How does the government do?

We often hear on television that any decision taken by the Government.It is touted as a direct order to do certain things.But apart from the government, there are other bodies vested with authority.Among them figure out who to listen to?Let's try to find out.


likely to understand what the government - that is, to sort through its functions and powers.That is necessary to reveal the essence of this body.To begin open dictionaries.They argue that the government - it is the highest state body with executive functions and distribution.That is, its decisions are binding on, but in certain areas.The state has a lot of problems.Without going into details, they can be divided into the creation and implementation of laws.Still need to keep track of the organizations and businesses in order to identify and punish offenders.That's all the information presented in the political field and the so-called branches.The government - a body vozglavlyuschy executive, judging from this point of view.It is

responsible for ensuring that the laws adopted by the representative body, had been put into practice in the life of society.

For whom the government works?

On the one hand, the question is a bit weird.It is clear to anyone that the government works for the people.The latter, however, do not always feel.That do try to remember at least one government decree that affected you personally.Perhaps they exist.Usually they relate to the social sphere.Only people who are not very familiar with them in detail.So for whom the government works?Let's approach the question from the other side.It seems that in order to understand, you need to open and read any government decree.It usually indicates the destination.That is, in the document there are several semantic parts.One - the actual content guidelines.The second - the destination, namely, the authority entrusted with the execution of the decision.It turns out that the government headed by the society not by itself.It shall function through state agencies.

What are the issues decided by the Government?

That is another issue causing unrest and disturbance in the society.After all defects and deficiencies visible to all.For example, prices are rising.Who deadline to appoint?The government, of course!But whether this government body the ability to influence pricing, few who seek to understand.But we're in this, too, will not dig.An example is given only for the reader to understand that the Government of the Russian Federation can not deal with all the problems in a row.The terms of its powers are strictly defined and established in law.Especially when it comes to the work of private enterprises.But the price they form.Here the government is entitled to regulate only the cost of strategic products.And about the prices of other goods it can make recommendations.Mandatory for private traders, they are not.It turns out that the government can not all, despite assurances to the contrary most of the people.

As the government makes the decisions?

mechanism is clear enough.He worked in the USSR and not particularly changed.First, you need to isolate and characterize the problem.Do it the ministries and agencies, each in its field.In these organs are specialists, whose job is to monitor the situation in a particular area, analyze, compare, think and propose solutions.When a problem is detected, seek ways to solve it.They are formulated in the draft resolution.This document should also be subjected to a comprehensive analysis.This is handled by experts and specialized organizations.In some important cases, involved the whole institutes, or other specialists.Even considering a draft resolution from the perspective of compliance with current legislation.It is clear that the document can not break it.Only after extensive analysis and audits the government resolution was adopted.Time, this process takes a lot.And we want to see the problem solved instantly.So it is possible to bring the situation of chaos.People desirable to have patience.

A resolution, what comes next?

When a document is signed and registered, it is sent to the performers.It is clear that the decision of the government of such a huge country like Russia, has many destinations.That's it for execution and direct it.Just not on the spot, and in regional centers.There, on the basis of his own paper creates.It again performers and determine their task directed.Something like this is a "cycle" of documents.It turns out that the decision to sign up to the first results of its execution takes a long time.It is necessary to ensure that artists realized that you need to do, we began to wobble.Although there are areas where the government decree is embodied in a matter of days.Typically, this is the work of special or regulatory authorities.For example, the ban on the import of certain types of products sold in Russia for a few hours.But in organizations dealing with this issue, almost military discipline, and not so many of them.