The fourth bridge across the Ob.

fourth bridge across the Ob must be in accordance with the project not only incredibly beautiful, but also comfortable for every resident of the city thanks to a convenient system solutions.In accordance with the provided in the architectural and town-planning council of Novosibirsk project, questions and convenience, and beauty is fully resolved.Red arch that will tower over the Ob, and complements the architecture of the city.

luxurious spectacle

If the fourth bridge across the Ob River will be built, its right bank outlet is located in the heart of the city, the Red Avenue and near the park "City beginning."The longest span of 234 meters will be decorated pylon cable-stayed.Pylon height of 113 meters can be either constructed of reinforced concrete and is designed in the form of metal latticework.The bank part of the structure will be presented in the format of an elegant beam.Objectivity design use cable-stayed span due to the presence of numerous number of communications in the city center, w

here one of the sides of the bridge.

Prospective design parameters: the right bank

fourth bridge across the Ob will have six lanes, and slowness of the transition will be 5.1 km.The length of the bridge itself will be equal to 1.6 kilometers.The project provided an overpass at the intersection with the railroad.It is planned to equip the system of multi-level interchanges in the area of ​​the entrances to the bridge.The right bank will link Kamenskaya highway and Red Prospect Street and the Bolshevik factory.By the South Congress area it will not be.We consider the prospect of inclusion in the structure of interchanges Zyryanovskaya street.

All interchanges will be belonging to the first class.Thanks to them, it will be possible continuous movement of road transport in the absence of traffic lights.The estimated speed of traffic on the bridge is equivalent to 100 kilometers per hour.Designers design proposes to implement the construction of the bridge across the Ob on the basis of both truss and beam spans.

Construction of the left bank

If the right-hand exit design issues, there was little, the design of the left bank of provoking numerous discussions.It is near the exit of the bridge to the shore is a complex road junction, where intersected multiple transport streams: the Station Street and Vatutin, with Stanislavsky and wide, with planned, as well as the areas of Labor and Energy.There is also the railway.Designers have considered both options 25 interchange.The most difficult part will be the bridge near the area of ​​energy.According to preliminary estimates, the cost of its construction will meet the cost of all Bugrinsky Bridge.

How will the most difficult element of the bridge?

As mentioned above, the new bridge across the Ob on the left side will get very complex interchanges.In the areas of intersection of the transport route to the railway tunnels is planned arrangement.The intersection of these same traffic flows will be realized on several levels.This passage in the streets of the Station, the streets of Power Engineers and planning, Vatutin and Stanislavsky, Broad Street.Due to the fact that the structure will be built on a partnership between the state and individuals, travel is planned to be paid.

It will be located on the left bank processing center for travel.The bridge across the Ob River was completely worked out and detailed by March 2015.Highway bridge format provides the shortest link between the city center and its southern and south-western parts.The design gives easy access to the federal highway M51 type, called "Baikal" M52 "Chuiski" and M53.

terms of construction and design

fourth bridge across the Ob will cost the state and individuals to 532 million rubles.This amount is already included the resettlement of 500 houses on the banks of the river, which will have an output structure.The preliminary construction cost is equivalent to 20-25 billion rubles.If the project was finalized in March 2015, the collection of the full package of project documentation is planned for late summer 2015.Of course, the beginning of construction is planned for the end of 2015.This information was officially presented the Governor of Novosibirsk journalists.

In the period from March to April is planned to conduct a full review of the documents, a competition for a place the developer-investor.The bulk of the spending is planned to assign to a private investor, the cost of which in the future will be gradually repaid paid travel.Local budget used only to pay for the design.It is planned to allocate funds not on the bridge itself over the Ob River, but only to prepare the site for construction.Preview the costs will amount to 2 billion rubles.

What load will take over the design?

design will connect the central region of Novosibirsk with the most vibrant of the left bank.It will facilitate the unloading of the existing crossing.According to information provided by the designers working today, October bridge takes at least 7.5 thousand cars per hour.Dmitrov bridge receives a load of 7,000 vehicles per hour.

load index erected recently Bugrinsky Bridge at this time is not more than 3.1 thousand cars per hour.According to forecasts provided by companies designer "Institute Stroiproekt", taking into account the rapidly growing number of cars after the introduction of the design will have to load it in the range of 4.3 thousand cars per hour.This will relieve the Dmitrovsky Bridge to 6.9 thousand cars per hour, and the October - to 6.4 thousand.

project under scrutiny

project, according to which will be elevated to the fourth bridge over the Ob (Novosibirsk), wasfocus at the conference "Real Siberia", which was held May 29, 2015.Maxim Sokolov, who served as minister of transport, and the governor of Vladimir Gorodetsky told how by public-private partnerships will be able to build a bridge design in accordance with the project.

expertise, which has been planned yet for March-April, will take place in the near future.Its ending will be a signal to the application for financing of the construction in the framework of the federal budget.Under the plan, funds will be provided in the form of grant to support the construction.The source of funds will be collected from drivers of vehicles weighing over 12 tonnes, which will be held on the roads of the federal purpose.

name of the investor is not yet known

investor who will take over the financial burden and pay for a new bridge across the Ob, it is still unknown.It will be defined only by the end of 2015.According to the head of the Federal Road Agency Ivan Grigorovich, a project implemented before the end of 2020.It was at this period is planned to open a new bridge across the Ob River.The concession period will be about 20 years.Currently the concessionaire selection process has already started, which shows the effectiveness of public-private cooperation.The package of documents is already fully staffed.

demolition of houses in the project

fourth bridge, which will connect the shore of the Ob River in Novosibirsk, likely will require the demolition of at least 500 homes.Most residents of the streets and Tunnel have already received notification from JSC "Central Bridge" to conduct an inventory and assessment of the impending compensation.On the company have an obligation to the inventory of the housing stock and its demolition.As part of the notification it was announced a request for assistance in the implementation of the project.From the report of Vladimir Shklovsky, who holds the post of deputy general director of "Central Bridge", it became known that the house reserved Novosibirsk mayor's office.Based on the experience of building a third bridge, Shklovsky said about the origin of some inconveniences, which he calls a standard workflow.Despite claims to the court, all issues have been resolved, and every inhabitant of the region, where the demolition was carried out, supported by the state.

Who is ready to act as an investor?Estimated investment

total length of the bridge across the Ob will be 5.1 kilometers.Head of the region is constantly in their official statements, said that the number of interested parties in the project increases.Among the most active applicants is worth noting the management company "Leader" and "Gazprombank".The number of applicants was also VTB Bank.According to preliminary calculations, the construction design will open up new opportunities for foreign investors in terms of investing in the development adjacent to the construction of business infrastructure.

Preliminary estimates suggest a sum in the amount of sixty billion rubles.Information was provided by Olga Molchanova, who served as minister of economic development of the region.Implementation of the project on arrangement of areas of business activity requires the use of a pool of investors, each of which will operate in the professional environment.Even today, the largest domestic banks are showing an active interest in the project.Increased attention has been fixed by the major French, Chinese and Japanese business organizations and private investors.