How to install antivirus on computer.

every PC user sooner or later think about the question of protection for your device from virus attacks and hacking.This is correct.As some remembered about it only after the harm resulting from the activities of malicious programs or viruses.But not enough to just think about it.You must be able to make the right choice among the many options, and then another, and to understand how to install antivirus software on the computer.


speed of modern digital technology has a significant impact on human life.In our lives more and more include computers, which significantly facilitate our various tasks.Now it is impossible to imagine, and how you ever managed without it.The PC is stored a lot of different information, and every day it becomes more and more, to the same part of its confidentiality.In connection with this problem it appears to retain its integrity and security.Especially now, when carried out with the help of computers and banking, and payment of goods / services, and the transfer of

important documents.So far, so to do this is becoming increasingly difficult.A growing number of users who want to use the device itself and a global network for their own selfish purposes.Especially important is the safety for active travelers on the internet.Protects specialized software, part of which are antivirus programs, both paid and free.That is the issue we now turn.

establish free antivirus

Convinced that themselves viruses, trojans, rootkits and similar malicious programs do not disappear, proceed to the choice of protection.In principle, it is well known that a lot of antivirus and they differ in their purpose is possible.Some of them, in addition to the paid version, can offer a full and free.What are the most famous?It - Kaspersky, Nod 32, Avast, AVG, Panda, Dr.Web, Avira, and others.But at the conclusion of testing by AV Comparatives, only "Avast" has a decent free version for use on a home computer.If you decide to install a free antivirus on the computer and it will be the "Avast", you can stop worrying about his safety.This program is built on the principle of modules, each of which works in real time, completely independently and provides continuous protection from its definitely the type of threats.For example, there are modules screens, as the file system, a web space, e-mail, online chat, P2P clients, heuristic behavior of screens and scenarios.Such amount is the best and calculated on the basis of possible threats.

How to install and run anti-virus "Avast"

If you select the program, then "Avast" you do not have a question, how to install antivirus software on the computer.Download from the official site, run the executable file, and then your device with the installation program will do everything yourself.After 30 days of use, the trial period, you need to be registered.It is very easy and free.A year later - again extended.Set the "basic protection" and closely monitor the process, as will always be offered a paid version.This anti-virus monitors in real time all the startup programs and provides protection against rootkits and spyware.There will also be warned about visiting harmful sites and make their own decision to go to them or not.Malicious scripts at the same time will be blocked.If in doubt about any application, run it to start in the "sandbox", a completely isolated environment.You do not need to worry about such an important matter as the virus database updates.The program itself, using the Internet access, all it will do.Therefore, if you want to install a free antivirus on your computer to sleep "peacefully" note "Avast".He has only two drawbacks: the obsession of certain functions;sometimes it takes inadequate solutions.

Another serious protection - antivirus "Doctor Web"

Equally popular program used by many users is the "Doctor Web".Anti-Virus on your computer from this manufacturer is characterized by the fact that for the assessment of his work is offered 30-day free full version of the product.Having experienced it in this time, you will be faced with a choice - to remove or purchase a commercial license.Tell us a little about this application.In recent years, considerably updated its interface.And not only this.The program has its own built-in firewall, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit, supports full, rapid and selective scan of your computer.If you are installing will be asked to activate the firewall.There is a more advanced version of the program - Security Space, which includes parental control, with which you can establish such a taboo than your children are interested in, and block access to inappropriate websites.Is "Doctor Web" automatically the presence of the Internet.Thanks to the self-defense, nobody else can change the settings for this application.A utility Dr.Web CureIt, free scans your computer is known, probably, almost all.So, choosing a good antivirus on your computer, pay attention to this option.

Anti "Kaspersky" program description

This software offers all the well-known "Kaspersky Lab".It offers a basic level of protection against threats from the Internet and maximum protection against harmful software.If you choose to install the antivirus "Kaspersky" on your computer, you should know that its proactive technologies, the possibility of cloud network and File Anti-Virus provides a powerful level of security that has been repeatedly confirmed by various testing, including the already known to us the company AV-Comparatives.The latest version adds the following features:

  1. Introduced by tracking module, which enhanced security features.
  2. The technology controls the use of the microphone.
  3. Added extended setting of scan Web Anti-Virus, Mail Anti-Virus File Anti-Virus.
  4. Now, without any problems, you can go to the Kaspersky Total Security.
  5. Added support for all popular web browsers.

Set yourself at least a trial anti-virus on your computer, the standard period of 30 days, and see what is improved in the "Kaspersky":

  1. Optimized resource consumption and improved performance device applications.
  2. reduced visibility response time to user actions and speed up the interface.
  3. better earned module checking references.
  4. Improved convenience of use of the program.

The "Kaspersky" on the computer

In this section, an example of this program, we look at how to install antivirus software on the computer.So what should you do?

  1. download from the official site of the necessary package to us, charge or trial.Let's choose the second option.
  2. Run the downloaded installation file.
  3. opens a window manager to install.Click the "Install" button, agree to the license regulations.
  4. accept or refuse to help developers program.
  5. installation begins, which can take several minutes.We are waiting for the end of the process.Then, most likely, will be asked to restart the OS.Perform.
  6. will be prompted to enter the activation code or select a trial period.Choosing the second option.Click on "Finish".
  7. installation is complete, the antivirus will start and begin its work.

Often the question arises: how to check the antivirus software on your computer?Very simple - run a full scan of the device.If he found any malware and remove them, and then became a PC run better, that's all right, your choice is correct.

Online check your computer for viruses

hope that you know that there is no anti-virus protection is not 100% guarantee from infecting the device.It so happens that after the decision on how to check the antivirus software on the computer, the answer is negative.That is, the scan is completed, the malware is detected, and the device works as before, unstable, has all the signs of infection.What to do in such a case?Experts have long offered one of the solutions to the problem - check online as separate, suspicious files or the entire computer.And most of these options free of charge.To check the files, send them to a special website and after a while get a conclusion.All known anti-virus software have special tools or services to check the entire device.

advantages of online check

As we have already established a very important question of how to install antivirus software on your computer does not solve all your problems.Since, unfortunately, will not provide full protection from the dangers of the Internet.It is advisable to choose a couple of online services and to scan all files, or the device at the slightest suspicion of infection.After all, these services have a number of advantages and benefits:

  1. No virus database is not updated as quickly as these services.
  2. Infected files are detected at an early stage and immediately destroyed.
  3. files are scanned simultaneously by multiple programs.
  4. Quality of service is guaranteed, as is used only licensed software.
  5. Scanning is performed in real time, the result immediately.
  6. Easy and free.

What is the best antivirus

very complex issue, precise and clear answer nobody will give you.The only advice - even if your device does not have access to the Internet, anti-virus software it is needed.There are other pathways malware, for example, through the USB flash drive or CD.Information as a result may be damaged, destroyed or stolen.Suppose you decide to install antivirus software on the computer.What better ask?Decide on the basis of what you want to get from it.One has some advantages, the other - other.You can always choose to your taste and needs.Place the products, time-tested and popular.With some of them you have already read in this article.To the general list we can add another: Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton AntiVirus, and F-Secure Anti-Virus.But the choice is yours!