What - deductible insurance?

What insurance or insurance business?

It is a certain kind of economic relations, aimed at protecting the property interests of the people from certain dangers.Insurance activities includes comprehensive insurance coverage, consisting of the very insurance, coinsurance and reinsurance in the broad sense of the term.A prerequisite for the operation of insurance companies is the licensing of insurance activity.Licenses giving the right to carry out insurance is a guarantee of the solvency of an insurance company formed by it with the necessary insurance reserves for the implementation of a type of insurance for future insurance payments.Currently, Russia is functioning mechanism, which includes the licensing of insurance activities, registration of organizations dealing with insurance and control over their activities, carry out insurance supervision.All this together ensures protection of the interests of policyholders.Licensing of insurance activities in Russia does not have any restrictions on the te

rm of its action if it does not provide specifically Rosstrakhnadzor while issuing certain licenses.Licensed as a voluntary insurance and mandatory.

insurance, as well as many areas of business, includes a number of specialized concepts and terms.Insurance activity of insurers and policyholders must include a deductible as it passes through each contract and specified in each of the insurance product line.

What is - deductible insurance?

Translated from the French franchise is a privilege.Deductible insurance - is not recoverable part of the damage.It is calculated as a percentage of the sum insured.In other words, if an insured event occurs if the calculation of the insurance compensation, the amount of the franchise will be deducted from the total payment.The Russians, as a rule, try to give up a franchise, as opposed to foreign customers of insurance companies.We think it is superfluous and unnecessary, but if you think about it, everything is different.Deductible Insurance gives you the opportunity to save.The small size of the franchise provides a more complete coverage of the damage, but the higher rate of insurance;larger franchise - less than full coverage of the damage, but reduces the cost of insurance.

There are two types of insurance franchise: conditional and unconditional.

When conventional or non-deductible franchise you will indemnify only if it exceeds the deductible, otherwise, payments from the insurance company will not receive.For example, suppose a bit corny, but just the perception, you have insured shoes for $ 1 000 with 1% conditional franchise that is 100 rubles, and later lost a heel.The amount of repairs will be considerably less than the deductible, so the compensation will be.And if you have not lost heel and sole completely torn, then the cost of repairs exceeds the amount of the deductible and the insurance company will reimburse you the full damage.Since compensation is made under certain conditions, the franchise and gained the name of "conditional".

Unconditional franchise deductible or deducted from the payment for actual damages always, without any conditions.Therefore, projecting it to the earlier example, we see that with little damage payments from the insurance company will not, and with a significant amount of real damage to be paid for will always be deducted size of the franchise, ie,in our case - 100 rubles.

If we assess the situation objectively, we see that the franchise insurance is beneficial for us.Equally, it is beneficial to themselves and insurance companies, as they are also a real opportunity to save.