Internet Advertising - an additional source of new customers

With the development of information technology print ads faded into the background.Of course, it is still effective for certain business areas, and will never disappear as a form of advertising appeals, but is now gaining increasing popularity of Internet advertising and promotion on the Internet.

It is understandable, because the advertising on the Internet has a number of advantages:

  • cost of advertising appeal is significantly lower than in the print media.
  • coverage is much wider audience, it can go far beyond the region of the company.
  • effectiveness of advertising on the Internet is higher due to the fact that the user need only click on an ad to get more information on the company's website, at the time, like print advertising involves a call to the office for details.

This is just a small part of all the advantages that offer online advertising.

In addition, a variety of ways to promote on the internet allows you to select the most appropriate method in this particular situation.

There banner advertising, contextual advertising, Website promotion, tagetirovannaya advertising in social networks, Stateyny promotions and other ways to attract customers from the Internet.

The choice of method depends on the advertising appeal to the aim pursued.

example, for branding is best to use banners , because they contain a visual image that contributes more to memorize.

for messages to potential customers about discounts and promotions in addition to banner advertising, you can use contextual advertising , which can also consist of images and text, but most often takes the form of short text handling, which is shown to the user only if heIt corresponds to the selected target audience.The main difference of the contextual advertising banner is that the payment is for a particular action (for the transfer of the user on the company's website), while in the number of paid advertising banner impressions.

Tagetirovannaya advertising similar to the content, but allows you to pay directly clicks the ad, and just showing ads to users.Its main advantage is the more accurate settings to clearly define their target audience, which will be targeted ads.

Promotion articles well suited to bring new products to market, as it allows to reveal more information about the product or service, to form the desired image.

The choice of method of Internet advertising is for the client, what kind of advertising corresponds to the maximum of its aims and objectives to promote the company.