Reviews of lipofilling.

pursuit of excellence for centuries was considered normal.More Anton Chekhov said: "The man should be beautiful: the face and clothing, and soul, and mind ...".But if the soul, thoughts and clothing, we are able to correct yourself, the person, and in our case also the body, it is not subject to, and have to put up with what nature has awarded us.Fortunately, the engine of progress does not stand still, and makes real the fact that a couple of centuries ago seemed beyond possibility.

Plastic Surgery started its history back in 1917.It is considered the founder of Harold Gillies, who has made the world's first transplant of skin.Since then, it took a lot of time, medicine has leaped forward, and today offers a very wide range of services to remedy the imperfections.

standards of beauty are very volatile, this is due to the stable growth willing to go under the surgeon's knife and had plastic surgery, but one thing - to be willing, and quite another - to decide.

Many fear possible negative consequ

ences, which are so fond of scaring the Internet, and very few people like the feeling of something foreign inside.But as they say, demand creates supply, and Distinguished doctors have come up with a miraculous thing called lipofilling.

What is it?

Lipofilling - plastic surgery, the direction of which is to correct the defects and body contouring using autologous fat.

Plastic surgery lipofilling practiced recently.The principle of this procedure is banal simple: the patient is removed excess fat tissue, for example, in the abdomen, breeches, and it filled the required fields (optional).

reviews lipofilinga at most positive, and it is not surprising, because it can be used to clean areas that are difficult to adjust the way of physical activity and diets.

Lipofilling is used to correct age-related changes.With it changed the face oval, shape and size of breasts, legs, buttocks and more.Sagging skin and eyelids, chin too sharp, unsightly nasolabial folds - all this is very easily corrected during the session lipofilinga.

Indications for surgery

When is shown lipofilling?Among the most common following:

- undesirable deformation in the waist, buttocks, chin, hips;

- sunken cheeks, "wreathed" person;

- prominent zone of breeches;

- crooked legs.

body shape changes using lipofilling gives a perfect result, but this is not to say that the effect persists throughout life.Yes, it really helps very quickly get the desired shape and contours of the face, but it must be maintained, keeping the mobile lifestyle and following the diet proper nutrition.Now let's look at all the little detail.

Correction different parts of the body

Lipofilling shin help to correct all the flaws and give elegance feet.

no scars after the procedure is not to be only one hardly noticeable scar on the thigh cup.The operation may be performed under local or general anesthesia - it all depends on the client's wishes, and medical records.

Lipofilling shin is an excellent alternative to implants, and on aesthetic terms it will not affect the contrary, it looks more natural.However, after such a procedure is necessary for some time to forget about heels that are strictly prohibited, at least at first.But special orthopedic stockings will need to purchase.For a perfect and sustainable outcome of the procedure must be repeated several times lipofilinga.

Luxury neckline and firm breasts - a clear indicator of femininity.Breasts are often not happy with a woman for different reasons.Firstly, it may not like its shape, size.Special causes changes in such factors as labor.Chest not the best way is transformed after a period of lactation, maiden elasticity and form completely lost, why many women become depressed.

Few dare to enter the implant, but lipofilling breast - a very attractive yield.Besides, it is no secret that during pregnancy the body tend to stock up fat tissue, so that problems with the presence of the material will not be at the same time the figure will be corrected.

Lipofilling breast is limited to a single transplant of adipose tissue, so the maximum sought by one procedure, - an increase of one size.If you do not like it, no problem.Suffice it some time later to repeat the procedure.

Most experts, based on their own observations, warn that the total volume transferred in the chest, take hold around seventy percent.But it is possible to increase this rate to 99% and, for this purpose, doctors use a variety of additional techniques.

lipofilinga procedure itself takes place in several stages.With the help of a syringe of the problematic areas of the body fat layer is removed, and the puncture point through the material is distributed evenly over the chest.Small scars will remain only in places where liposuction was performed, but the chest will be nothing.The effect of the procedure can be observed after only a couple of days, during which time the swelling time to go, and finally everything will fall into place after germination occurs capillaries and excess fat away (it will happen in one or two months).

Another great option for the redistribution of surplus own fat - Lipofilling buttocks.Women reshivshiesya to such a procedure, ecstatic.

rounded butt without implants - it's real after such a procedure as lipofilling.Before and after - the difference is just amazing!The procedure is similar to the previous one.Using a syringe, or special apparatus fat transplantation occurs in several layers.

operation is a very laborious, since the progress of the procedure depends on the appearance of the buttocks, and any defect will be very noticeable, so before heading correction form, carefully pick a qualified specialist.

After the filling procedure the patient must wear a special compression garment (approximately for six weeks), and for seven days only sleep on my stomach.Another inconvenience that follows the surgery - is a five-day ban on sports and driving.But perhaps it's worth it, besides reviews of lipofilinga buttocks only inspire!

rejuvenation.Lipofilling face (photo)

're coming year and how any woman would try to follow their appearance, wrinkles meanly give her age.And the older a woman gets, the more noticeable changes.Lipofilling face will very well all this mask, the skin will again become supple and young.

first signs of aging, which is suffering a lot of women - the appearance of nasolabial folds.They give the face a worn out and distressed look that does not paint.

