Merchandising - is a tool that enhances the level of sales of goods

If you look closely at the shop windows, you'll notice that all products are laid out on the trading floor in order.Properly placed product corresponds to the following main characteristics:

- this position should be easy to find buyers on the counter;

- goods shall be marked, he should stand out among similar products;

- goods must promote not only themselves, but also to new or related products of the same brand.

selling a particular product in any store is controlled by representatives of the distributor.Specialists determine the completeness of the range on the shelves, its correct location, and evaluates sales of this product, called merchandisers.The main tool of the professional is planogram.

What is the planogram

merchandising - this is one of the main tools for promoting the product on the market.It is a drawing, chart location of the goods on the counter, in refrigerated display cases, on the store shelf.With her representative of a trading company looking, whether the goods are l

aid out, whether the range of a given brand, how much space is occupied by one or another product.Merchandising - it's usually a flyer with pictures of correct positioning of products.Each merchandiser, entered the shop, has the right to go behind the counter and rearrange items in accordance with the actual currently planograms.

As developed planogram

merchandising product developed by request of the manufacturer or at the request of the trademark owner.This takes into account such key factors:

- the current demand for the top positions of the trademark;

- availability of the required minimum marketable product in the point of sale;

- existing or anticipated stocks and sales;

- adherence to the core product Related products with the aim to raise the sales of the latter;

- entry into a new product or range of goods with a limited supply of issue / limited to familiarize customer with the news.

All these issues are being worked out by specialists of sales departments of large companies, and on the basis of these developments appears planogram.An example of a simple circuit arrangement of food in the supermarket is shown in Fig.

How does planogram

After developing planograms in the form of flyers are available wholesale and procurement firms that are engaged in the delivery of goods to the place of sale.They heard the trade departments of the company, distributors, and those providing merchandising merchandisers and sales agents.These are the sales staff are required to monitor the location of the products of the brand in retail outlets.Any planogram - is the main landmark of commercial departments of supermarkets, managers and managers of retail stores.It is their responsibility for correct display of goods for merchandising.If the product is laid out correctly observed its rotation, and is regularly updated with the required inventory, the sale of these products are rising.

Sanctions for non-compliance with planograms

At the conclusion of the contract for delivery of products is a prerequisite for compliance with the planogram display of goods.For the fulfillment of this condition the buyer bonuses in the form of free promotional goods or monetary compensation.Merchandising - it sure argument in the negotiations with shops.If the outlet is not fulfilled the requirements of the supplier, are not complied with the rules of merchandising display of goods, if not allowed to trade merchandisers shelves supplier has the right not to pay the bonus compensation, and further has the right to terminate the agreement and did stop to deliver the goods in the store.