Detailed instructions on how to remove the purse Yandex

With the advent of electronic purses has become even more convenient to make purchases from online stores, replenish mobile phone account, and not only his, but, if necessary, and friends or relatives.

Why else would need a virtual wallet?

Through virtual wallet, you can not worry about the security of their credit card, because in this case there is no need to pay for all of it, and only with every purchase to enter a secret PIN code.Of course, very few people in the first days of use thinks about how to remove Yandeks.Koshelek.This question arises much later, when the need to use this system is eliminated.It should be noted that among active visitors online stores that service quite popular Yandex.Thus, the virtual money used for acquisitions, payment receipts, tickets and other services.But then came the day when they (Yandex virtual money) you no longer need, because, for example, you are a customer of another payment system.So, how to remove the purse Yandex?Step by step instruction is present

ed below.

step of removing Yandeks.Koshelka

Get rid of the stale account in Yandex.Money system in several ways.The first - to refer the matter to the technical support service.But before that you need to withdraw money from a purse, if they remained in the account, because after the removal of the electronic account access to money will be closed.This client describe in detail the expert technical support, to which the client will address the question of how to remove the purse Yandex.It is worth noting that completely hide from the entire history of financial operations and transactions can not be;at the request of the relevant structures of data on the electronic purse still be received, even if this instrument of payment by this time will be inactive.The history of payment management keeps all operations and cash flows, whether the refill, removal or transfer.

removal algorithm Yandeks.Koshelka

Another way of how to remove the purse Yandex.Money, if it is more irrelevant the next.First you need to log in to your email, enter in a special field your login and password.At the top line, you get headlines "Search", "Money", "Mail".You must select the tab "Money."In the address bar of the browser will display https: // /, in her word «money» to be deleted, but instead enter the word «passport», then click on the button «Enter».After performing this action on the screen page will appear with three tabs:

  • client's personal data;
  • billing details of the client;
  • social profile.

Select the tab "personal data".To the right you will see information and phone number of the client, entered during registration.There is also a button "Delete Account" by clicking on that, you can remove the electronic purse.Once on the screen will appear warning that you are about to delete your Yandeks.Koshelek.To confirm the removal of settlements will need to enter the current password in the box on the mailbox that is assigned to this account.Then again, click "Delete account".

Summary and Conclusion

In this article you learned about how to remove the purse Yandex.Following the operation, access to the wallet is closed.Even if it were the means to use them will be impossible.It is understood that not only will remove a purse, he retired with the mailbox.Therefore, if the client expects to send letters to the mailbox, then delete the account did not follow.Just bring it to the remaining funds and do not use if it is no longer needed.We hope that after reading this article, the question of how to remove a purse Yandex will not cause difficulties.