What is the easiest way to quit smoking there?

Smoking - it preposkudneyshaya habit that poisons the lives of not only those who smoke, but also those who are close to the smokers.

should not, perhaps, to list what harm smoking has on the human body, it is certainly known to many.They know, but continue to smoke.Why is that?

There are not only psychological dependence, but also physiological, for example, if a person smokes already fifteen years to adolescence, the nicotine for it is an essential substance for the "normal" functioning of the body.And when the body does not get nicotine, the person is suffering not only morally, but also physically.So people need to quit smoking gradually, rather than abruptly, to avoid deep stress.

What is the easiest way to quit smoking there?Ways to quit smoking for each person individually.

can be found in the depths of his native city of a grandfather or grandmother and ask to whisper.However, do not look at so quick and easy to get rid of the desire to smoke.No one can guarantee that tomorrow you will no

t lose your wallet, you do not have a dog raids, not fired, and the last brother did not eat the apple.Of course, how such a tragedy can survive without a cigarette!And again, you smoke.

First of all, you will find an easy way to quit smoking when really want.You will understand that this is a great harm, waste of large sums of money (do not be lazy, count how many leaves for a year and come in horror), and in the end, it's just not nice and only says that you do not stand out in the crowdand are like a flock (all smoke and that, and I smoke).

So if you have decided to do away with bad habits, it is an easy way to quit smoking - a tune that you can do it and not to retreat.This is half the battle.

Those who have already said goodbye to cigarettes say that the book is an easy way to quit smoking, which was written by Alan Carr, it has helped them.The author himself smoked "like a locomotive" for many, many years, but found the strength to stop smoking.Many people after reading quit smoking.Try it and you!

Reduce daily number of cigarettes smoked and walk slowly to the two - in the morning and evening.So you train the brain to the fact that you now smoke only two, and then the general refuse.

should not be close to those who smoke.They will provoke you.

Determine the day when you completely quit smoking.Let it be the day of the beginning of your new life.And do not wait for it with horror, but rather with joy.

Avoid those places that you associate with cigarette: smoking room, coffee shop, near the gateway of work, etc.

Get into the habit of jogging in the morning or in the evening in the stadium do you feel nag that will spur your desire to quit smoking.

If you find out that you are pregnant and before smoking - term way down!And no need to persuade yourself that you need to do it gradually, for example, three weeks.

If you are a normal and responsible expectant mother, the easiest way to quit smoking - is pregnant.You never admit to defenseless creature that was born inside of you, it was subjected to the negative impact during his favorites of all organs and systems.

If you smoke during pregnancy, you will become a defender and not the most expensive person to your baby, and worst enemy, who only cares about his womb and interests, neglecting a child.

not necessary to hope that once Masha and Wali was born a normal child, and she was smoking, then you have it so born.First, the criteria of normality for all different, if the color of the baby at birth was not purple, it does not mean that he is healthy and in the future it will not have problems.

Dear Mom, please, take care of their children and avoid weaknesses during pregnancy.You just do not have the right!