Dishwasher: repair their own hands.

device dishwasher - the machine that helps housewives around the house, it is very difficult.Despite this, some maintenance activities (cleaning filters, additional configuration) you can do yourself.Some of the recommendations described in this article will help to repair the dishwasher with their hands.

consider on what basis these devices work.You can divide the entire wash cycle on several stages:

  • prewash;
  • principal;
  • rinse;
  • drying.

have these devices have both normal operation and a few non-standard.Dishwasher powered by running water, and the water intake occurs through a special salt softener.Water under pressure in the system comes into the machine through the inlet valve.The float and the pressure switch is designed to regulate the amount of water.If the water had accumulated enough water is blocked and begins to heat up.

it is heated to the temperature required for a certain stage in the process of washing.For example, the rinse cycle involves a high temperature to the drying takes

place as quickly as possible.

Once the water is heated, it is pumped by a pump in the washing area where by the sprinkler nozzles sprayed around.The jets are directed so that the rotation of the impeller is created.

Water that has been used is used to wash again, this is made possible by several stages of filtration.During cleaning the workspace served some defined by the program, the amount of washing agent.Filtering occurs during the washing process, and only when water is discharged into the sewers.

Once the cycle is over, it's time to dry.There are several types of this process:

  • Turbosushka.In this case, the heated humid air is expelled through the fan.
  • condensation drying.Here, drying is carried out by means of temperature, which is obtained as a result of rinsing.The steam going to the walls and flows downward.

Before washing all the dishes loaded into the machine on a special shelf to hold it securely during the entire process.Due to the rotation of the blades spray water gets to all parts of the dishes.

clarify which often manifest failure and troubleshooting.

device does not respond to keystrokes.No indication

If there is no indication, the first thing you need with a tester or a multimeter to check the voltage on the network.If the device indicates that the pressure is, then, without opening the machine can not do.For cases where there are indications, but clicking on the button to nothing lead, you can check whether the door is closed tightly.If this does not work, and to be parsing asking why does not operate the dishwasher.Repair their own hands in this case involves the following steps.

Most cars around the main panel has terminals.Tension comes on it and via control contacts distributed on.The first step is to open the terminal box and check the quality of broaching contacts.Because they can oxidize, the electrical connections may be broken.In this case, clean the contacts, and perhaps did not need to further repair the dishwasher with their hands."Ariston" recommends recourse to the original service centers.

If the above steps to nothing lead, have "prozvanivat" supply chain, in order to determine whether there is damage.First we need to drain the water and remove the machine from the network.Use a multimeter to check the resistance of the conductors, after disconnecting them from the terminal.If the wire is intact, the device should show a short-circuit - if not, then the problem is found and should be replaced by a cable.It can be replaced by yourself.Well, if that does not work and the dishwasher will not work, the surest solution is not dishwasher repair their own hands ("Bosch" in particular).However, manufacturers do recommend to contact an authorized service center.

If you have a deep knowledge of electrical engineering, you can try to find the problem and repair the dishwasher with their hands.This will help the wiring diagram of your car.Again, using a multimeter to check all the elements of the circuit, and thus it is possible to find a burned or damaged item.

For those who are poorly versed in electrical engineering, Here's a reminder of reading concepts:

  • For ease troubleshooting section of the circuit, using the abbreviations in such schemes are color coded wires.Black - BK, TR - tan, W-BK - black and white, BR-A - a brown-orange.
  • terminals marked on the scheme in the form of circles.These places and subject to rupture when checking the multimeter.
  • dotted border indicates that the prisoners in her contacts are arranged in a certain block (keypad, relay body).In order to determine what kind of unit you need to read the notation - it is somewhere near the borders of the dotted line.

small digression.The electrical circuit is always both the beginning and the end.The principle is as follows: for any element of the chain is necessary to approach it, and plus and minus.When checking the circuit is considered as one element that has a dishwasher.Repair their own hands in this case will require patience and perseverance.

water supply is not

If the problem is that when you open the water supply is not reached in the car, most likely, out of order water supply valve or clogged filter mesh.These elements can be found near the water inlet, the bottom of which has your dishwasher.Repair their own hands will turn off the water, the removal of the panel and a visual inspection of those parts.A blocked mesh should be cleaned shower.With check valve a little more complicated.Again, you will need the meter with which you need to measure the resistance across the terminals of the coil of the valve.Knowing the resistance can draw some conclusions:

  • Short circuit means that there is a circuit of winding turns.
  • resistance is zero - broken coil.
  • If resistance is present, it means that it is not in the winding, and in the valve.

