Business young entrepreneurs in Russia.

at a crucial moment when the employment disadvantages outweigh the actual and probable pros, everyone will have a choice - or find a new job, or change the scope of activities or start their own businesses.The latter option is of course tempting, because she draws a picture that everyone can see the result of it - "a success, prosperity, development."But not all solved at this crucial step - opening their own business, someone does not have the guts to someone of knowledge about where we should start, how and what to do.

In this article we will, just about what opportunities are there for young business and how they can be implemented in our country.

My companion - a young Russian entrepreneur, at 23, started his own business and is currently the owner of 3 years of working in the hotel business.

Perspective "work for themselves" not all the results in opening their own business.Stanislav, tell us about how to start your business?What were the preconditions for its beginning?

I started working at

16-years old, my work experience for 11 years.At the age of 20-22 years, I have a thought about his case, but the desire to open a business and the decision to put everything at stake - are two different things.In 16 years, I had the opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of their own business as an example of business relations.But only now fully conscious desire, with an understanding of what your own business, led to the discovery of his own.Until then I was satisfied with the role of an employee, I've seen his career in this capacity.I worked and business coach, and for a long time in the field of advertising in large companies.It was only when the crisis of 2008, I have cut wages in half, I realized that no longer are willing to work for pennies on the other.I decided that his work has earned at least as much, if this is not going to work properly, in my opinion, the order management.

What other moments, other than reducing wages, you do not like as a salaried employee?How do you avoid repeating them in your business?

now gradually begins a generational change in the business, the market there are young entrepreneurs.And all of us who worked at one time employed, after eating situations when you do not pay or withhold wages, or do not let on vacation and did not give a holiday, or even inappropriate behavior management at work, we will consider it, opening a business, know on your ownexperience of how not to behave as a leader. And to avoid this in your own business you need to always consider the basic things more attentive to detail.Yes, there were precedents when even the staff was small, I knew that tomorrow the day wages, but because of force majeure, the money on it at this point still will not.That's when the night had to go and collect the amount, borrow or borrow and pay salaries in the morning, because my reputation and the reputation of my company important to me.But it is rather an isolated case, and eventually wages have never detained nobody.For me, it is better to pay on time, you begin to practice "detain all day."

The fact that the support of small business in Russia - it is a myth, and often write and speak.So you can count only on themselves.As in your case?

In Europe, the business plan can take the credit, serious money, which already realize the idea.In Russia, one must have a initial capital, or to start without him, because no one will give a loan.Supporting small business is populism.You can get a consumer loan, a small amount of a huge interest of 50-60%.And now, the lack of start-up capital necessary to compensate for the enormous enthusiasm and a lot of time spent on the job, because in the first few years, it will be at the forefront of life, and all my thoughts are occupied only to her.My business and began: a minimum of money and a great desire to achieve results.

How did you choose the area for your business doing?

There are two ways.First, when you come to the decision to start a business, and sat down to think "what would be open," not the best option.The idea is to mature, to pass certain stages of understanding what needs to be done and why.And understand it can only work in specific areas.In my case, the relatives worked in the hospitality industry, and hence an idea, was a niche and demand business.And these inputs, their knowledge was enough to understand what to do.The original understanding of the internal kitchen area in which you will do business, this is an important advantage.It's much better than having a lot of money and did not know where to invest it.

Companies with an innovative idea or product, only in its market, a rarity.In other cases, competition can be a serious problem for novice market.As a new business to attract customers?

agreement, much has long been proposed at the market know-how is not enough.But the point is that the business of the old field, you can do better than their competitors.What area of ​​the business in our country take, almost every lot is done very badly.Business is done by people who have grown up in the Council of Deputies, in another country, with a different mentality.It is the leaders who did not give the value of any advertising or marketing, and simply do not consider important such elementary things as reliability, responsibility, loyalty, flexibility.They are already doing on the knurled pattern, and in fact their own business can significantly improve and develop, if we begin to follow the modern trends.So now a small company can break through its management, through its relationship to clients and to the little things.Wholesale is based primarily on human relations.Managers in my company are sold, in fact, his good attitude to the people they work with, they know the customers' problems, they help to solve them.And then begin to operate business laws: we need competitive price, quality products, a wide range, you need to quickly and accurately respond to customer needs to be mobile.If you have earned the reputation and bet on the stability and reliability, as a result, not once, but gradually, it starts to work for you.

The features of the area of ​​business in which you work?

Hospitality, as well as some other specific.First of all it is specific people who work for companies that supply the hotel.There are areas of business that are not interesting to youth.Young people do not go into the technical specialties in engineering, technology, it is undervalued and underpaid.Deliveries in hotels associated with textiles, equipment and technology.And accordingly, this area does not have a fresh influx of young professionals.It employs people of a certain age.They work as accustomed to the '90s, with minor amendments in the past decade, and they are wrong to treat their customers.They are used to working on pullbacks, used to make 100-200% mark-up, to motivate a specific person, the purchaser.Thus business owners lose money, lose stability, since the purchaser, working on a pullback, ceases to be selected for its best hotels.Our company has a clear and transparent pricing system, they are posted on the site, they are available in real time.We do care about the customer.Yes, we have a small trading margin, but in this, including our guarantee of success, as we do not take the single transaction, and constancy and stability.In terms of the price to the customer no matter buy from us or from the factory, so we work by dealer discounts, and hence our prices are competitive, but we offer a range of products, complex equipment, which is very important for hotels.As for the competition, I think the competition - it's good, it pushes us to achieve more.The more young people in business, the more competition, lower prices and higher quality products.