Lipofilling nasolabial folds allows you to lift the skin using its own fat, thus creating quite a natural smooth surface wrinkles disappear.For the reason that the digestibility of fat the body can be different, it is likely that there will be need for repeated injections.The result is not as durable, as we would like, it is on the strength of three years, but that beauty requires sacrifice, and that hinders the future commit the same procedure ?!

Many experts ensure that Lipofilling nasolabial folds gives a lifelong effect.The operation is performed under local anesthesia, and then withdrawn from the patient's fat is injected into the target area.The procedure is carried out pre-purified fatty material, and when injections are used very thin needles to avoid visible marks on his face.By the time of operation is relatively brief, it often takes about sixty minutes, and in a few hours the woman can go home, if there is no need for hospitalization.

One of the most common procedures - it Lipofilling century.The operation is also performed under local anesthesia.In order to give the eyelids smart appearance, you need quite a bit of fat tissue - about ten milliliters.By the way, from all kinds of lipofilling is observed on the eyelids best effect and durability.

In the early stages after surgery may experience swelling and bruising.To get rid of them, you need to do special packs with the means that you can recommend a doctor.Do not be amiss to add that the majority of women have passed through this process, there are only positive reviews about lipofilinga century, still, after all this look becomes open and radiant.

contraindications and possible complications

As with any other procedure associated with surgery, lipofilling has its contraindications.They are mostly due to those diseases for which it is impossible to engraftment of adipose tissue, including the following: diabetes, atherosclerosis and other blood disorders, diseases of oncological nature, anomalies of the internal organs, in violation of the cardiovascular and infectious diseases.Also, do not spend Lipofilling persons under eighteen years of age.

For complications, in spite of the fact that in practice they are rare, yet are taking place.Often, this is only the aesthetic plan, since the procedure is safe for the most part.In the first place is the most common occurrence of a possible asymmetry, which arises due to the inexperience of the doctor when adipose tissue unevenly distributed over the area (another reason - violation of the digestibility of newly introduced material body).Nothing wrong with that, all the defects of this nature without any problems are eliminated with additional correction.

also sometimes a change in sensitivity (both increase and decrease in the area of ​​the procedure).Within a few days the patient can observe a slight increase in body temperature, which is also quite normal.But if it is accompanied by severe pain, immediately consult a doctor.

And finally - is the emergence of the seals at the puncture site, scarring.When injected into the wound infection is a risk of the development of an abscess.

total rehabilitation after lipofilinga

To effect lasted for as long as possible, you need to pay due attention to the rehabilitation period.Depending on the procedure, the patient should spend some time in the hospital, the doctor was able to verify the absence of adverse reactions.

If the operation is carried out with the use of local anesthesia, the customer leaves the medical facility on the day of surgery.It is necessary to precisely comply with all requirements of a doctor, even the seemingly minor.

If the operation is carried out on the lids, then you need to make compresses for easy removal of edema, in the case of buttocks and breasts must be purchased special firming underwear.On adjust shin advised to wear compression stockings.For some time will have to postpone sports, etc.Tolerate inconveniences have very long, as there is often a period of complete recovery is low, it varies in the range from seven to thirty days, after which a person can return to normal life.

Pros and cons

Disadvantages procedures are lipofilinga except that the appearance of possible complications, which are not so much.

But plenty of advantages.Firstly, due to the fact that for the correction of problem areas activated only "personal" material likelihood of rejection simply can not be, and the average digestibility is about seventy percent.Reduced to almost zero risk of allergic reaction because it does not use any foreign implants.

effect obtained thanks to lipofilling, a fairly long and persistent.The operation leaves no body no horrific scars and you can enjoy a full result after only one month.And no longer stay in the hospital!

addition to correct deficiencies man finds a beautiful silhouette, so that solves several problems.Can not attract a short time the procedure - most of the operations does not take more than sixty minutes.The best way to rejuvenate - this lipofilling.Photos are an excellent proof of that.

How to choose a clinic?

This is an important question, because anyone who asks for help in correcting physical defects, especially on the face, wants to eventually have an excellent aesthetic appearance.And for this you need to very carefully and criticality approach to the selection of the clinic.No need to give ourselves into the hands of the first available "professionals".

Let's start with the fact that absolutely every medical institution must be licensed to provide these services, be sure to check its availability.While in the institution pay attention to the behavior of staff, in particular administrator.Over-promotional information about the clinic from his mouth should alert you.In his competence - just to bring you information about the cost and availability of the services provided.

And, of course, study the reviews, which can be read on the Internet.But do not believe too enthusiastic descriptions.Often, they are custom-made.

prices operation

definitely say how much this or that procedure, it is difficult, because everything depends on the nature of its operations, from the many subtleties and nuances.On average, lipofilling price ranges from 30 000 to 300 000 rubles.But do not look for a cheaper option.On all matters relating to health and beauty, we should not save.Always remember that the miser pays twice, and the payback is not always measured in money.

Instead of conclusion

Before going to the correction of his own body, be sure to read reviews about lipofilinga to finally decide whether or not you need it, so you had no regrets and disappointments, because the result may not be as expected.With the operation of such a plan can only be slightly corrected the existing shortcomings, but for someone lipofilling will undoubtedly be a real boon.