Tonka-machine-gunner: a biography with photos

In this article, we will focus on the woman who served as the executioner of the Nazis in order to save his life.The main character of our story - Tonka-machine-gunner.Biography of this woman, whose real name is - Antonina Makarova, presented in the article.She is about 30 years posed as the heroine of the Great Patriotic War.

real name Antonina

In 1921 Antonina Makarova was born, future Tonka-machine-gunner.Her biography was awarded lots of interesting facts, as you will see by reading this article.

girl was born in a village called Little Volkovka, a large peasant family, whose head was Makar Parfenov.She studied, as well as others in the village school.This is where the episode occurred, which affected the entire life of this woman.When Tonya came to study in the first grade, she could not because of shyness to give his name.Classmates also began to shout: "It Makarov!", Referring to that name Makar's father Tony.So, with a light hand of the local teacher, perhaps only at the time a competent pe

rson in this village, there was a family Parfenov Tonya Makarova - future Tonka-machine-gunner.

biography, photos of the victims, the trial - all interested readers.Let's speak about everything in order, starting from childhood Antonina.

Childhood and adolescence Antonina

girl studying with diligence diligently.She had a private and revolutionary character, whose name was Anka-machine-gunner.Real have been the prototype of the film-image - Maria Popova.This girl once in the fight actually had to replace the dead gunner.

Antonina, having left school, went to continue their education in Moscow.It is here that it has found the Great Patriotic War.She went to the front as a volunteer.

Makarova - the wife of a soldier marching

The share Makarova, 19-year-old Komsomol, fell all the horrors Viazemsky boiler.After the passage completely surrounded heavy fighting next to Tonya, a young nurse from the whole of the left only one soldier.His name was Nicholas Fedchuk.It was with him Tonka and roamed the woods, trying to survive.They are not looking for the guerrillas, not trying to get through to her, than have to eat, sometimes stealing.The soldier did not stand on ceremony with Tonya, making the girl of his "marching his wife."Makarov did not resist: she just wanted to survive.

In 1942, in January, they reached the village of Red Well.There Fedchuk confessed to his companion that he is married.His family, as it turns out, lives nearby.The soldier left Tonya one.

Antoninus of Red Well is not persecuted, but the locals have enough trouble without it.A stranger to the woman to leave the guerrillas did not seek.Tonka-machine-gunner, a photo of which is given below, tried to spin the affair with someone of the men left in the village.Alienated locals Tonya finally had to leave the village.

killer with a salary

Near the village of Elbow in Bryansk ended Tony walks.It operated at the time of the notorious administrative and territorial unit, which is based Russian collaborators.It was called Lokotskaya Republic.They were, in essence, the same German toadies who lived in other places.They differ only in a better formalization.

Tonya detained a police patrol.But the partisan underground fighter or it does not suspect.She liked the Polizei.They took her to himself, fed, watered and raped.The latter, however, it was very concerning: Strive to survive was the girl agreed on everything.

Tonya long acted as a prostitute in the Polizei.Once her drunk brought into the courtyard and put over the max, machine gun.Before him there were people - women, men, children and old people.The girl was ordered to shoot.For the past at the time not only to nursing courses, but also machine-gunner Tony is great not working.However, vusmert drunken woman is not very aware of what he does.However Tonya coped with this task.

Makarova learned the next day that it is now official - the executioner, and she put a salary of 30 brands, as well as its bed.Ruthlessly Lokotskaya Republic fought against the enemies of the new order - the Communists, the underground, the guerrillas and other unreliable elements, including members of their families.The arrested men were rounded up in the barn, which served as a prison.Then, in the morning, they were taken out to be shot.27 people fit into the camera, and it was necessary to eliminate all in order to make space for new victims.

For this work would not take no Germans or locals who have become policemen.And here I came in very handy Tonya came out of nowhere a girl with the ability to fire.

Tonka-machine-gunner (Antonina Makarova) is not crazy.Instead, she decided that her dream has come true.And let Anka shoot at enemies, and she shoots children and women - fog of war!But finally clean up its life.

