Socially important products: the list.

What distinguishes the caviar on rye bread?In addition to taste and price, of course.The answer is obvious.The degree of necessity and indispensability.Without eggs 99% of people can live without discomfort, but without bread is already difficult.Essential for the bulk of consumer products - are goods that are socially relevant.As

goods may be socially significant

list of such products shall be approved by law.Of course, the list of socially important food products do not fall pineapple or avocado or salmon.It - only the necessary minimum for the cheapest goods.Items that will not be hungry and not feel deficiency in essential vitamins and trace elements, and nothing more.

But if you eliminate some of these foods from the diet of the average person, it is necessary not only to change eating habits, but also significantly increase the amount you have to spend on food.Therefore, these products are called "socially important goods."List them not too extensive, gourmet it is not found, but it is und


What is "socially important goods"?

Such lists are closely related to the concept of the consumer basket.It includes the smallest possible list of industrial goods, such as clothing, household chemicals, furniture, appliances, shoes and so on. N., Medicine, objects of cultural activities.Of course, the consumer basket includes products, defined as socially important goods.This list is approved by the law "On the consumer basket in the whole of the Russian Federation."It specifies not only the names of the services of non-food goods and products, but also for some time how many units should be.That is guaranteed by law, for example, every citizen the opportunity to buy potatoes suit and go to the theater.

potatoes per month but may not be kilograms, a suit must be worn for years have, and the theater to visit only N times a year.The exact rate of consumption basket is calculated each subject of the Russian Federation independently and subject to revision every five years.

Legislation provides the necessary minimum consumption

Law "On the basis state regulation of commercial activities in the Russian Federation" and the associated by-law - Decree of 17.07.2010 on Approval of the list of socially important goods and the marginal cost have much in commonthe law governing the content of the food basket, but differ significantly in terms of the objectives to be achieved.

food basket needed to determine the amount, the minimum required per month.And already from this sum is calculated minimum wage, the size of various social benefits and pensions.But legislation on the list of socially important products should regulate the prices of essential goods.This eliminates the possibility of using the traders and manufacturers to economic difficulties for illicit enrichment and protects the rights of the most vulnerable social groups.

Why do I need a list of socially important goods?

In practice, the law is as follows.There are so-called "socially important goods", the list of which has been approved.The state reserves the right to adjust the prices of these products in the manual mode, regardless of the market situation.

That is, even in the case of a total collapse of the national currency and a huge inflation authority has the right to limit the maximum cost of bread, potatoes or vegetable oil.Thus, the poorest people are guaranteed to be able to afford to buy food.

list of socially important goods and the consumer basket - differences

course logically follows from the above that the list of socially important food products would not include bananas, ham or chocolate candy.Because if the buyer does not have enough money to potatoes or pasta, this person is likely to remain hungry.But if the consumer is unable to afford chocolate - well, he would drink tea with sugar.Either find additional opportunity to earn to be able to buy a favorite food.

But consumer basket regulates access to a living wage goods for the population in the opposite way.Regularly recalculate the current prices of the products included in the consumer basket, and accordingly changes the amount of subsistence minimum.That is, if prices rose by 10%, and the cost of living increased by the same 10%.

List of products

As already mentioned, only the most inexpensive and essential for life products fall into the category of "socially important goods."The list includes 24 names of products, but some of them can be better merged into one category, so as not to clutter up the list:

  • meat (except for boneless) - pork, beef, lamb and chicken (except for the legs);
  • frozen fish (just not cleaned);
  • oil, sunflower oil and butter;
  • milk fat content of 2.5% and 3.2%;
  • eggs;
  • sugar and salt;
  • tea (baikhovi Black);
  • wheat flour;
  • bread and bakery products (wheat, rye flour, and mixtures thereof);
  • polished rice;
  • -unground buckwheat;
  • millet;
  • potatoes;
  • pasta;
  • vegetables - onions, carrots, cabbage (fresh);
  • fruit - only apples.

Obviously, luxurious, refined and diverse, these products can not be named, is particularly depressing poverty of choice in regard to fruit and vegetables.Meat represented almost a complete list of what is sold in a store or on the market, except for the delicacy of the rabbit or some exotic choices like venison, and select a portion of a bone - it's not difficult, and then the broth to cook from it can be.Side dishes are also quite varied, many lifetime hardly go beyond the boundaries of this list and feel wonderful.But fruits and vegetables obviously in short supply, a sufficient amount of vitamins such diet does not provide.It would be logical to include seasonal additions as cucumbers, tomatoes, cherries, pears, especially in the southern regions of the country.Maybe someday there will be a new list of socially important goods, taking into account the features of particular regions Federation and the specifics of their pricing.

restrictions and conditions

It should be noted that the regulatory capacity of the state in respect of socially important goods is not unlimited.The right to "freeze" the prices of these products can take advantage of power only if there will be a price increase of 30% per month.The period for which you can fix the maximum cost of socially significant products - 90 days.