How to Become a Bitch Tips

a definition of "bitch" is not easy.Because the concept is too multifaceted.Being a bitch - like this?

However, many tend to be a bitch.Why is that?Because the modern interpretation of the concept is reduced mainly to the psychological characteristics rather than behavioral, or associated with the appearance of a woman."Compliment" like "Well, you're a bitch" is perceived today as the praise and recognition of merit, and not vice versa.How to become a bitch tips there.

be a bitch - it means to own them, to be strong, confident, purposeful, inspires envy of other women and provokes the desire of men.This complete control over oneself and others.

How to become a bitch advice amateurs

1. Need to know his worth. dress accordingly internal needs, it looks expensive and seductive.We can not allow negligence even in small things: manicure, hair and makeup should be perfect.

2. men can not show their interest in them or affection.The man must remain in the lung in doubt, it is by nature a hunter a

nd do not like easy prey.Let consistently wins: satisfy both their own instincts and your questions ...

3. must be able to properly dispose of emotions .Yes, do not show emotions, and manage them.When you need to keep yourself in his fist, and when necessary - violently demonstrate character.Nobody talks about the shrill hysterics as a means to clarify the relationship.But in a relationship with a man very helpful to alternate quiet happiness war sword.Let no one knows what to expect.The way the world appreciates and strongly smoothes their oversight in order to avoid new battles.Behavior bitches - her trump card.

4. bitch need to be able to manipulate people, and to do it very diplomatically, but firmly .This is an already rather rust flattery.Again, not a straight line, of course.A great technique that will cause a person to act as you have to - it's a compliment.Boosting self-esteem a person can get in return for its location and the desire to help.Especially on the hook flattery easily caught by men.If you're a bitch, you manage to reap the benefits.

By and large, men are quite capable of understanding that govern them.However, they may allow you to do that if you are nice and smile on your face.Assertiveness and arrogance is misplaced.

However, you can not get involved in the arts, in order not to turn into a completely unconscious, dry and devoid of feeling and charm predator.How to become a bitch can give different advice, but it is important not to cross the line of what is permitted.

5. Do not think stereotypically and, moreover, behave .Predictability cools interest.Violate the canons (within limits, of course, and reasonable), and be relaxed.The main thing that it was all natural.It delights.Let men think you are special.

6. necessary to be able to say "no." without explanation, strongly, firmly and calmly.This is useful in cases where you need to protect yourself and not sacrifice themselves.Self-esteem and pride should be your main features.

7. bitch lives on the principle of "all or nothing".Feeling need to demonstrate with the utmost sincerity and strength.You can not feel sorry for the good feelings towards others.Bitch, first of all, people.Being tough does not always have to.Tenderness and affection - not less important features of bitches.It has many faces.

8. Learn to enjoy the feeling of excitement.Passion from the fact that you are a woman. women able to captivate, entice, to give happiness and enjoy it the most.This skillfully protecting yourself from those unworthy of our attention.

How to become a bitch tips will help if they are to understand, but do not blindly follow them. Trust intuition and inner instinct. surprised endearing raduyte admire and those who close!