How to choose a safe Burglar?

feel the full security of the inhabitants of large cities often can not even in your own home.As evidenced by the disappointing statistics, burglary taking place in cities on average every five to ten minutes.How to prevent the actions of intruders and save your valuable possessions?Currently, experts are increasingly offering reliable protection as a popular option as saving values ​​in quality, safety deposit box.

proof safes for the house - this is the means for storing valuables, the acquisition of which from year to year has resorted more and more residents of cities.Today, there are quite a wide variety of very different models with one or another level of protection.Safes differ from each other mainly manufacturing materials, security system, the level of reliability, the type of lock systems and thick metal walls.

main types of

principal differences between the individual variants safes lie in their functional orientation to protection against specific risks.Current models are divided i

nto burglary, fireproof and combine both characteristics simultaneously.

In reality produce a truly high-quality fire-proof safes is not so easy as it might seem at first glance, because of the presence of some technological contradictions between the two characteristics of such a product.Such boxes are presented to the market in a minimum amount, not only based on the above reason but also because of poor demand due to their exceptional high cost.

safes How better to give preference?

To determine the specific model and the necessary quality of the device, you need to understand, what is the risk of it should protect.Thus, according to most experts, safe burglary may be the best choice if you need a reliable storage of currency and jewelry.

If we talk about the devices with fire resistance properties, the experts endure here in the first place the possibility of preservation of the securities, photo and video materials, documents and other digital media.A special role in this case is played by saving data carriers in the event of fires, because digital information is often many times more valuable than the same banknotes.

Quite often, the consumer is more profitable to buy a fire resistant model than actually spending a considerable sum by buying proof safes 1 class or really expensive ognevzlomostoykie device.

What additional properties should be paid attention to when buying?

If you want to buy a good safe burglary to save valuable property, experts strongly advised to pay special attention to a number of additional features.In particular, these include the following parameters:

  • a sufficient level of efficiency of the internal volume;
  • internal and external dimensions of the model;
  • total weight of the product;
  • type and reliability of the locking system;
  • the possibility of replacing the lock or change the code value.

A variety of design solutions

constructive solutions, which are used in the production of safe, must conform to the purpose of purchase and the basic needs of the consumer.If desired, safe burglary can be reliably determined over the other models, fasten several articles together, attach the external wall of the device to the wall or floor covering.

In some cases it is advisable to equip the individual safes lockable compartments or equip them with the interior space with additional shelves and cells that contributes to safety and ease of use.

How to protect your device from prying eyes?

When purchased Valberg safes burglary or any other current models, an important question remains secret, not only concerning the dissemination of information on existing values, but also the very existence of the means to store them.The best way out is to install recessed safe.

Fit the can be both a wall and a floor covering.Unique, concealed safe location will significantly reduce the likelihood of any attack on the valuable property, and will not allow outsiders to even guess at the presence of the device for protection of material goods.

In conclusion

Even thoroughly understand the modern classification of safes, it is difficult to make the right choice in favor of a particular model.On the one hand, the consumer is always a desire to provide the most reliable protection of property.On the other - so I want to protect valuables from fires, because fires often occur very suddenly and unexpectedly.In the end, the purchase of the metal box is a pity to spend a large sum.

deciding to purchase a safe burglar-proof or fireproof and intending thereby protect its own property, consult with a specialist to start.The only way to choose a really high-quality, highly reliable system that will exactly match the personal needs and wishes.All the best!