Old recipes to attract customers

No, it is not go to dance around the fire and other ancient rituals to attract sales and customers.

just have an excellent channel of promotion, which, frankly, is a sin not to use in their business.

While managers are trying to reach CEOs and something to sell them, right under their nose is an incredibly effective way to attract customers!

and it is called "a letter in an envelope."

So what good writing in envelopes?

In organizations they tend to pass directly to the destination.Moreover, the larger the organization, the more respect there are a paper letter.They are carefully recorded and then sent to the appropriate department strictly!Checked.

By the way, there is no more effective way to reach the head of a large organization than a letter in an envelope.

Paper letters easy to maintain at home.If you read the letter and understand that in the near future you may need it, you just keep it on his desk.But if, for example, received by e-mail advertising, you are unlikely to take the time to

print it out and put in a prominent place.If right now you do not need a product, you just close it or delete.

If you trust your mailings to professionals, they carefully pick up on its own database the most suitable recipients.

great, right?

your letter will not go to competitors or those who by no means be able to become your client.Everything is very carefully chosen!For example, in Yekaterinburg, this company is professionally engaged Adular Group.In addition, she is also responsible for undelivered letters and return them for money.

That is what distinguishes a mailing list of over mass advertising.Such as a billboard or a city screen.

Because they see a bunch of people who do not your customers!

gets shot in vain!

And why is it you want?

Another undeniable plus letters - more information!The letters you write more compelling arguments in favor of your product or service.But it is necessary to attract customers!

And just try on a billboard or a banner to list all the benefits of your product or service?Yes, there is a place and just one slogan.

And one slogan goods do not sell!You need something more substantial to offer!

proved that interesting letter works just like a good seller.When your client read it - he seemed to be listening to right convincing speech.

Therefore, sending paper letters, as if you are introducing hundreds of thousands of small sellers in the organization of customers!And we must pay tribute, these vendors often sell much better their living brethren!

Well, I have to convince you in the use of the letters?

If not, the last argument.Man is so constituted that he likes secrets.Sun'te him into the hands of ordinary flyer - it quickly will be in the urn.But here he comes closed envelope with unknown contents.Do you think he will throw it and unpacked?No!It is his first open and view!The more views the more responses!Move

friends!Good luck to attract customers!

And if you want a letter brought the largest number of responses, read my article "How to get a flurry of responses from the mail!"

And more.

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