How to add a bookmark in the "Google Chrome"?

Google Chrome today has a leading line rating of the most popular browsers.A huge number of users worldwide have chosen this default program on your computer.And this is no accident, because "Google Chrome" has a lot of advantages compared with other popular browsers.The advantages include: high speed of page loading and simple operation.But even in such a browser, some users do not know how to add the bookmark.In the "Google Chrome", this process can take place in several variations.This article will talk.

1 way

How to add a bookmark in the "Google Chrome" in large numbers?This method is important for those who use several programs to view the site.If you've used a different browser in a long time, you probably have accumulated a lot of bookmarks that you do not want to leave.And to make up for the one thing you think is too tedious process.In these cases, the creators of Google Chrome have provided an option to import bookmarks.The transfer is made from a different browser, which you used earl

ier.To import bookmarks, proceed as follows:

  • Open the browser.
  • go to the settings by clicking on the name plate on the top right.
  • In the window you will see the panel "Users" from the bottom there is an item "Import bookmarks and settings."
  • clicking on it, you must select the browser, which will be transferred.

2 method

In Google Chrome provides a second option of adding bookmarks.In this case they have to be made manually.To learn how to add a bookmark in the "Google Chrome" without importing suggest you use the following instructions:

  • Settings.First, you need to include a demonstration of bookmarks.To do this, go to your browser and tick the option "Show bookmarks bar."Adding
  • .After the first point you should see additional bookmarks bar.By clicking the right mouse button, select "Add Page."Next, fill in all the required fields and click "Save".

Additional features

previously outlined instructions let you know how to make a bookmark in the "Google Chrome" without a GUI.That is, they appear as small icons with the name of the page.But many are accustomed to using big favorites with built-screen preview of the site.And, as expected, Google Chrome allows you to meet this need.Next, you learn how to make visual bookmarks in the "Google Chrome":

  • browser has its own application store.It is easy to find through a search engine.Next
  • site in the search box, enter "visual bookmarks."
  • Select a suitable extension and install it.


Browser Google Chrome - very flexible, fast and convenient to use.And now that you know how to add a bookmark in the "Google Chrome" in several ways, your opportunities expand.