Tea Business

We all love tea.Someone drank one cup a day, someone at 5-10.It is understood that the sale of tea - it advantageous.But how is it different from other products?

To begin with, it is a food that is quickly consumed and the customer will buy it again and again.But unlike most other products, the tea can be stored for years and, therefore, do not worry that it will deteriorate rapidly.

But we are not interested in the usual tea.Today is a very rapidly became fashionable Chinese tea such as Dahunpao, Puer and tiguanin.The reason for this was the rapper Noggano who wrote a track called "state of emergency" (tea drinkers).According to him, the tea can invigorate, like amphetamine, or vice versa, greatly relax.Naturally, this greatly exaggerated comparison, and in fact the action of tea is not much different from the strong coffee.However, it has become popular.

Therefore, the right thing would be to take a moment and just sell Chinese tea.Now let's step by step look at what you need to do.

  • to find a product.

For this we turn to the Internet, it's full of possibilities.The ideal would be to agree on the supply of tea directly from China, with a minimum of middlemen.Chinese to know this is not necessarily lack of Russian-speaking traders.

  • Find customers.

It is not really difficult.On this subject I have already written a lot of useful articles on the Internet, but in short, you can divide the ways to find clients for both paid and free.Because free will easiest way to create a thematic group VKontakte and invite people there.By the way, so I got my first order, and in the day of creation of the group.From paid ways to best take advantage of contextual advertising Google and Yandex Direct advords.For more information you can find with the help of the relevant request.

  • legalize the tea business.

On receipt of the first cash register as SP desirable to avoid questions from the tax service.

  • arrange delivery.

In the beginning, as long as you do not order too much, you can bring them yourself.But if you do not have the time, hire a courier.Simply post an ad on a job site or write at a forum on your city.Courier can pay 5-10% of the order value.

Basically, it's everything you need to start.If you really have the desire to make money on the internet with the help of tea, then, with a little effort, you have two weeks can get 3-5 orders per day.And after a couple of months you may reach the level of earnings, which will devote himself to business and quit your job, if you want.

Good luck!

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