Wormwood tree - the tree of God,

Wormwood tree, or otherwise God's tree is suffrutescent plant and reaches a height of 30 to 150 cm. It has a pleasant balsamic odor, especially to disrupt the plant in dry sunny weather, or rub his hands dried twigs.Direct branched woody stems from the bottom, and at an older age are whitish.The bluish-green leaves from the back side of fluffy, grayish color.Wormwood tree God tree blooms in August and it can easily be found on the dry slopes of hills or ditches, cemeteries or roads, abandoned rural backyards or in the furrows.


God's tree spread on deposits, alkaline grasslands, deserts.It's easy to meet on gravelly slopes and river valleys of European Russia, Western Siberia, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Medicinal properties

As a medicinal raw material used upper part.Collect it during the flowering.Twigs been broken and bind beams, and then dried by hanging or as bouquets.

Wormwood tree God tree is widely used as a drug.Wormwood oil is part of the preparation "Atermizol"

which has a spasmolytic effect.He is able to dramatically increase the solubility of salts in the urine, and also promotes the excretion of urinary stones and sand.In addition, this drug is used in the treatment of kidney disease, as well as increased acidity of gastric juice and gastritis.

as a diuretic used infusion of herbs and essential oil has good laxative properties.

has long been in folk medicine of God, the tree was used to prepare an alcohol tincture in a ratio of 2.5: 10, and then used for rubbing with radiculitis.Infusion herb helps with epilepsy, the menstrual cycle and how anthelmintic.

But this traditional medicine has not stopped.God's tree also treats colds, toothache, intestinal, rheumatism, infections and many other diseases.Tea or napar ingested.It is prepared in the following proportions: 1 tablespoon chopped sage per cup of boiling water and used daily for 2-3 glasses.

also used wormwood in mixtures with other medicinal plants.For example, a drug Bukovica sciatica or rue at renal diseases, including stones.

Wormwood considered antispasmodic and analgesic.The plant is steamed with boiling water, then draped it boils, which accelerates ripening.This tool is recommended in people with inflammation of the mammary gland.And with the use of aqueous extracts of wormwood used for poultices, compresses, washes and lotions.To the same end uses a homogeneous mass of fresh crushed plants (inflorescences and leaves).

In people, this plant is particularly valued, the name says it.Comes to mind, another similar name - ladybug.Trees, grass, insects that benefit the person has always been held in high esteem, treat them carefully now.