Assumption of the Virgin, the temple in Printers.

time immemorial floated over Moscow bell bells.Poured crimson ringing her "forty times forty."And always in this blessed chord distinguish the voices of the mighty bells from the belfry of the church, built the royal masters - printers.She sang its hot copper to the glory of God most pure Mother and Her Son.

construction of the first wooden church

In XVII granted to the sovereign masters of the Mint of land that stretched along the creek, just between the present streets Sretenka and Pipe.Those settled, customized homes, started farming.Just what kind of a life without God's temple?That's printing wizard built church, consecrated it in honor of the great event - the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.Temple in Printers then was wooden, it is well known, but when it was built, no one knows.Some sources refer to 1625, others - 1631. Who now to remember them - it was a long time ago.We know for sure that in 1659, the same zeal all the printers, the church was completely rebuilt, but was still a log.

Construction of the stone church

Safely he stood for thirty-six years, and in 1695 was demolished.We invited masons and those laid marvelous stone church.He also consecrated in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

Temple in Printers those years, bears little resemblance to the one that today is known and loved Muscovites.He was single-headed and without lateral limits that was attached later.The exact dating of the inscription makes it one of the icons.It was built in the then accepted Moscow baroque style.

Lord preserved this church.From extant documents it is clear that a terrible fire in Moscow in 1937, bypassed the walls.Even during the 1771 epidemic, the temple did not have to close - not touched the death of all those who lived with him and attended the service.Moreover, records from 1774 knows that the coming of the temple is recognized as one of the standard parishes in Moscow.

property outside the temple

Slender church choir sang, and climbed to the roof blessed smoke from censers.But one thing prevented parishioners to pray and read hymns in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - a temple in Printers was not heated, and in severe winter frosts chill it was bitter.And in 1725 the congregation decided to attach to the temple warm chapel.

Without delay set to work, and in 1727 it was built and consecrated.Further work on the expansion of the church continued in 1763.It was built on the other side of the refectory another chapel.But eight years later, the building of a small chapel built a refectory.

great Russian artist, painter Nikolai Tyapkin, in 1794 decorated the temple walls painted, and four years later in his belfry raised huge bell.Completed general decoration established in 1805 a new iconostasis, which was for the throne, consecrated in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.Temple in Printers was the pride the parishioners.

destruction and subsequent rebuilding of the temple

But Yahweh has hurt him in 1812 at the hands of European barbarians.French soldiers sacked and burned the temple.What were rescued, moved in Sretensky Monastery.The very next year, the parishioners began every effort to restore the temple of the Assumption.The printers on Sretenka, work started, and soon was recreated all that burned down in the fire of war.Above Moscow floated again ringing its bells.

appearance of the temple has acquired new features at the turn of the century.In the period 1897 - 1902 by the architect MAAladin rebuilt the building refectory and chapel.The refectory was built bell tower.She crowned her small stone tent.

fate of the temple in the XX century

Since coming to power, the Bolsheviks closed the temple of the Assumption of Mary in Printers.Moskvovedenie - an area of ​​historical science, dealing with the past of our capital - in their research papers devoted to this period, describes the defeat, comparable only with the invasion of the French.Mutilated the building was rebuilt, and in it were placed Soviet institutions.

Revival came to the period of perestroika, when the Orthodox Church returned a selected her property.In 1994 he was re-consecrated and the Church of the Assumption in Printers.Schedule of services, posted at the entrance, as in previous years, notify the congregation that they are waiting for the liturgy, vespers and matins.Church life gradually returned to their way, she said the holy fathers.