vietnam) is not very warm.It happens just six.Plus - rain and wind.In the north, it makes sense to come only from May to September, as well as in Crimea.In the center of the state, on the coast, there are such famous resorts like Nha Trang, Da Nang, Da Lat.Planning a trip to the region, it is important to know when the rainy season begins in Vietnam.Trang covers rains and typhoons in December and continues all the way to February.Discomfort tourists bring not rain.They have something just short, are mostly at night or a couple of hours during the day and the tropical sun beach sand dries inst

antly.No, the biggest trouble in the rainy season in Vietnam, bringing heavy wind and storm.Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčTroubles difficult to completely prohibit swimming and diving, as starting strong currents.In addition, the abundance of moisture from the increased population of mosquitoes.The best time to visit Central Vietnam is a rather short period from March to the end of May.In June and likely risk of a typhoon.

south of the country is as Thailand and Cambodia, in the subequatorial climate.This means that in winter in these areas come rain (dry), wind, and in summer - equatorial (wet).Therefore, the resort (which is rightly proud of Vietnam) Phan Thiet rainy season covers only in June.The same can be said of Ho Chi Minh City and the surrounding resorts of Sihanouk Ville, Long Hai, Vung Tau, Phu Quoc, Siem Reap.Not that the peak season is accounted for the winter months - Vietnam, though the south, it is still not Thailand.Though clear, the temperature is not very high.At night, the thermometer can drop to + 20. However, those who barely tolerate a thirty-heat, the winter in the vicinity of Ho Chi Minh City - exactly what you need.Besides the weather - the best companion for all kinds of excursions background.

On the south of the country, tourists mainly come in the spring months - was already really hot, and the rainy season in Vietnam has not yet begun.The air is heated to 30-33 degrees, and the calm sea unclouded blue color - up to 28.But on the other hand, this is the peak season with all its consequences.But in the "wet season" for its amazing climate are resorts located in the mountains Chyongshon.These low ridges prevent the penetration of monsoon and dry here.

Now consider what is the rainy season in Vietnam and because he feared as tour operators draw?Contrary to popular belief, the rains in this period did not pour all day long without ceasing.Livni may shoot in the daytime.The feeling is that the abyss of heaven opened wide: thunder, lightning flash, rain buckets.But an hour later it all ends svetopredstavlenie again looks the sun, and nature just comes alive.Flowers bloom, foliage becomes lush.The rains only slightly pacify the heat that falls from 33 to 27 is quite comfortable.All this rosy picture, of course, does not apply to North Vietnam, where the winter (and also the rainy season) resembles a rainy October in Russia.