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Currently, virtually every online tea store tea presents a significant number of information.However, unfortunately, a large percentage of it is scarce, it is not qualified or repeated many times.However, Chinese tea - a real science, bringing together many areas of human activity.I would like to summarize their own knowledge about tea, and to write a short article lets you quickly navigate the varieties of tea, and then pick up the tea shop on your own taste.Among the huge variety of tea from China stand out 5 main varieties: red tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, Puer.Special varieties of red or green tea smell of fresh flowers or exotic fruit.
Today Puer can be called the most famous Chinese teas in the world.Homeland Puer is Syshuanbanna district, located in the southern part of Yunnan province in the south of Yunnan province.At first, this tea is popular, because it was grown for personal use People's China even during the Tang.Due to the ease of storage in long puteshetviyah pressed tea easil

y spread all over Southeast Asia.In many Puer in the manufacture of bricks placed a particular encoding.To understand how the price is formed Puer tea, keep in mind the parameters that affect the price.The price of tea depends on the production of raw material and time saving it.Due to increased demand for Puer in China there are hundreds of tea factories.Significant competition between manufacturers contributes to higher production of raw materials and processing technology.Maximum known factories Puer: Menhayskaya, Kunming factory Hayvansky plant, "Xiaguan Tochal", "Sintszyazhen", "Tszinlun" others.
very famous Chinese teas - oolong, you can buy some at a specialty store.In speaking about the Oolong tea, the first thing that comes to mind for most people - a form of "Guan Yin", "Da Hong Pao", "Nai Xiang Jin Xuan."But Chinese oolong varieties are vast.Hailing from oolong Annecy county in Fujian, where according to legend, the gardener Wei Yin become diluted grade Tie Guan Yin in his garden.Later it moved to the manufacturing of oolong.Or Taiwan to Guangdong.Oolong tea belongs to ferementirovannomu.During fermentation the leaves for making these varieties lose their original herbal flavor, but the gain regardless of the type of fruity, floral, nutty, milk.The taste, the smell, and the cost of oolong are directly dependent on the collection site, weather conditions, varieties of tea bushes and the type of treatment.Good tea purchase is not so simple.To clarify the quality of tea you need to know the most important requirement is the natural tea leaves twisting should be holistic, straight, without impurities or dust.Oolong round lay mainly exposed to a multi-stage processing, and therefore the presence of jagged edges, or even half of the leaves, which you can see in the teapot, a relatively acceptable.In addition, you must remember about Assam tea, buy one you also have the ability through thematic resource.