How to calculate the ascendant?

Sometimes, in order to understand the actions and behavioral factors around us, we know their date of birth and address to the help of astrology.After all, as far as we know, it is a sign of the zodiac, and determines the nature of man.However, not everyone knows that the appearance, and the fate of the individual features of character form the three indicators: the location of the sun in the sky on the day of birth, which affects the inner world of the individual, the position of the moon determines the nature and value of the Ascendant.Hence the question: what is the last term, to which it affects and how to calculate the Ascendant alone?

concept Ascendant

Ascendant (from the Latin. Language is translated as "ascending" from English. - "Power", "influence", "predominance", "domination") - a sign of the zodiac, rising above the horizon at the moment of birth.In other words, the second time when the starry sky with all the planetary arrangement, remembering that moment, forms a personal horoscope fo

r the newborn and his personal life journey.This is the point of intersection of the eastern half of the horizon with the plane of the ecliptic.

earth and every point of its surface, rotating daily goes all the zodiac, fixing the value of the Ascendant in a particular zodiac sign.A person assigned to the sign of Capricorn for example, because this value (and not the sun as many assume) is in the sign of Capricorn.On the birth Ascendant directly affect the place, time and date of birth.

What affects

In many astrological systems is considered to be central to the ascendant and a reference point in the construction of a horoscope.His unique imprint obtained in person at birth, becomes an integral part of the personality, the determining factor of behavior, character, appearance and attitude towards others.That depends on him is your reaction to people, situations, and what the others see you.Ascendant, which can be calculated independently, generates individuality, personality traits, self-expression and its outlook.

This is the point, in contrast to the sign of the Moon, forming a cell depth of the subconscious, it shows what lies on the surface of the face mask that shows people around.The sign of the Ascendant is the outer layer, a shell of your "I" and determines what people see in you in the first place.Ascendant (abbreviated ASC) is called the gate, behind which is the inner world.

According to astrologers, the sign of the Ascendant - a fundamental component of the natal chart (Birthday Card), which depends on the position of the other characteristics of the horoscope.Without calculating this criterion horoscope man will not be the most complete and it is related to the moment of birth.

How to Ascendant

To calculate your ascendant, you need to know:

  • hour, day, month and year of birth.
  • longitude and latitude of the place of birth.

Manual Ascendant is calculated using a special formula:

arctg (cos s / - [(tg f · sin ε) + (sin s · cos ε)]) = ASC, where

  • f - latitude locations appears onlight;
  • ε - angle of inclination of the ecliptic to the equator (23-26o);
  • s - local sidereal time (calculated according to the formula s = SO + l + UT + d, where SO - sidereal time at mean midnight GMT desired date (you can view the calendar);
  • I - longitude;
  • UT - worldwidetime;
  • d - correction Time (UT (in hours) * 9.86) for the discrepancy of sidereal time to mean solar.

s values ​​must be multiplied by 15 to convert it to degrees.

The calculation can be time consuming and does not guarantee the accuracy of the result, so it is best to seek the assistance of computer programs.

program features

Before the advent of information technology to determine the ascendant people turned to professional astronomers and astrologers. At the moment, anyone can analyze your horoscope, the Ascendantcalculated. It should only be interested in these issues, and access to experts in astrology is not required.There are special computer programs that allow for a few minutes to obtain the desired information about your rising sign of the zodiac.The program is able to calculate the formulas not only the value of the Ascendant, but its effect on character.After all, the rising sign of the Zodiac determines your goals, objectives and creativity, affecting even fate.

does not matter if you do not have information regarding the latitude and longitude of the place of birth.Professional program will determine their own worth only you add in the appropriate column country and city (if your home to a village, select a nearby city), transforming the local time in global format (Greenwich Mean), and later in sidereal (time relative to the fixed stars).Sidereal day is not identical to Earth time, they were four minutes shorter days Greenwich.

One program heaped whatever it may be, will not be able to give you a full and complete information regarding the degree of the zodiac rising sign, and the location of other planets at the moment of birth.Calculate the ascendant by date of birth, and get the full natal chart can be based on several programs, additional information, or by a specialist.

value Sun

Determine Ascendant possible without resorting to the help of specialized software, but simply tell the time of sunrise and sunset on the day of his birth.Referring to calculations:

  • If you were born at the dawn, your ascendant coincides with the sun sign of the zodiac.For example, if you are - Aries, you and your rising sign - Aries.
  • 2-4 hours after dawn value moves one character forward, therefore, Aries, to bring happiness to light his appearance at 8 o'clock in the morning, on rising zodiac sign - Taurus.
  • 4-6 hours from sunrise slid home sign for another two horoscope forward.That is ascendant Aries - Gemini.
  • If you were born around noon, a rising point moves further three signs (Aries - Cancer).
  • 4-6 hours before sunset your ASC will move for another four characters, it means that the Aries - is Leo.
  • The birth of 2-4 hours before sunset marked the value of the Ascendant in the sixth sign (Aries - Virgo).

