The army of North Korea: the number and armament

Any mention of North Korea in the majority cause resentment because of the specific way of life of its inhabitants.This is due to the propaganda of the regime in which they exist.Few people know about the real life in this country, so it seems something terrible and unacceptable.Despite the peculiarities of the regime, the state recognized by the international community and has both its territory and the army, which is designed to protect it.

combat effectiveness

State has a weak economy, it is isolated from the world.However, the North Korean army is still considered one of the strongest in the world.It is called the Korean People's Army.The main slogan of the ideology of the DPRK are "Juche", which means "self-reliance" and "Songun", that is "all for the army."

army of North Korea (the number of different sources-from 1.1 to 1.6 million people) has a small budget.For example, in 2013 it was only $ 5 billion.In comparison with the leading countries, the figure is negligible.However, it is in t

he top five.

Army of North Korea, the number of which may at any time be supplemented 8 million reservists, also has 10 nuclear warheads.The first tests were carried out of their launch in 2006.

information about the armed forces

Army North Korea not less closed than the state itself.All information about its arms are approximate.This particularly applies to the number of appliances.

known that its military-technical complex is capable of producing different grades of military equipment:

  • tanks;
  • APCs;
  • missiles;
  • artillery;
  • warships;
  • submarines;
  • boats;
  • multiple launch rocket systems.

The only thing that is not created in the DPRK - this aircraft and helicopters.Although the presence of foreign components for their assembly is quite possible.

Partners DPRK

During the "cold war," North Korea has received substantial military assistance from its two major allies - the Soviet Union and China.The current situation has changed dramatically.Russia cut off aid because of the poor solvency of the country.China also does not provide assistance because of dissatisfaction with its policies.However, the official Beijing is still the patron and ally Pyongyang.

today remains the only partner of Iran.DPRK exchanged with them military technology.Also, the state continues to work on missile and nuclear program.

Opponents DPRK

Army North Korea intended to deal with the two main enemies - South Korea and the United States.Once upon a time, South Korea has taken the path of capitalist and allied relations with the United States.As a result, the state has become quite successful.

North Korea is seen as a betrayal.All her stubborn ideology supported by the Conservatives, who are not ready for change.Even the death of the leader of the main has not changed the situation.His son and successor Kim Jong-un has continued to strengthen ideological principles.That tip, which is located in North Korea, simply do not allow him to make changes.

Despite many shortcomings, the Army of North Korea against the United States will be able to compete.And the presence of nuclear weapons exacerbates the picture even more.Especially for neighboring countries, which are in addition to South Korea, China and Russia.

Army service

All the men in the DPRK are required to undergo military service.It is the army of North Korea, the life which is 5-12 years, very different from the military fortifications around the world.At the same until 2003, this period was 13 years.

draft age begins from 17 years.Fooling service in the armed forces is almost impossible.It is because of the number of KPA it belongs to the strongest armies in the world.

frontline defense

Army North Korea has ground troops numbering about one million people.They make several layers of defense.

The first of these is located on the border with South Korea.It consists of infantry and artillery formations.In the case of a possible war, they should break the South Korean border fortifications or not to allow the enemy troops to go deep into the state.

The second tier is the first.It consists of ground troops, armored and mechanized units.His actions also depend on who is the first to start a war.If the DPRK, the second tier will move deeper into the South Korean defense, including the capture of Seoul.If the North Korean attack, the second tier will have to eliminate the enemy breakthrough.

Task third tier - the defense of Pyongyang.He is also the academic and reserve base for the first two levels.

fourth tier is located on the border with China and Russia.It belongs to the training and back-up connections.It is called "echelon of last resort."

Women in the Army of North Korea

in the country for a long time women have served as volunteers.Their term of office until 2003 was 10 years, and after - 7 years.However, many sources there is information that in 2015, all women are required to undergo military service.The set will be carried out immediately after receiving the school-leaving certificate.

women will serve in the army to 23 years.Many experts believe such measures from the authorities forced famine of 1994-1998, which resulted in a low birth rate, which resulted in a lack of the male population of military age.

DPRK in this regard is not novootkryvatelem.For example, in Israel, Peru, Malaysia and other countries, women are required to serve a long time.

main disadvantages KPA

Army of North Korea, which conducted survey often without reliable information, is able to instill fear in many countries.At the same time it has a number of drawbacks.

Weaknesses KPA:

  • limited resources allow fuel to carry out detailed fighting is not more than a month;
  • impossibility of Pyongyang's long-term defense because of the lack of food;
  • no means of modern technical intelligence, which reduces the efficiency of artillery fire;
  • defense from the banks is carried out by means of outdated missiles and fleet as a whole does not differ autonomy and secrecy;
  • no modern air force, air defense systems and the available funds will counteract the forces of the enemy a few days.

This all KPA remains one of the strongest armies in the world.Mainly due to the fact that more than one million people are willing to stand up in its defense, and a few million others in a short time can be called up from the reserve.

Check the effectiveness of the army of North Korea is only possible in a state of real war.However, this fear throughout the world.No country, including the United States, is not willing to unleash a conflict with Pyongyang.