Consumer Protection.

Today, the whole world around us seems to townspeople huge trading platform.Advertising catalog accompanies people everywhere, imposing their opinion on the quality, usefulness and need to buy that product.As if to counterbalance this pressure in our country adopted a law on consumer protection.Return policy it is considered as one of the possibilities to protect the consumer from the expenses associated with the acquisition of low-quality products or services.It is understood that the thing is to be replaced by another, or instead it will get back the money.

rise to doubts

Many Russian buyers are often unhappy to make acquisitions.At the same time they know a lot of information on consumer protection.Returns, however, are considered only as potential, which, though it is possible, but not necessarily to use.Despite the fact that many are disappointed about the need to enter into a dispute with the sellers, nervous, to withstand the onslaught of well-trained and professionally able to reject claim

s by people deprived of their determination.Moreover, they do not want to spend money on an independent examination and pay the possible costs of litigation in case of continuation of the dispute.These doubts are justified.Most citizens believe that to win this struggle can only be a man who knows firsthand about consumer protection.Returns in this case it seems the war, which easily defeated.

appropriate and inappropriate

Quarrels between sellers and people who purchased a particular item and found it a mismatch, oddly enough, is based on the basis of the law itself, or rather, on the slurred definition which he gives the notion of "the lack of product. "Each party knows and understands that the protection of consumers return - is an important condition for supporting not only the buyer but also the seller.After all, he seemed to give a guarantee to the conclusion of a sales transaction.If it was not, consumers would be more prudent.

sbiva goods, the seller is trying to behave as if the buyer took his own hands, has popolzovalsya and spoiled it.Therefore, to prove the lack of conformity becomes very difficult.Sellers has two facial expressions.One mask is designed for a potential buyer, and the second - for the eccentric, who decided to pay by check.Sometimes it is hard to believe that this is one and the same person.

significant drawback

Therefore, consumers need to know that in the law there is one concept.It explains the phenomenon of "significant disadvantage".Due to this, if the soles fell off a week later, the shoes should be replaced;if things are cracks or other flaws, the law on the protection of consumers return obligation to produce in strict order.There is another formidable obstacle in the return of inappropriate things - is the presence of the check and packaging.We need to understand that in the modern world, their safety is very important.So just need to develop the habit and make room in the closet for packing boxes.But keep in mind that the absence of a check in accordance with para. 5, Art.18 of the same law, is not a reason for refusing the return of the goods.

has the right

If the thing you did not come in size, weight, within 14 days you are free to can get it back in the presence of the label, even if it is bought on sale at a reduced price orbecause of the apparent defect.Identify inconsistencies, you are entitled to the following steps.

  1. make the replacement of the goods, received exactly the same model with the same part number.
  2. Get new model recalculation difference in cost.
  3. demand a reduction in value, leaving the commodity itself.
  4. billed for the repair or elimination of the marriage.
  5. reject the goods and claim a full refund of its value, as well as damages caused by the operation.

example, the new washing machine broke and water flooded not only your kitchen, but the room neighbors living on the ground floor.This is an occasion to demand full compensation.According to Article 29, so that when the Consumer Protection return was possible, it is necessary to hand over the selling of the claim in writing.

How to write

When writing a claim you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Name of firm-seller.
  2. your personal and contact details.
  3. Specify a reason for filing a claim (to describe the defects, inconsistencies).
  4. Uniquely formulated requirements: elimination of the marriage, repayment, depreciation, replacement with a different model.
  5. How do you intend to do with a negative response to the claim.
  6. Your signature and the date of preparation.
  7. copy of the check.

claims must be written in a polite tone, form of presentation - freestyle.If the purchased item has been brought to you by substandard and additional losses, describe them as well.

How to present

order to get business, you need to properly serve a claim.If you decide to do it in person, firstly, bring two friends who agree to be witnesses.Keep your passport.Second, contact the employees of this company to consider a complaint in any branch of it, but it's better where the purchase was made.At the same time you pass him only one instance.A second sign asking for the employee.If you claim you do not accept, then immediately go to the post office and send it certified mail, paid at the same time and return receipt.

to fight

By law, the result should be expected within one month.During this time, store or service will review the claim and give any consent or refusal, or ignore it.

received a positive answer, you go to the store taking with him a passport, the goods to be returned.If buying on major items requiring delivery, then take care of it themselves must take the sell side.

With a negative result, you will have to ask the court to resolve the dispute.