What harmful impurities removed water filters

fall in natural water pollutants, which can be divided into the following categories:

  • microbiological bacteria, cysts, viruses, worms;
  • organic and inorganic chemicals;
  • organoleptic properties, changing the taste and smell of the water;
  • radiological - nuclides.

at waterworks natural water is chlorinated, and part of the contaminants in the process is destroyed.But, in doing so, chlorine reacts with the organic substance forms a more dangerous to health compound.Therefore guarantee health safety can only give quality water filters with an integrated cleaning system from all kinds of pollution.It should also be borne in mind that, even after the centralized disinfection in water supply systems, water may appear dangerous pollution that penetrate through the loose-fitting to fittings, valves, gaskets.
The most common chemical contaminants - nitrates.These materials are part of the nitrogen cycle, and there in the water due to intensive agricultural activities near proleganiya groundwater.In some co

untries, the concentration of nitrates in water is 50 mg per liter.
Lead and heavy metals contained in the pipes, solders, couplings.These particles also dissolve in water and make it dangerous to use.As
coagulant in water purification systems use aluminum compounds.In many cases (human error, failure of technology, the accident) after cleaning their content exceeds the norm.Excess aluminum compounds in the water results in Alzheimer's metabolism slows down.This lightweight metal is in excess leads to very serious consequences.
external contamination of water aluminum can not be determined.The maximum permissible norm in our country of aluminum in water - polmiligramma per liter.Real analysis in many regions show an excess of this figure several times.
Aluminium compounds difficult to "catch".They are free to pass through the carbon filters do not participate in the ion exchange process.Experts of the company Aquaphor fiber Akvalit adapted for water purification from aluminum compounds.It has recently been developed a new species with a bulk Akvalit supplemented chemical structure and "hooks" which engage and hold the aluminum compound on its surface.Thus heavy metals and other contaminants are also retained with high efficiency.
Filters Aquaphor to the effective protection of aluminum is already on sale.They are particularly relevant in the spring, when the arrival of warm weather increases the load on the wastewater treatment plant, the water is reduced settling time.Observe the process of Spring "flowering" of water - the rapid growth in it of bacteria and algae.In such circumstances, water treatment plants used over aluminum coagulants, but not always after cleaning the water meets standards.
choosing a water filter, pay attention to the company's products Aquaphor (filters Aquaphor Morion and favorite).Their wastewater treatment system able to successfully deal with aluminum compounds.Since the toner cartridge from the flow-through filter Aquaphor Favaro 7000l is that pohzvolyaet provide average family of 3-4 people drinking water for 1 year.A higher degree of purification (almost 99%) gives the reverse osmosis filter Aquaphor Morion, which has a very compact size compared to other similar systems of reverse osmosis, can be operated at a pressure in the water network from 2 atm, and thus its storage tank always allows you to have in reserve5 liters of perfectly clean drinking water