Flooding in Venice.

When there is flooding in Venice, the inhabitants of this wonderful Italian city of many problems.It is known that the town is located on the island, which in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout one hundred and twenty (Venetian Lagoon).Between them there are about one hundred and fifty channels through which spanned four hundred bridges.

hectic lives of citizens because of its proximity to large bodies of water has always been.In ancient times, the settlement (the city and there is somewhere in the IV-III century BC) have repeatedly been flooded, so the ancient settlers, after being covered with regular flooding in Venice, had to endure all the buildings above the hills.They learned how to build houses on stilts so well that some government officials at the beginning of this millennium compared them with birds, living on the water.The island location of the city allowed it to achieve prosperity through international and local trade, fishing and salt production.

must say that the major flooding in Venice can very q

uickly destroy this town, becauseBuilt here quite easily.The bottom of the lagoon is full of silt and very unstable, so the foundation is always constructed multi-layered.At the bottom they consist of piles made of Russian larch (almost does not decay), in the middle of a wooden base, which in turn lay flagstones.The walls are made of limestone and wooden walls are thin and so any significant flow of water will carry them for a minute.

Anyone who wants to see the fabulous city has to hurry.After all, he goes under the water at a speed of about five millimeters per year.It affects an increasing number of buildings, as well as the diversion of water from the wells.Last causing subsidence.To catastrophic flooding in Venice did not happen, or happen as late as possible (referred to as the date of the final dive - 2028) near the town erected a protective project MOSE, which allows to protect the lagoon from the high tides of the Adriatic Sea.

What factors trigger a flood?In Venice in 2013 and 2012, the causes of natural disasters have become heavy rains and south wind that caused the rise of water above the critical level of one and a half meters.This has led, for example, that the intrepid tourists photographed the coffee shop in the town square on the chest in the water, and the rest moved around the city in fishing pants with suitcases on their shoulders.

Nature caused significant damage to a city like Venice.Flooding the latest news 2013 which relate to the winter, not only led to an increased level of water, but also caused some damage to property due to the formation on the surface of the icy crust, which scratched boats and walls.During this period, schools were closed and a number of government agencies, reduced tourist flows.Many store owners adjacent to the channels, have suffered losses because of the damage to the product and reduce the number of visitors.After all, the city lives mainly due to the visitors, whose number in the year up to fifteen million.