How to build a sauna from a bar 6x6?

If you want to build a sauna from a bar 6x6, it will be no different than any of the buildings, which is based - logs.But the process of the work can be done much easier and faster, without having a specific skill level.


most important step before construction of the house is to choose the right material.The quality of the wood depend on the performance of the future building.The first thing you need to pay attention - is the lack of cracks in the material, since even the most minor of them later will cause decay.It is important not only to draft a bath from a bar 6x6 prior to construction, but also to choose high-quality material, the surface of which there should be no blue stain, indicating that in the process of decay.

Harvesting and processing of timber

bath of 6x6 lumber necessary to build only after it is properly prepared material, if it is not possible to buy ready-made.Once the tree is cut down, it should be allowed to rest in bed.It will take about a month, then you

need to sort out the logs, leaving for the construction of only the highest quality.Now you can start processing the material.To start the log must be cleaned from the cortex, on both sides can be left by 15 centimeters.After the log data manipulation can be deposited, with a space from the earth's surface must be 20 centimeters.

Building foundation

If you decide to build a sauna from a bar 6x6, then you first need to build a foundation.The design of the base can be a tape or columnar.In order to realize the possibility of the construction of the first type of foundation you need around the perimeter of the trench prepared in advance to build the formwork.Pouring concrete is done to a depth of soil freezing line.The foundation must rise above the ground 0.5 meters.Inside the perimeter of the base is filled with gravel or sand.Three weeks after pouring the foundation, you can start laying the first rows.If you decide to build a sauna from a bar 6x6, its construction can be carried out on columnar base.

Features construction pier foundation

In this case, you must install the brick pillars, placing them on the perimeter, angles and areas of load-bearing walls.Under each pillar is necessary to build a concrete pad that will prevent subsidence.Step between these poles must be 1.5 meters.Whatever the foundation, it is required to strengthen the armature.It is important to provide reliable waterproofing, which should be located between the first and the crown cap.For this purpose, the horizontal base of the foundation is necessary to put the molten bitumen, which was covered with roofing material.After solidification of the procedure must be repeated again.

Implementation of laying the first wreath

When built sauna from a bar 6x6 (with or without attic), the next step is to start laying the first wreath.In carrying out these activities and strengthening the elements you want to use level.It is necessary to check the horizontal surface of the timber prior to the start of construction of the walls.Choosing the boards for a number of necessary starting with considering that they should be the most thick as they will be under pressure from the walls and roof.That is why experienced professionals choose to perform these tasks bar, which is equal to the cross section 20x20 cm, whereas for subsequent work can be used to bar section 15x15 centimeters.

important to use beams whose length is identical.Laying wreaths begins with the first installation of wooden slats, previously, these elements need to be processed antiseptic.The thickness of the strips should be equal to or less than 15 millimeters.The distance therebetween should be equal to about 30 centimeters.When built sauna from a bar 6x6 with or without an attic, many builders are wondering about why pre-treatment is needed.These works are due to the fact that the need to protect against rotting wooden elements that prolong their life.The space between the rails should be filled with foam.The bottom rail, laid on the foundation does not need fixing.

Features walling

After the project was able to choose a bath of 6x6 lumber, construction can begin.The next step after the installation of the first ring, you can start building the walls.Bars can be mounted together with wooden pins, may be used for this steel pins.Their installation is made in advance Realized holes.We need to make holes in the region of 1.5 meters apart.The upper timber after the first to be put in place.By this technology all laid wreaths.The top of them bond is not required.This is due to the fact that the last stage of the construction elements need to be temporarily removed for mounting ceiling beams.

Features building attic

If you do not wish to make their own construction, sauna from a bar 6x6 turnkey be built by professionals.But if you are for work only to produce its own, the next step is to think about how the arrangement of the attic floor, of course, if the project foresees the presence of a component of the building.During the construction will need to mount the attic floor joists, rafters, attic wall piping.It is important to set the angle of the rafters, which is 30-60 degrees.Only in this way will be able to obtain the optimum area of ​​the attic floor.It is necessary to take into account the dimensions.Thus, the minimum width of the attic should be equal to 3 meters, while the height of the central point should not be less than 2.2 meters.Only if you follow all the rules of construction of the bath shaped timber 6x6 to get a reliable and durable.