Analysis of the use of time: essence, necessity and practical aspects.

Throughout its history, humanity seeks how to work more efficiently with a minimum amount of resources required, including working time.For many centuries, we developed the whole theory about how to make the work as efficient as possible.All these theories are now reflected in a science, as management, especially in the part which relates to work with the staff.One of the most important methods of management is to analyze the use of working time.

This method was proposed by representatives of the very first school of management - the so-called scientific school.Its representatives came to the man in the same way as to the operation of the machine, realizing that the operations performed by the employee, in fact, the same type, which means that you can somehow make them perform more effectively.In this case, an analysis of working time was reduced to zasekaniyu time required for each individual production step.It is thanks to the use of this method has been scientifically proved the benefits of the div

ision of labor that later proved even more successful with the help of conveyor production Mr. Henry Ford.

Today analysis of the use of fund of working time is a somewhat different procedure.First you need to determine what is possible to analyze the use of time as in manufacturing plants, and the non-production, that is, those where the workers are mainly engaged in office work.It is logical to assume that for different types of enterprise logic of this method will be slightly different, but in general will remain the same - you need to understand which operations take the most time employees, and try to imagine how you can optimize the way they work.Analysis of the use of staff time large industrial enterprises shows that the easiest way to improve the efficiency of the enterprise is to maximize the separation of manufacturing operations - the more simple actions performed by the employee, the more efficient and faster than he does, gradually bringing their movements become automatic.

Quite different is the situation with the office staff.Analysis of the use of fund-time employees of large office centers points to another problem - office workers do not perform monotonous physical work, they are more engaged in mental activities, in addition they are often tied to such a concept as the "deadline" - the latter deadline work.Normal human psychology tells them unreasonableness shutdown before the deadline, so that it is often delayed indefinitely, and then done at the last moment.

Analyzing the working time office staff, you must also take into account external factors acting on the worker, such as lighting, the atmosphere in the team, need to interrupt work for conferences and meetings, and so on.An effective method of improving productivity is the bilateral economic incentives - for example, the payment of premiums for pre-term delivery of the work, and the simultaneous introduction of a fine for later delivery deadline.This method shows the greatest efficiency when working with office staff.

analysis of working time employees of the company and the adoption of measures to improve productivity are some of the most important procedures for the management of any company, after all the employees to work effectively, the more profit they bring.We wish our readers and efficient operation of high profits!