The situation analysis as an important tool for marketing research company

both large and small businesses, which are economic activities, are often faced with the problem of overcoming the various crises that periodically occur in any workplace.To avoid this, it is impossible, because the unstable economic situation in the country every day the company is forced to fight for their positions, finding new competitive advantages.To minimize the potential difficulties in the company's marketing strategy is often used so-called situational analysis.

competent director necessarily requires its Marketers of the planned "cut", in which both management and staff of the company can see what level takes the company to date.This situational analysis can not only get rid of all the excess and illusions about their own assessment of economic activity, but also to rationalize the entire course of the business process by improving its basic mechanisms.As a result of this assessment the company may set new long-term plans in its development, and to develop a general strategy on the expansio

n of its activities.

marketing analysis, comprehensively covering the entire trading activity of the company, eventually formed the bulk account, where you can see all the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as the difficulties encountered.At meetings and planning meetings at various levels responsible persons to develop new approaches to address both old and new problems, and carefully study the market situation in the right segment.It is important to note that a situational analysis of a company can be carried out only in the quality if his swing led by the director of the company.He is the face of split off for the development of the company, so he like anyone else needs a sober and clear view on the enterprise side.

There are other methods of market research, which are widely used for consumer research, competitor analysis, assessment of the economic situation in the country and so on.Each of them is also an important information, but a situational analysis in this regard, occupies a special place.The task for its execution manager can instruct spontaneously as a result of certain circumstances, therefore, to all employees engaged in marketing research must always be ready for it.

When situational analysis studies are subject to four main areas of activity: production, supply, sales and R & D organization.In addition, scrutinized those internal areas of activity, which ensure the normal functioning of the company: Information Service, Finance, Human Resources, and so on.Situational analysis is divided into certain stages, among which are the following:

1. Defining the problem situation.

2. Development of a unified concept of the study.

3. The choice of the object of research.

4. Direct analysis.

When studies are widely used questionnaire, leaflets and brochures that are distributed to potential consumers of goods or services to clarify the target group.As a result, there may be new information concerning the consumption of goods sold, after which you can proceed to the overall planning of tactical tasks.

Thus, situational analysis in marketing allows the company to "shake things up" and proceed with renewed vigor as the promotion of new products, as well as to the implementation of the traditional range of its products.