Further calculations are made in the same way.

Thus, it becomes clear that every 2-4 hours ASC moves about one character forward.However, not all points are moved equally, some may move faster or slower.Therefore Ascendant calculate the time of sunrise and sunset is quite difficult, for greater reliability is better to seek the assistance programs and professional astrologers.

Influence of the Ascendant on the exterior

notorious that ASC is able to influence the appearance of the person.However, we can confidently assert that the person will be externally exactly as it involves the ascendant.After a significant role in shaping the physique, facial features and other elements of shape genes play.Genetic signs of the body, coupled with the influence of a particular zodiac sign and give the final result, defining features of appearance.

Before you learn the ascendant, read with a standard description of each sign of the zodiac.


Athletic, medium height, energetic gait, open smile, straight, slightly piercing look.Active and energetic fire signs are expressed in the offensive position in life, the incredible courage, initiative and bright raging energy.Tough, strong, resolute Aries always go ahead, subject to rash decisions.


Connection Ascendant in Taurus gave the owner sign a dense, strong body, chiseled features, large eyes, a square type of face.Slow, reliable, pondering each step, appreciate luxury and comfort Taurus is under the patronage of Venus, put it on a sensual charisma.

Twins Twins have short stature, agile, slim build, sharp facial features, lively, open eyes, a rapid gait.Gemini is incredibly smart and intelligent, sociable and friendly, have a mobile facial expressions.They are clever, multifaceted and able to show the talent in several areas simultaneously.


Crayfish - compliant, touchy, have incredibly secretive nature.Representatives of the ascendant in this sign are usually of medium height, has soft features, a round face type, gentle voice, thin wrists, fingers and legs.Crayfish - scattered, dreamy, sensitive nature, appreciate the family and home, it is difficult to establish contacts with strangers, but are able to manipulate the behavior of others.

Leo Ascendant Leo and appearance characterized by majestic bearing, the beautiful shape of the head, a dazzling smile, thick head of hair.Lions are incredibly proud, energetic and quick-tempered, they have pronounced organizational and leadership abilities.Nourish the Sun gives Lions courage, courage, self-confidence.

Virgin Sixth sign of the Zodiac - Virgo - is characterized by high or medium height, delicate physique, aristocratic features, tenacious, careful look.The dominance of Mercury endowed Virgin analytical mind, a high degree of observation, demanding to themselves and others.Virgin balanced, a bit petty and picky.

Libra Ascendant in Libra suggests a well-built figure, rounded shapes, dazzling, incredibly charming smile, thin, sculpted facial features.Nourish Venus gives representatives of this sign beauty, charm, cool.Libra - born diplomat and esthete.In all strive to achieve harmony, there are sometimes quite indecisive, and scattered.

Scorpio Scorpios have a strong constitution, protruding facial features, piercing, hypnotic eyes.They differ iron willpower, hard character, determination and absolute fearlessness.They are secretive, suspicious and are capable of extremes.


representatives of the rising sign in Sagittarius are Athletic, small, pleasant facial features, friendly, slightly quizzical look, a tendency to be overweight.Sagittarians are positive, friendly, energetic, sincere, love to travel.They are sometimes tactless, straightforward, but always honest and open.

Capricorn Capricorn differs tall, thin, deep, thoughtful eyes, radiant smile, strong, hardy down.Influence of Saturn makes ambitious Capricorn, ambitious, prone to stress and depression.He is disciplined, reliable and focused on career and power.

Aquarius Ascendant in Aquarius gives the owners of the mark-bodied, muscular, chiseled features, contemplative gaze.Aquarius sociable, a little eccentric, has extraordinary thinking, unpredictable nature.


medium or low growth, big dreamy eyes, beautiful, thick hair, large hands and feet isolated from a variety of representatives of Pisces horoscope.Fish have the capacity for foresight, imaginative, some "otherworldly."They're indecisive, lazy, secretive, give the impression of slow and sluggish people.But in fact this is not always the case.

Astrologers believe that the ascendant is calculated very important for humans.After knowing your rising sign will allow to get acquainted with the most complete characteristic of your personality, creativity and the factors that may influence the fate and make them more real.