Alcatraz Prison - the island from which no escape

It's safe to say that at the origins of the gangster movement in America was Al Capone.It was he who founded the large-scale criminal business, which operated in the territory not only of Chicago, and New York and other major cities.The last refuge of the world-famous crime boss, made a fortune in the sale of alcohol during the "dry law", as well as arms trafficking and prostitution became a prison of Alcatraz.

Located on a small island in ocean waters near the US city of San Francisco, this place has a very strict regime of a long and interesting history of its development.Initially, prison Alcatraz it is not even.During the gold rush coast of North America was attacked by a huge number of immigrants eager to Zlata.I was no exception, and San Francisco.In order to protect the city and its residents, the army erected a fortress, which was named Alcatraz (after the name of the island).It is possible to protect the fortification quiet street from the encroachments of visitors miners.

After desire to get rich quickly disappeared, the fortress lost its meaning.So when the question arose of creating a fortified facilities for offenders, the number of which has risen sharply during the Civil War in the United States, the government did not hesitate to become used to these purposes, a former fortified fort.So there was a prison of Alcatraz.

during the First World War, prisoners of war were held here, in which there was not a single opportunity to escape.Over time, all of them were released.

However, the prison did not stop its existence: only changed the contingent.Criminals who were trying to escape from other correctional institutions, directly sent to Alcatraz.Prison glory wore a hard and strict institution.One of the characteristics of it is almost impossible to fully escape.Therefore it is clear that the government in every way tried to make violent and ruthless criminals is to Alcatraz.San Francisco has never been a criminal town, which is not the Chicago and New York.It shook the city of gangster showdown in which the victim is and civilians.After bloody wars, was set domination of one clan over another, people were dying, and the prison Alcatraz replenish your camera.For example, the famous criminals, hit the wall of the correctional institutions were Al Capone, George guns and Robert Stroud, nicknamed "Birdman".

By all safely leave the prison was not possible: the prisoners reshivshiesya it, did not make it alive to the land.And only the only unclear in the history of Alcatraz case, when the fate of the prisoners remains unclear is the escape Morris and brothers Engle.Until now, no one knows what happened to them, and they made it to the shores of the city.This grand escape was the basis for the movie "Escape from Alcatraz", in which the main role performed Clint Eastwood.

Today the prison is closed.Rather, it serves as a place of tourist excursions.A huge number of tourists visiting San Francisco, get to the island, where they can observe the life of the strictest prisons of America.