Property insurance companies

property - it is tangible and the things that are in the possession or use of a natural or legal person.Usually, a property right becomes interesting for citizens, or any other entities in cases when there are all sorts of unforeseen incidents entailing damage to personal effects (theft, flooding, destruction, death, etc.).

property insurance companies.This action may extend to:

- Property of the state agricultural enterprise, the farm, the kolkhoz.

- property of the state enterprise (association, organization).

- The property of social or cooperative organizations.

- The property of the tenant and the agricultural enterprise (excluding collective and state farms).

- State building, rented by individuals or organization.

- Property of a religious organization.

- property of a foreign person or entity in the Russian Federation.

- Property of foreign and domestic natural or legal persons abroad.

In cases when it is necessary to carry property insurance companies on a voluntary basis, do not fi

t the following objects: securities, cash, documents, structures and other property located in the disaster area.

Register of goods, equipment, vehicles, agricultural tools, facilities included in property insurance of agricultural enterprises.Provided that the property interests are similar to those at which the conventional property insurance companies.However, the insurance cover is only when unintentional property damage occurred.

Basic rules for assessing the damage:

- Moral costs should not be paid.

- Possible future income and losses that have occurred due to damage, are not included in insurance payments.

- The owner has the right to claim the difference in price that occurred during the term of this policy.

- Determined not to price, and the value of the goods at the time the damage, destruction, etc.

If there is property insurance companies, it falls under the following valuation rules:

- Construction in progress - paid expenses for labor and material resources that have been made by the time this insurance.

- Revolving Fund - the amount of payments is determined by the average market price and the actual cost of the production.

- Fixed assets - is determined by the maximum carrying amount that does not exceed the necessary remedial at the time of death of the insured items.

- processed and which is in the process of production - paid amount includes the cost of materials, labor and materials expended, which is determined according to average rates for these types of jobs.

possibility of partial and full insurance, which, respectively, expressed as a percentage of the cost paid by contingency.

general formula of the definition of damage is considered to be:

amount of damage = the value of assessment of the insurer - the amount of wear + Cost of salvage - the cost of residues

Property insurance companies pays special attention to damages in cases in which some part of the property is preserved inof damage or deterioration.In this case, the insured can be determined cost of losses that arise in the sale of products of this quality.However, when the insurer does not consider this property destroyed in full, the owner is not entitled to payment of full compensation.