How to disable ads in the "Google Chrome": details

"Google Chrome" - one of the most promising to date browsers.User-friendly interface, intelligent configuration, speed, support for almost all the new HTML5 and CSS3 - all this makes it the most preferred for the users.In search of new facilities a natural question arises: "How to disable ads in the" Google Chrome "to work with him was more pleasant?"

Adblock and Adblock Plus - expand that disable advertisement

browser "Google Chrome" has many extensions to meet almost any need.How to disable ads in the "Google Chrome"?For this there are two extensions: Adblock and Adblock Plus.

description of these programs

Adblock Plus was created for other popular browsers - Mozilla Firefox, but works successfully in the "Google Chrome."Adblock was developed directly under the "Google Chrome."Disable advertisement in the "Google Chrome" with the same success can be with any of these extensions.The choice of users.The advantages are more comfortable Adblock settings and the ability to block completely all a

dvertising by default.The Adblock Plus more sophisticated menu, but it allows you not only to block pop-up ads and banners, and create custom filters blocking.In addition, this expansion initially allowed unobtrusive advertising.This is important, as is often important information on the site is served, for example, in the form of banner ads.

Install Adblock and Adblock Plus

Since disable ads in the "Google Chrome"?Let us follow the sequence of actions.After clicking the "Settings and Administration" Google Chrome "" drop-down menu "Tools" find the item "Advanced".Below we press "More expansion" and get into the online store for Chrome.In the search box recruit of Adblock or Adblock Plus, click on the "Free" and then "Add".After downloading to your PC application will offer click on the icon appearing in the browser extension and go to settings.Adblock allows you to remove unwanted or disturbing advertising element not only in the general settings, but also when you press the right mouse button: so you can block as a separate banner, and all the ads on the page.This is very useful for those users who are interested in advertising in "Google Chrome", but, for example, only certain content.

Setting off advertising in the browser "Google Chrome"

buttons Adblock and Adblock Plus panel extensions will show the number of hidden advertising elements.If necessary, adjust the supply of advertising information on the site expansion can be customized according to needs.To learn how to disable ads in the "Google Chrome", it is necessary to go to the settings menu expansion.In the settings you can enable Adblock supply text ads, as well as different filters to customize lists: custom, confidential, distractions or anti-social elements.You can create so-called "white" lists of URL-addresses of individual channels or YouTube.The Adblock Plus, as already mentioned, you can allow non-intrusive advertising, and configure personal filters: in the proposed window to manually add addresses of the sites, which require the full resolution of advertising.This is extremely convenient for owners of commercial sites, and content managers, web designers, programmers and other professionals developing or serving Internet resources.

What is it - the browser from the "Google"?

Finally, a few words about the browser."Chrome" was developed on the basis of the free browser Chromium.The first public beta version for Windows introduced in 2008, and the first edition of the stable - at the end of the same year.According to some sources, Chrome use about 300 million people.Thus, the browser can be called the most popular in the world, because its market share in 2014 was 45.6 percent.