What's the best fighter in the world?

Since the Second World War, and it is possible that during her previous armed conflicts such as the war in Spain and Abyssinia became apparent the decisive role in the outcome of the fighting aircraft.Control of the air determines the success.Then there were Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, the Middle East, Iraq again, and many other local conflicts, recognized the importance of aircraft in warfare.Without the ability to effectively confront the actions of attack and bomber aircraft of the enemy no chance to win.And for that we need and means of defense, and a particular type of aircraft, have a number of special qualities, such as speed, maneuverability and low vulnerability.

Perceptions of what should be the best fighter, changed over the years.On the metamorphosis of this type of military equipment affected and emerging technologies, and the experience gained at the cost of great sacrifice.

thirties and forties, the era of the screw

fighters in the skies of Spain is well proved to b

e Soviet aircraft-16.As of 1936, it was probably the best fighter in the world.Its design engineers Bureau Polikarpov used the latest technical solutions, revolutionary for its time.It was the first production model with retractable landing gear, powerful engine and armament (including the possibility of installation was unguided missiles).But the dominance of "Chatos" ("snub-nosed" - so it was called the Republicans for a bonnet profile) did not last long.In the sky appeared the German "Messerschmitt-109", which during the Second World War was subjected to several modifications.To compete with him some aircraft could only close the class and engine power, among which was an English "Spitfire" and later developed by the American "Mustang".

But for all the outstanding technical characteristics, it is very difficult to find a comprehensive criterion to determine the best plane.The Fighter, is also can be different, and you need to evaluate it in many ways.

fifties, Korea

After the war, with the advent of jet engines began to count generations of fighters.The first of these include the initial development engineers all over the world, started back in the mid-forties.For us it was a MiG-9, its parameters far gone from "Messerschmitt-262."Already during the Korean War, Americans were shocked by the unpleasant surprise for them.

Swift, a compact and highly maneuverable MiG-15 crushed seemingly unshakable power of the US Strategic Air Command.From this moment starts the second generation.Then it was the best fighter in the world, and it took time to build him a worthy opponent, who became the "Sabre".

sixties, Vietnam and the Middle East

Then there was the Vietnam War.The sky swirled in the "dog fights" two life opponent, "Phantom" and MiG-21.These aircraft are very different, both in size and weight, and the degree of armament.American F-4s weighed twice as much as the Soviet interceptor was less maneuverable, but has several advantages ranged.

determine which is the best fighter he fought in the Vietnamese sky, it is difficult, but the total score was in favor of the MiG.It should take into account the fact that in comparable prices, Soviet aircraft cost much (at times) cheaper, moreover, in the case of an unfavorable outcome of the battle the Americans lost two pilots instead of one.Both of these aircraft are already in the third generation of aircraft.Meanwhile, progress has continued, to the interceptors are placing ever more stringent requirements.

fourth generation, since the seventies

Since 1970, the development of fighter aircraft industry has gone on new main lines.Avionics has become not just a tool to help the pilot in locating enemies and solving navigation tasks, she took on a number of management functions.It has become very important degree of visibility of the aircraft to enemy radar.Change the parameters of the engines and the thrust vector began to change that made radically redefine agility.Determine what is the best fighter belongs to the fourth generation is not so easy, opinions are divided on this point.The US F-15 has its supporters, especially in the West, and they have their own arguments, the chief of which is the successful experience of combat use of "Eagle".Others believe that the fourth generation of the best fighter in the world - the Su-27 Russian-made.

Generation after generation

generation jet interceptors are separated from each other by several factors: the time of development, shape and type of wing, information saturation and some other criteria, but a clear distinction drawn between them is not always easy, it is still conditional.For example, a profound modification of the MiG-21 as improve its performance, it can be approximately regarded as the fourth generation aircraft in virtually every combat effectiveness.

direction design ideas

Interceptors fifth generation now form the basis of the Air Force of Russia and other technologically advanced countries.They are able to perform a variety of combat missions, to protect the airspace of their countries, they are sold in the framework of military-technical cooperation to strategic partners.But work on new projects is continuous.Promising examples of the latest aviation technology are some of the features that distinguish them from their predecessors, which gives reason to believe that it was the turn of the fifth generation already.Its features include a low radar visibility, expressed in an effort to remove all weapons previously placed on the external sling and technology of radar absorbing surfaces, obtained with the light hand of the Americans called "Stealth."In addition, all of the latest achievements in the field of aviation engine, rudders and control systems also indicate the aircraft belonging to the latest generation.It is important in the design and application of the composite material, which reduces weight and, again, raises the secrecy.It must be so, and today is the best fighter in the world.Photos of this aircraft is recognizable, the outlines of the fuselage and a few angular planes, engines unobtrusive leave vapor trail and the nozzle have a fairly high angle of possible rotation.


