Integrated growth strategy as a form of development strategies

Marketing strategies are a set of priorities of strategic character which are used for the organization achieve its goals.In accordance with the classification, the following strategies: the basic development strategy, the company's growth strategy and competitive strategy.Let us consider in more detail the growth strategy.

The first group in this category are concentrated growth strategy.Following them, the company improves its product line, or developing a new product without changing industry.If we talk about the market, following a concentrated strategy, the company looks for opportunities to improve the situation in the market or makes a transition to a new level.To the strategy of the first group are:

- strategy to strengthen the company's position in the market, following which, the company carries out activities aimed at the conquest of a particular product the best positions in the market.To implement this strategy requires significant marketing efforts.It allowed the use of "horizontal i

ntegration", during which, the company is taking steps to establish control over the competition.

- The development strategy in the market, using which, the company searches for markets for the product line, which is already being produced.

- product development strategy is oriented to increase its part of the market with new products on the market development.

The second group includes business strategy aimed at strengthening the organization with new business units.Another name - the strategy of integrated growth.It is important to know that the strategy of integrated growth realized by taking possession of new facilities or by extending the structure.

integrated growth strategy has two main types:

- backward vertical integration strategy works to increase market share by gaining control over the suppliers, as well as through the establishment of subsidiaries which carry out supplies of raw materials.This strategy allows you to obtain positive results by reducing dependence on commodity prices.In addition, deliveries to the firm as a cost item, turns into a source of income.

- integrated growth strategy is also another kind - going forward vertical integration.It is expressed in an effort to gain control of organizations, which according to the activity of working with the endpoint implementation.

third group are diversified growth strategy.They are used when a company is unable to develop in a particular market with the existing product line within the industry.

- horizontal diversification strategy focused on the development of the already familiar to the market through the introduction of new products using new technologies, which are different from those used by the company.Using this strategy, you must focus on the production of this type of technology other than products that can take advantage of existing opportunities in different areas of the organization, such as the supply of raw materials.New products should be focused on the basic product range of consumers, the quality of the new product must meet already they produce.The condition for the implementation of this strategy is a preliminary analysis of opportunities, for example in the construction sector, it is necessary to carry out the real estate market segmentation, to assess their competence to implement further action.

- centered strategy of diversification - one that searches for and use of business opportunities for the introduction of new products.Existing products are central.New products are developed on the basis of the opportunities inherent in the technology already implemented.

- conglomerate diversification strategy used for expansion with a new product that is not associated with an already produced and sent to the new markets.The successful application of this strategy depends on several factors such as the competence of personnel, the availability of necessary working capital.

fourth group are reduction strategy.They are used when a company wants to regroup after a long period of growth and implemented to improve the efficiency, if there are changes in the economy.The strategy takes painful.However, we must understand that this is the same development strategy as a growth strategy.