A few tips on how to properly apply for a leave of absence

Holidays - a time period during which an employee can not go to work on a completely legitimate.At the same time, he keeps the workplace and average earnings.To get such an opportunity, the employee must apply to the administration.And for that everyone should know how to write an application for leave.

all kinds of holidays and the rules of

Before we take up the pen, you must decide which of vacations at the moment.According to the labor legislation, employees in the enterprise (organization) can be provided with the following types of leave:

  • employment (annual) core;
  • additional labor;
  • without pay;
  • in connection with training;
  • for adoption;
  • maternity;
  • childcare.

These factors will significantly affect the text of the statement.You can consider the first option as an example of how to write an application for leave.It is worth recalling that it is available to each employee after six months of work at a particular company.Every year for this purpose a schedule of holidays, which must

be taken into account the wishes of the workers and the legislation.The duration of such leave is determined by the TC according to the profession and working conditions.Then, to determine the date, the person should advance (2 weeks) to present his request on paper and give it to management for approval.Here also it is necessary to know exactly how to write an application for leave.Otherwise an error could lead to delay.

structure declaration

Basically, it's pretty simple.The statement is written on plain paper in any form.Better, of course, the use of standard phrases to understand the essence of experts was set out request.It must be said that any application for a leave usually contains a number of standard elements:

1. ¬ęCap."It states to whom and from whom the statement is directed.Normally, such a document is written to the manager (director) of the enterprise.The "cap" is fully observed position, and the namemanagers and employees.

2. Name of the document (the word "application") is written a little lower, but the middle of the plate with a small letter.The end point is usually not raised.

3. The essence of the treatment is written sequentially:

  • own request ("request to grant");
  • object requests (annual leave);
  • the beginning and end of the term ("s__" and "po__");
  • number of days ("to ___ days");
  • base (vacation schedule).

4. Mandatory details.On the left - the date of preparation of the application.Right - the signature of the employee.

In principle, any employee of the personnel department can tell how to write an application for leave.But it is better to know yourself.

If something happened in the family

Sometimes in life there are times when you simply need to solve some urgent family matter.In this case, advance to notify the administration of the enterprise and obtain the consent of the head.For such purposes, provided holiday posemeynym circumstances.The employee must write a statement.It looks like an ordinary application for leave.Changing only the object of the request and the basis of such leave.In this case, the worker must ask him to give "leave without pay".And as the reason will be the phrase "family reasons."Article 128 of the labor legislation contains a list of the main reasons (valid case may be) with an indication of the number of days of leave granted at the request of the employee.But it happens that the cause does not fit into this framework.Then the head of the company must independently decide whether the reason for the lack of personnel in the valid or not.Such leave shall be granted only with the consent of the parties and shall take effect after the publication of the relevant order.

Harvested samples

Sometimes enterprises human resources practitioners to facilitate their work and avoid possible inaccuracies develop forms of various kinds of applications.In this case, the worker only needs to fill in the blanks in the text, and the document will be regarded as made up.Application forms vacation already contain data about the head, the name of the document and the main text.It remains only to write their own hands on the data, put down the desired date, the cause of the forced absence and details.Such a declaration would have to endorse the heads of departments and specialist personnel.After that, the document can be given to the head and wait for the preparation of the order.