Who is a leader?

no social group is not without internal structure and differentiation, in which distinguished manage and control at different levels.The topic of this article affects the highest level of the social pyramid.We'll talk about who the leader is and what its function.

of leadership

Every creature on earth people are involved in a race called life.Is it running ahead, there are outsiders.However, most want to be in the lead, seeing it as a sign of the success of his life.Who is a leader in wide and narrow sense of the word?The term translated to English literally means "going ahead", "leading".In general, it is the person or group of people who run the rest of society.Psychologists have found that no social community can not long exist without order not to stand out leading elite, whose authority is recognized by all and will be ready to submit.This phenomenon is not unique to the human species, but for many wildlife species.Thus, we can assume that leadership is a phenomenon of the biological world.

idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleadership in the development of

While most historical events perpetrated by many people in the annals of history are inscribed the names of mostly those who were the generators of ideas and inspirations of certain undertakings.Niccolo Machiavelli was first paid such close attention to the question of who is a leader, and what qualities he must possess.In his book "The Emperor", he admires leaders in medieval Europe who were able to reach their goal, regardless of the methods and techniques.Certain superman seen in this political leader Friedrich Nietzsche.It is he who stands above conventional morality, able to transcend all on the way to the intended.Modern political science examines primarily as a leader by example, inspiring all in a common cause.For example, during the Second World War Joseph Stalin's son was captured.The German command proposed exchange of prisoners of war on Paulus, surrendered at Stalingrad.Stalin being a true leader, he did not go to such exchange, replying that the soldiers on the field marshals did not change.It was a difficult decision, which is doomed to death his son, but his father took not so much as the head of a large country.

types of leadership

In the broadest sense, isolated formal and informal leaders.The first have the official status of superiority, while the second, even without him, is a great authority for the group than the official leader.The following types of leadership:

  • traditional - according to origin, established traditions;
  • charismatic - based on the individual qualities of the person and its achievements, superior dignity of ordinary people;
  • democracy - on the basis of existing law.

also modern political leader can build its relations with society, based on democratic, totalitarian or authoritarian governance principles.

as a true leader

head - it's not just the privilege of high social status, but also a responsibility for those who come after him.Therefore, not everyone is able to act as a political leader.The population there is a certain image of the leader.By leadership skills include responsibility, commitment, ability to inspire, think prognostically, administrative skills, strong character and charisma.Yes, in our pragmatic age image of a political leader can not do without this primitive component that affects people as if reluctantly, on a subconscious level.You could say that it sometimes outweighs all other merits of the candidate.

Image creation

in the political struggle for supremacy involved not just one person, and his entire team - the closest circle of trusted entities supporting and creating the image of a political leader.This process is quite important, despite the common belief that a good man, and so the people make out.Unfortunately, society is short-sighted, it is necessary in an accessible form to show that a given worker is worthy of their trust and be able to justify it.Besides, true leaders are not so much.Given the social understanding of how to be a leader, create image-makers of a political subject.This work includes the creation of the appearance, grinding speech, the ability to behave, diction, theater, art and more.Thus, the image of a political leader may be just an empty shell, and forgery, and can beautifully emphasize the dignity of the individual, making it more attractive figure for voters.

simulator and populist

There are politicians who really are leaders, leaders of certain sections of society or of all the people, and there are those who only pretends that are not.The latter are called imitators, or populists.How could the differences, especially in the heat of the election campaign, who is the leader?The simulator makes the payment on term results, for instant profit.This lzhelider more and more willing to give promises, though all at once, rather than seriously considering the situation and offers the best way forward.For populist important external than internal content.Often he uses incorrect methods of political debate, unhealthy criticism of opponents, up to slander.Specific same serious proposals do not.

Unfortunately, these workers often receive the support of the electorate, which is conducted on a promise to solve everything quickly and immediately.However, this practice leads to an increase in distrust among the population in the institutions of democracy.

role of political leader

political leadership is very diverse and important.First, it brings together a society or part of it around common ideas and goals.Secondly, the generator acts as the strategic goals of the development of society and puts forward proposals on the ways to achieve them.Third, mobilizing the population for activities in a given direction.Fourth, in communication between the authorities and society, supports the consent of the state.

should be noted that public expectations of the leader should be justified.If it does not and can not explain why, soon he faces not only mistrust and hostile attitude on the part of the electorate.Remember joyful jackals, "Akela has missed?"

political capital

One of the most important quality characteristics of a public leader of his political capital.It refers to achievements in the public sphere, which include status, positions taken by the popular choices, reasonable projections, in short, everything that could prove his professional and business skills.This capital is accumulated for a long time, but squandered can in a very short time due to wrong chosen tactics or wrong decision.Such leaders called a political corpse.So, many of the leaders of political parties, was born in the 90s and very popular at the time, currently do not have any political weight or popularity.They, despite all attempts to get into the State Duma elections lose the election.Therefore, every politician must be aware of the responsibility and the consequences of any of its promises and solutions.

path to leadership

Many reading this article, the question may arise: "How to be a leader?"In this regard, appropriate to paraphrase a famous aphorism - do not become leaders, leaders are born.Why so radically?Most of the researchers of this topic say that the innate qualities play a very important role in the development of those characteristics that are needed to fulfill the role of leader, leads the social groups.

Firstly, the future leader of distinguished active social position and a high degree of sociability.Secondly, it is very useful experience in all kinds of social activity organizations, skills of public activities at different levels.Of course, you can not go anywhere, and on education.In Western countries, there are special schools, of which overlook the future public figures and government officials.In conclusion, we note that any manager as a leader in the first place seriously and works hard and puts a huge responsibility for his subordinates.