Whatever it was necessary to remove the valve and acquire new, relevant characteristics to break.

water intake occurs, but does not start washing

first step is to listen: whether the engine - the main element that has your dishwasher?It needs repair their own hands and in the case of, and in the opposite case.If it works, it means that could jam the motor or pump.Also, could be damaged by the motor windings.Is it possible to check with a multimeter, like check valve.That is, in case of a fault have Winding short circuit, and if the resistance is zero - broken coil.Solutions to this problem a little - or a replacement motor or repair service.

If the engine does not produce any sound, it will have to find a fault in the control circuit by the use of the concept.

not drain the water

The most common causes of this problem - a stopper in the drain or dirty filters.As the case may be faulty pump.To check this, the pump must be removed and a multimeter to check the winding.If you are unable to repair the dishwasher with their hands, Beko and other manufacturers offer their professional help.

leaking dishwasher

This trouble can occur due to wear on the door seal.You can visually detect wear and if it is the case, you must purchase a new and make its replacement.If the puddle formed under the machine, it should find a place where it leaked.Most often, the water flows from the pump seal, hose or drain the system.Dishwasher Repair their own hands - Bosch and other manufacturers - involves the replacement of these parts.

Strange sounds

If instead of the usual noise you hear quite uncharacteristic for the machine sounds worth checking out the camera for the presence of fragments of glass and metal objects.It is also possible that the bearing wear.In the event that in addition to the strange sounds you notice the poor quality of washing, it can wear on impellers.Checking the camera for foreign material, disassemble the motor and the pump to check the wear of bearings and dishwasher repair their own hands."Electrolux" advises to purchase original spare parts, otherwise you can lose your warranty.

The water is not heated

lack of hot water may be due to failure of heaters, temperature sensor or a timer.Status of heaters can be checked by the hands, having at hand multimeter.If the instrument will show zero resistance, then you direct road to the shop for a new device.The performance of a temperature sensor and a timer to test yourself is very difficult, because you have to know the algorithm of the electronics, which is responsible for heating.Dishwasher Repair their own hands - Bosch and other brands - in this case requires special vigilance.

not happening drying dishes

Dishwashers that have in their functional option turbosushki dishes, with this fault are damaged in the chain of supply and fan coils.The process of checking the windings described above, for its execution needs to get to the fan, or rather, its terminals.If the entire fan coil, check with a multimeter its supply chain.

When you touch the body of the machine has a current

dishwasher repair their own hands ("Electrolux" including) tends to replace a part.Most likely, the problem is that the "trial" TEH.You must turn off the machine and remove the heating element.Visual inspection should detect his defect.In order to ensure pierced PETN, you can spend a little test.It is lowered into the tank with salt water, and the element with a multimeter to measure the resistance between them and brine.If it is - it is the breakdown of the insulation.However, such testing is not a panacea, some faulty heating elements do not show up on this test.The breakdown is the fault of hard water and poor care.Therefore, in order not to have to repair the dishwasher with their hands ("Siemens", for example, however, like other well-known brands), you must carefully to operate your machine.

overheated water in the dishwasher

happens that after the water comes into the machine, it starts to bring down from the steam and washing dishes at the same time does not start.Generally it occurs due to breakage of the temperature sensor or the heating control.In most cases, the temperature sensor fails.You must purchase a sensor with the same characteristics and replace.

The dishes are produced white streaks or smears

This point indicates that the proper washing process is selected the incorrect amount of rinse aid.If you are using universal washing agent, this effect is sometimes seen.These tools are designed to simplify the process of washing dishes.In their structure there are a conditioner, but to achieve better results all the same it must be added separately.To be precise, the haze in the bowl - is a sign of excess rinse.If the result obtained in the dishwashing streaked - should be added to reduce the amount of rinse aid.In this case, no need to repair the dishwasher with their hands."Indesit" and other manufacturers are advised to use professional cleaners, and then ensure that the dishes will be clean.