Something they vaguely similar, although the general layout diagrams, and technical parameters interceptor aircraft of the fifth generation are significantly different.These include first and foremost "Raptor" F-22.Experts, mainly American, believe that it is - the best fighter in the world.The main argument in favor of this view is the fact that the "Raptor" - the world's only commercially produced and adopting machine, corresponding to the requirements of the fifth-generation interceptor.All other similar models, including Russia, are under development and refinement.There is also an important factor that allows to doubt the correctness of such opinions.The fact that the F-22 has never participated in the fighting, and how it will behave in the real battle is not known.At the time, the American military-industrial complex highly publicized stealth bomber B-2, and then it turned out that even the outdated Soviet radars operated by the Army of Yugoslavia, it can detect it.

And how are we?

In Russia, of course, do not disregard the US attempts to achieve military hegemony.We plan to create a plane that can compete with the most advanced interceptor potential enemy.His plan to "put on the wing" in 2005, but difficulties have prevented mainly economic.In developed countries, the creation of a similar sample and setting it on board normally takes one and a half decades, and the terms of reference Sukhoi received in 1999.Simple calculations suggest that the date when the Russian Air Force will receive the best fighter in the world - in 2014 or 2015.

little is known about him.It called the project not only by plane or interceptor, and complex tactical aviation.(PAKFA - "P" stands for forward-looking, "A" - aviation, some tautology aircraft forgivable.) Take-off weight - about 20 tons, as well as the American F-22 and has not yet been adopted for service F-35.Tactical characteristics allow the use of a car with a small CPA, applied technology radiozametnosti small.Naturally, electronic equipment - the most advanced.It is likely that this will be the best fighter in the world.T-50 - another name PAKFA platform, it is possible that these workers will give way to the classical code designation "Su" with some number.


Our Chinese friends for a long time does not bother the task of developing its own aircraft.Typically, China chose a good Soviet model, has received a good reputation, bought and technical documentation produced by its own index, consisting of the letter Y (civilian) or J (for the military) and the number.However, the economic boom of the last decades, to turn China into a worldwide universal studio, folk aviation industry pushed to the top of the work on their own projects.Possibly, J-10 and not the best fighter in the world, but all known HDT this aircraft indicate that it is a car on the verge IV and V generations with further modifications.The original decision of general assembly scheme (deltoid "duck" with no classic tail) eloquently, that this time the Chinese aircraft manufacturers have done without external loans, showing its own approach.

top hit parade

history of world aviation is rich in outstanding achievements.The mere enumeration of interceptor aircraft, which became a masterpiece of engineering, will take up too much space.How to choose the best fighter?Among the successful models we can not forget about the La-5 and La-7, "Cobra", which fought Kozhedub and AI Pokryshkin, French "Mirage", Swedish "Saab", English "Lightning" andmany other powerful and beautiful cars.The task is complicated by the fact that no matter how perfect combat aircraft, it almost always was a worthy opponent.Therefore, the conditional rating of the most outstanding interceptor makes sense to introduce pairs:

  1. «Messerschmitt-109" and "Spitfire".During World War II, Soviet planes were good, but they did not have powerful engines, so they were out of the top of the list.
  2. MiG-15 "Sabre" F-86.They have plenty of navoyevat each other in Korea.
  3. «Phantom" F-4 and MiG-21.Vietnam, the Middle East and other military conflicts pointed out strengths and weaknesses of these different aircraft.
  4. «The Eagle» F-15 against the Su-27."Eagle" has a very good reputation for its successful application in modern theaters."Dry" is not inferior to him in the most technical and tactical performance, and in some cases superior, but it is not enough combat experience to absolute victory in the contest for the title of "the best fighter in the world."2014 marked the adoption of the Russian Air Force combat units dozen Su-35s, which are deeply modernized version of the Su-27.
  5. T-50 "Raptor".Opponents seem quite decent.Would be better if they did not occur in air battles, but if this happens in the future, there is a high probability that our car will not fail.

What will be the best fighter in the world of the 21st century?We can only guess how the new concepts to come engineers aircraft designers of the future.A century has only just begun, and by all indications, it will be stormy ...