The icon "Prophet Elijah": what helps and what does?

St. Ilia - most pochitemy people of the prophets, as it is the second, after which the Lord spoke to the inhabitants of the earth.The first was Moses.Also, he is one of those whom God has taken to himself, leaving no witnesses to this action.Airborne Troops find their patron saint Elias and defender.

icon "Prophet Elijah" contributes to a successful outcome of any business started, but it is believed that the most holy help in agricultural affairs.To this request to send rain to drought or clear weather during heavy rains.Also, the prophet can deliver praying before the icon of the disturbing disease.He brings the anger of the people's hearts and contributes to a peaceful family atmosphere.

In some churches there is an icon of the Holy Prophet?

"The Holy Prophet Elijah" - an icon, the value of which is so large, making it the most well-known and respected.It is located in the temple, named after the same saint in Moscow Obydensky lane.20 stamps, decorating, keep the most important moments of life.

Icon in the main temple.Here there is also another, equally revered Orthodox icon of Elijah the Prophet, which is created on the bicentenary of the temple in the early 20th century.The name of the icon - "Christmastime prophet Elijah in the desert."

Temple of Elijah the Prophet, located in the Novgorod region - another place where the honor of the saint.There are two icons, one of which was created more than two centuries ago, it was carried in the procession.The other icon of only 15 years (date of establishment - 2000), but the locals are very fond of her, calling miraculous.

Church of Prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel in Israel

For several centuries the pilgrims all over the world staying at Mount Carmel to touch the shrines associated with the prophet.Place for the temple was not chosen by chance, because it is in a cave of this mountain Ilya long time hiding from their pursuers, and here he defeated pagan priest.The temple was built directly above the cave in the form of a cross.

In the courtyard there is a small altar, similar to the one which at the time created Ilya.Near the statue is accurate prophet who raised his hand with the blade of a pagan priest.When the Muslim Arab army was at war with the Jews, they cut off the statue's hand, believing that it helps all the people in the war.The temple was built relatively recently - in the first quarter of the 20th century, the feast day of St. Elias.Each year, the faithful flock here to pray and baptize children.

How and why saints in Russia Ilya

He became one of the first who was worshiped in Russia.In his honor were erected temples, first in Kiev, in the 9th century, and Princess Olga ordered the construction of a church in the northern part of Russia, in the village of Vybuty.Ilya thought and prodozhaet considered native Russian saints, to understand the problems and sorrows of his people.Elijah's Day, celebrated by believers August 2 is considered the delineation of seasons.Although it is still summer, but in the middle lane Rosii after that date do not bathe in the ponds and, as a rule, sharply colder, it is raining.On that day, we asked the saint of good harvest and give them the girl begged her spouse, with whom they will go to the altar.

as helping icon "Elijah the Prophet"?

At all times, the Russian peasants prayed Elijah that he blessed them at plowing.The Holy Prophet Elijah, which has been an icon in every home, has always been considered a great miracle-worker, the Thunderer, who can control the elements, particularly rain.When people worry about the wealth of the harvest, that he has not dried up or, on the contrary, has not been flooded, the prophet Elijah prayed earnestly.

icon "Prophet Elijah" helps to cope with any challenge, whether it's a lack of material goods, mental and physical illness.Also, it can take from a man sudden death.In this ever convinced believers.

icons depicting the Prophet

very first icon "Prophet Elijah" was written in the early Byzantine period.It appears harsh holy man with piercing brown eyes, wearing a woolen cloak.The prophet long hair and bushy beard.Often Ilya wore a hat made of wool and put a dagger in his hands, thus passing his strength and fury, facing the heterodoxy.In those days, almost every saint portrayed in arms.

There are two fundamentally different way of writing of the prophet, as they are tied to different periods of his life.Some painters depict him in thought, and it is sitting on a rock in the desert and looking around, while Raven produces food for him.The legend written on the subject, said that the essence of this painting is that of St. Elijah heard the voice of the Divine through the thickness of earthly concerns and thoughts.

Another option - a Prophet Elijah in the time of transition into the kingdom of heaven.He is portrayed with a cloud floating in the legs, his eyes turned to the sky, but sometimes it looks and leave the ground.It is on these icons, the prophet sends his plaschennitsu most reliable follower - Elisha."The Holy Prophet Elijah" - an icon whose value lies in the fact that in a single image to reflect all the key moments of life, written with multiple stamps, which can be seen talking with the Lord, the victory over the pagan priests, the revival of man.

icon of Elijah the Prophet with his hands

In modern days ready icons in a variety of designs can be bought everywhere: in church benches in jewelry stores, you can order it from the painters on the websites and you can do yourself.Made Beaded icon "Prophet Elijah" - is the best that can be done in almost every homage to the saint.The main thing should be remembered that before such work is necessary to obtain the blessing of the church.A sketch in which to work, you can buy in the shops at tservki or online stores.Once the icon is ready, it should consecrate and charge the church power.During needlework can be read prayers to the Prophet Elijah.There is no doubt that the icon, created with his own hands, will have no less miraculous power than those that are sold in churches or church benches.