What should be a laminate in the kitchen?

laminate kitchen flooring is considered as a viable alternative to porcelain tiles, linoleum or hardwood floor.To explain such popularity is quite simple.

This material is not only very practical and durable in use, but also a variety of different colors and textures, an affordable cost and easy installation.Choosing laminate flooring in the kitchen, you need to follow some simple rules, and you can be sure that the issue of replacing the flooring in the room for a long time, will not rise before you.

So, the choice of building materials is necessary to define the scope of the work.At this stage, it is important to consider not only the area of ​​the room and its future decoration, but also the current state.It may need a series of pre-preparatory stages, including the processing and surface leveling, dismantling and restoration of the walls.Their quality may depend on the result of all the efforts for the production of repair.

You can then proceed directly to the selection.Laminate flooring i

n the kitchen should be not only beautiful, but also has some additional features.They can act as a moisture and heat.Immune to the effects of liquids, perhaps the most crucial parameter, what should have laminate flooring in the kitchen.More humid atmosphere in the house exists only in the bathroom.Moisture is able to turn on your kitchen floor in a very depressing spectacle, so ignore this feature of the coating is not necessary.

As for billing, here the choice is limited only by the imagination of the designer or the owner.However, we must not forget the fact that no matter how carefully cleaned, laminate in the kitchen inevitably covered with a film of grease and dust.Clear smooth floor from it much easier than a board with a relief pattern.This opinion is debatable, but such cases - are not uncommon.Not in favor of a smooth surface plays only the fact that the chance of slipping thereon is higher than on the surface with the ribbed pattern.

Base layers under laminated board - a thing not only provided the technology.It not only will make the floor smoother and avoid deformation of the board, but will mute the sound of footsteps, falling objects, or to move around the surface of the furniture.

As for regular maintenance, in this respect, laminate flooring in the kitchen is second only to the ceramic tiles.Protect it from scratches or other help, felt pads on furniture legs, additional protection against moisture will provide a small mat with rubberized base near a sink.If, despite all precautions, the surface of the coating were damaged, get rid of them will help masking agents that are currently available in sufficient quantities by manufacturers of household chemicals.

laminate for the kitchen will be beneficial to emphasize its decoration.He is able to become the main color accent in the room.Modern technologies allow to achieve amazing visual effects in texture laminated board (for example, to achieve 100% similarity with expensive or rare species of trees) that give the interior a kitchen restrained nobility and respectability.