What is the jumping off a bridge with an elastic band, and that for him?

How is the jump off a bridge with an

elastic band?This type of active pastime known worldwide under the name "bungee jumping".Jumping into bungee jumping can be performed with both bridges, and with any other tall objects.


jumping off a bridge with an elastic band owe their origin to the ancient ritual common among Aboriginal Pacific.For centuries, jumping from a height with a rope attached to the legs constituted the bulk of the tribal initiation rite into manhood.

modern history of bungee jumping has its roots in the 70s of the last century, when the members of the club thrill of Oxford University decided to revive the ancient ritual with modern safety equipment.Videos of the event quite soon got into the hands of the New Zealand athlete, extreme Jay Hackett, who began to make their own tests of various jumping rope and belay devices.Later, it was organized by the whole company, which provides services to lovers of thrills.

Currently, the way is called a jump off a bridge with an elastic band, known to almost every young person.Today, followers Jay Hackett are millions of adventurers around the world, and the once innovative invention has become publicly available tools for entertainment.


basic equipment in bungee jumping act, in fact, themselves elastic ropes.Each cable is designed for a specific resource, in other words - a specific number of hops up to the time the damage to the structure under certain loads.

With the help of specialized fasteners and elastic rope climbing equipment is attached to the legs or torso jumper.For maximum security, the ropes are often attached not only to the ankles, but also to other body parts.In preparation for the jump legs can be mounted together or separately.

Technique jumping

Many of us have long known the name of the jump from the bridge with an elastic band, as such entertainment offer outdoor enthusiasts in almost every major city in which there are high bridges.

Jumping into bungee jumping are usually performed "swallow" when the body is most jumper straight, and his arms apart.Jumping from this provision may be carried forward from the rear face of a rack.

possible pair jumping off a bridge with an elastic band.What do you call this technique?The bungee jumping jumps are known as "tandem".In this case, one elastic rope attached several jumpers.

requirements to engage in bungee jumping

In fact, for a class jumping rope does not require much experience or expertise.All necessary information is obtained directly from the Springboks instructor in preparation for the first jump.

In general, to engage in bungee jumping, jumper should:

  • reach the age of majority;
  • has a weight that does not exceed the strength of the resource, which is calculated on an elastic rope;
  • strictly follow the recommendations of the instructor.


There are a number of medical contraindications, which can be an obstacle for people to learn how to jump from the bridge called an elastic band, and decided to devote his spare time to this extreme passion.Among the main medical contraindications should be allocated as follows:

  • high blood pressure;
  • serious diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • pregnancy;
  • epilepsy;
  • mental illness and neurological disorders.