Cheats Need For Speed ​​Carbon and their use

In this article we consider the basic codes of Need For Speed ​​Carbon, through which you can greatly simplify the process of the game.In addition, we will talk about the features of this project.


Codes Need For Speed ​​Carbon must be entered in the screen "continuation".Some of them are also activated from the main menu.If you want to open a chrome machines, use the command shinycarsarethebestcars.For car Dodge Charger SRT8 use givemethechargersrt8.If you urgently need Aston Martin DB9, suitable combination givemethedb9.Mazda opens code chasingheadlocksappliedrashtalk.Quick Race mode can be obtained using a combination of truck watchoutthebigtruckishere.If these conditions need a fire truck, suitable bigredfiredrive.

Getting tank "Reno" is also possible, if we look at the code trashtalking.The team opens guesswhoisback Cross Corvette in fast races.Modification of this car Z06 Interceptor can be obtained using chasingmobile.Gaining shinycarsarethebestcars and open access to all chrome machin


Vinyls and tricks

Next, we consider codes of Need For Speed ​​Carbon, which do not relate directly to produce cars, but no less useful.Let's start with the vinyls.Autozone can get the code inthezoneskin.For Castrol Syntec Vinyl fit syntecskin.Team lotsoffreelogos reward our brand variants NFS: Carbon.A similar effect will help achieve lotsoffreevinyls.Pharrell Vinyl opens code pharrellvinylgogo.

Now the other tricks.View all tracks at once allows the combination canyonalltheway.If you need cash from Castrol'a, suitable 5grand5grand.In order to ensure unlimited support from the team enter the code friendlyheadlocksapplied.As for the infinite nitrogen, it can be caused by a nosforeverever.Indulge logo Cooper Tire will allow the combination of cooperlogofreeforyou.Note that in the case of an incorrect code is entered, you must restart the game, and then use it again to the desired combination.

Features of the "need for speed»

game Need For Speed ​​Carbon is designed in the tradition of auto racing.Its developer is the company EA Canada.It publishes its brand Electronic Arts.This game was the tenth in a series of Need for Speed.It is an extension of Most Wanted.The game's plot revolves around the history of money.It happened before the events of Most Wanted.Adventure hastily transferred hero in Carbon.He runs away from the police on the territory of Rockport, sent to Palmont, during that recalls the long-last race.Before the start of this illegal street competitions with a very large monetary reward familiar protagonist named Darius lend him a car with a request: "Do not let me down."The race begins.Ahead of his opponents, our character crosses the finish line.But the police attack.Nikki - a friend of the hero at the hands of police time to give him a bag of money.

So we figured out what codes Need For Speed ​​Carbon are available in the game and how to use them.