Pushkin Lyceum years: summary and analysis of memories

what gives each of us a school?Obviously, this step does not go unnoticed.And as the years passed the lyceum Pushkin?Summary of the memories of teachers and classmates can help us to analyze his extraordinary passionate human nature, it is popular to this day.

Opening Day

So a boy of 11 years, Alexander Pushkin, from not very rich, but still well-known noble family, having passed the qualifying exams, goes to the just opened Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum.At the opening of the royal family, and there is a huge number of high-ranking persons.Privileged institution of higher education is open to children from noble families.It was planned that there will be trained and the grand dukes, but decided to give up on this.It was the first educational institution where outlawed corporal punishment was announced.The opening day was pyshen and solemnity.It is easy to imagine how exciting it was the first impression and how extraordinary the years passed lyceum Pushkin.Summary of the memories of those years gives us the

opportunity to experience the "soil", which grew young genius.It is fair to say that Pushkin was not only a graduate of the person who has received worldwide fame.

Professor Kunitsyn AP

Despite the fact that the charter places was quite strict, teachers children under a certain freedom, freedom of thought.For example, a professor of philosophy and psychology, AP Kunitsynin his lectures he denounced serfdom and did it very enthusiastically.His influence on the young minds were impressive, talking about it, not only poems written at the time, but also the biography of Pushkin.

Lyceum years were spent in an atmosphere alive and I can even say rebellious.Besides that the institution was closed type (students were not allowed to walk free in the city), and the civil war in 1812 brought some blockade.Enclosed in the "four walls" passionate teenagers, inspired by patriotic thoughts, eagerly read the news, and were proud of the victories were arguing, discussing this or that action heroes of the war.

Professor NF Koshanskogo

years Lyceum Pushkin (summary of poems, more analysis, it gives the right to claim) opened it a real poet.This contributed not only to the internal force, but also the environment, the teacher places.In particular, the literature teacher Koshanskogo NFlong saw it as simply an arrogant teenager, and Pushkin, in turn, thought he did not have the right to learn the secrets of poetry and talk about the literary taste.A kind of struggle with the student teacher is not only not broken the spirit, but also strengthened in their own right.

difficult to say that there Pushkin lyceum years.Summary of any biographical opus - something very controversial.The bare facts are not able to describe the sequence of actions, understand the soul, and that influenced the formation of personality.

Professor AI Galich

literary mentor teacher spoke, replaces Koshanskogo, AI GalichThe young author has devoted his creations enough.It is safe to say that the poems read by Pushkin in the exam in January 1815 before Derzhavin and other, no less venerable authors of the time, were written under his influence and bring young talent considerable fame.

VA Zhukovsky

autumn of that year, especially for dating with a young genius, in the Tsar's village is coming VA Zhukovsky, a defender of the Fatherland, a Civil War hero, the famous author, and later the teacher of the great Princess Alexandra and Prince Alexander (Alexander II).Their acquaintance was something between a fellowship student / teacher and friendship.Years later (in 1831) Vasily offer a dispute in which the winner will undoubtedly Pushkin.You will be prompted to write on recycled Russian fairy tale, after which the light appeared the famous "Tale of Tsar Saltan" and "The Tale of Tsar Berende."At the time, Alexander Zhukovsky presented his portrait with the inscription "winner-loser from the student teacher."The students

extant message Lyceum's Pushkin left mainly those who studied next, says that the man he was bright and extraordinary already in adolescence.Friendship with classmates, by the way, was a strong and long, but from the pen of Alexander did not turn out a poem dedicated to the friends-lyceum students.