Good Friday: it is impossible to do (signs)

One of the saddest days of Holy Week - Good Friday.This is the time dedicated to the mournful and sad memories of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.It was during this period of time the most strict fasting is observed.

What kind of day - Good Friday?What can be done and what is possible?What are the signs to be observed on that day and what is its history, we consider in this article.

little history

As the Bible says, this day Jesus Christ was brought before the supreme religious court - the Sanhedrin for his righteous deeds.Verdict - penalty.However, without the support of the court of Pontius Pilate could not carry out their plans.Referring to him, the officials hoped that the prosecutor Jewish support them.However, he did not consider it necessary to the execution of Jesus on the eve of Easter.His words told the crowd, which enraged insisted on the release of the criminal Barabbas, not Jesus the righteous.In this regard, Pontius had no choice but to agree with the officials of the Sanhedrin, and

to consent to the execution.As a sign of his innocence, he washed his hands defiantly.

On the same day Jesus made several dozen strokes whip, and then forced to carry a heavy wooden cross to Golgotha, where he happened to his crucifixion.

one of Christ's disciples asked Pontius give him the body of the dead.He took it down from the cross and placed in a tomb.So was born the day called Good Friday.

can not do in this sad day

all beliefs, customs and omens connected with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.Everything in this day should be associated with sorrow and suffering, anguish and agony with.

So you can not do on Good Friday before Easter?In no case should not be engaged in household chores.For this there is a designated day - Maundy Thursday, in which people supposed to perform different jobs.Especially on Good Friday can not be washed.Say, if during this period in the wash may appear red spots resembling blood.You also can not cut, dig, plant and pierce the ground.

The people who planned this day of celebration, weddings, entertainment, fun is better to postpone a more opportune time, because it is an enormous sin.What else can tell us the Good Friday?What not to do on this day?No need to talk loudly and laugh.After this period is associated with grief and sadness.

On Thursday evening do not eat, and should refrain from drinking.It is believed that if this day drink water, during the year, any liquid will benefit health.

If interested in the question of what can not be done on Good Friday and Saturday - you know: it is forbidden to transport the bees, or the likelihood that they will die, is quite high.

What can you do on Good Friday

Many believe that this period - the time of the ban.No.On this day, there are some practices that can help in many problems.So we deal with the fact that it is impossible to do on Good Friday, and that it is possible in this day?

In the period allowed to plant in the garden parsley.It is believed that this herb - a plant predictors.She brings passion, love, understanding, and a good harvest.

If you dry the parsley leaves and put them in bags, it would be an excellent protection from the negative effects and magic throughout the year.

this day is also recommended to consecrate the church ring.There is a belief that such action will protect you from illnesses and evil eye throughout the year.

If on Good Friday to bake buns and keep it until the next Easter, we can cure whooping cough.

this day also decided to entertain family, friends, acquaintances and even poor case, the new baking, cheese, milk, eggs, do more good deeds, and give alms.


What action involves more Good Friday?What can be done and what is possible?

It is believed that on this day my mother should be weaned baby.The kid is strong, healthy, happy, and well protected from external influences throughout life.

The following refers to the pagan tradition.If the day set fires on the hills, you can protect crops from fire during the whole year.A youth who with brooms and Luchin on horseback rides through the village, repels evil spirits.

There is a custom by which you can free your home from negative, failure and poverty.To do this, after the service should purchase 12 candles and take them home.There they ignite and burn itself up to the end.

Try to defend all the service in the church with a candle in hand, and at the end extinguish it and bring the remainder home.Light it and go around the whole room, paying close attention to every piece.The one thing on which the candle will start to crackle, zagovorёnnaya.From the urgent need to get rid of it.

If concerned about the issue as to what can not be done on Good Friday and Saturday - remember: do not drink alcoholic beverages and not to indulge in physical pleasures, because it is a great sin.It is believed that people pretty drunk on such a day, at risk of becoming alcoholics before the end of his life.

not recommended in the day to paint hair, haircut, manicure, pedicure and so on. D. The person who in this day prefer to do their appearance, risks becoming the unfortunate, poor and miserable.

There is a belief that the child was conceived on the day of Good Friday, it will be born sick.The villagers believed that if health still will not bypass his side, he is predestined to become a murderer.

Many people wonder: "What not to do on Good Friday before Easter?" Is not allowed on this day spit, otherwise people at risk of becoming an outcast.It is also believed that turn away from him all the saints.

peasants believed that if to wake up in the morning and, with no one talking, look out the window, it is possible to learn their fate.For example, if she saw the bird - it is to meet you, for a guy - good news.If the first to see a dog - it is unfortunate and sad.If the cat appeared - wealth and good fortune.If passed by the sick person - to the illness or loss.


What else can tell us the Good Friday?What not to do?Signs described below will help answer that question.

If Good Friday cloudy weather, the grain will grow weeds.

this day the starry sky?Wait for a good harvest.

Zasmeёshsya on Good Friday - the whole year will cry

ash taken from the oven on Good Friday, to recover from alcoholism.

If this day wipe all corners of cloth and hide it away from prying eyes, you can get rid of the problems associated with the lower back.To do this, wrap it around the affected part.

Cut a piece of cake, which is prepared for Easter celebrations, hidden behind icons will protect from evil and the evil eye.

Easter cake zacherstveet not throughout the year.

Conclusion Of course, this day, many think creepy and scary.Do not panic!If everything is on Good Friday to do it right, it is possible not only to ward off poverty and misery, but also summon luck and prosperity.Happy Easter!