How to increase the growth in the home without chemicals

If you have an obsession, nagging questions about how to increase growth, do not deny yourself.Take a chance, maybe everything will turn out.

Experts say that growth can indeed be increased, and even make recommendations as to increase the height of a man.
First of all you should know that this helps:
1. Proper balanced nutrition.
Along with the question of how to increase growth, it is equally important to know how to eat.Meals should be varied, with all sorts of rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals.The day should consume at least one and a half kilograms of vegetable and fruit components.Especially recommended onions, parsley, celery.Keep up with vegetables and cereals, which must be submitted to your menu in the form of cereals and bread (preferably black).

2. Exercise.No good thing does not do without exercise.If you want to know how to increase growth, it will be necessary, and information about the kinds of exercises that help a person grow.Preference is given to Wisam, stretch

ing exercises for flexibility, as well as jumping and Mahama.Activities should be carried out at least 3 times a week.Do not get too zealous in their desire to increase growth and to do this all day long.It is enough to forty minutes.It is necessary to properly distribute the load, otherwise all your efforts will be wasted.It is recommended to use the muscles of the body is not one hundred percent, but only 75%.

be useful, if you will pay attention to this kind of sport like swimming.It is necessary to engage in and hardening of the body, as well as sports games.
desirable to avoid all kinds of stress and anxiety, to give up habits that are unlikely to help to increase growth.First of all, this applies to smoking and alcohol.
There are different methods of how to increase growth by 10 cm:

1. With the help of exercise.In general, the algorithm of this program can be written as follows:

a.Warm, including jogging.
b.Exercises flexibility and stretching.
c.Visy with weights or without.
d.Warm-up, which includes jumping on the spot.
e.Running uphill-downhill-vacation.
f.Stretching in bed using cables.

engaged in swimming, it is desirable to choose a style characterized by stretching the arms and legs to the maximum.

2. With stretching.
elementary exercise that does not require much effort.Before going to bed wearing old shoes clean.To her and the outer side of the bed fasten harnesses and fix them.Take a comfortable position and go to bed.Properties technique lie in the fact that on the soft bed legs are stretched, and a rigid - backbone.

And a few more tips for those who are interested in how to increase growth.
should not measure the growth too often.Nature itself is the possibility to increase up to 4 cm per month.

is very important that you believe in the success of his venture, have built a positive mental attitude.Using these tips, and the present method, it is possible that in six months you will notice quite a significant increase in growth.