1500 killed

daily routine was this girl.Tonka-machine-gunner in the morning (Antonina Makarova) machine-gunned 27 people, achieving a gun survivors, then cleaned the weapon, the evening went to the dance and schnapps in the German club, and then, at night - Cute love with a German or a policeman.

She allowed as an incentive to take things shot.So Tonya has got a whole bunch of clothes.However, they had to fix - just wear those things interfere with bullet holes and bloodstains.Sometimes, however, Tonya allow "marriage."For example, several children managed to survive because the bullet because of their small stature passed over the head.Together with the corpses of children were taken by locals who buried the dead, and handed them over to the partisans.Rumors of Tonka-Muscovite, Tonka-machine-gunner, a female executioner, crawled across the county.It has even been hunted by local guerrillas.However, they have not been able to get to Tonka.Victims Makarova began about 1500 people.

biography of Tony to the summer of 1943 took another sharp turn.West moved the Red Army, began the liberation of Bryansk.This does not bode well for the girl, but this time very useful infected with syphilis Tonka-machine-gunner.The real story of her life, you see, resembles the action movie.Due to illness, she was sent to the rear of the Germans, that it is not the children of the Great perezarazhala Germany.Thus, the girl managed to escape the massacre.

Instead of military criminals - honored veteran

However, in the German hospital Tonka-machine-gunner and soon became uncomfortable.So fast approaching Soviet troops that had time to evacuate the only Germans.Before their accomplices nobody cared.

Realizing this, ran away from the hospital Tonka-machine-gunner, the executioner.History, photos of women - all of this is presented to the reader to understand that evil is always punished at the fairness of what happened with Makarova at the end of life's journey, you can argue long.But about that later.

Antonin appeared again in the environment, this time in the Soviet.But now, the necessary skills were honed survival: she managed to get the documents.They said that Tonka-machine-gunner (photos of which were presented above) all this time served as a nurse in one of the Soviet hospitals.

girl was able to go to the hospital at the service, where she fell in early 1945, a young soldier, a war hero.He proposed to Tonya, and she said yes.Young, married, we went after the war to the homeland of her husband Tony in Lepel (Belarus).So Antonina Makarova, woman executioner disappeared.Antonina Ginsburg, a veteran, took her place.However, not permanently lost Tonka-machine-gunner.Real life in wartime Antonina Ginsburg 30 years surfaced.Tell us how it happened.

New Life Antonina Makarova

Soviet investigators learned about the heinous act carried Tonka-machine-gunner, biography which we are interested in, as soon as it was released Briansk.They found in mass graves the remains of about 1.5 thousand. People.However, it managed to identify only 200 of them.Witnesses were questioned, refine and validate the information, but still have not been able to trace Makarova.

Antonina Ginsburg, meanwhile, led an ordinary life of an ordinary Soviet citizen.She brought up her two daughters, worked, even met with the students who talked about their heroic past.So, a new life had Tonka-machine-gunner.Biography, children, her occupation after the war - all this is very interesting.Antonina Ginsburg is not like Antonina Makarova.And, of course, it is about pozaboitlas not to mention acts committed Tonka-machine-gunner.

After the war, our "hero" worked at a garment factory in Lepel, in the sewing department.She served as a supervisor here - check the quality of products.A woman was considered conscientious and responsible worker.Often her picture provided on the honor roll.After serving there for many years, Antonina Ginsburg no friends not made.Faina Tarasik, while working in a factory as an inspector of the personnel department, recalled that she was taciturn, closed and tried during collective holidays to use as little as possible of alcohol (most likely not to blab).Ginsburgs were respected soldiers and therefore receive all the benefits of relying veterans.Neither the husband nor friends of the family or neighbors do not know that Antonina Ginsburg - this is Antonina Makarova (Tonka-machine-gunner).Biography, photos of many of the women were interested.30 years continued fruitless search.

Wanted Tonka-machine-gunner (the real story)

Photos of our heroine survived a little, since this story has not yet been declassified.In 1976, after a long search, the case finally moved off dead center.Then the city square Bryansk one man lashed out at Nicolas Ivanina in which he recognized the chief lokotskoy prison during the German occupation.Hide all the time, as well as Makarov Ivaniv did not deny it and told in detail about the activities of his then, referring to the same time and Makarov (with her he had a brief affair).And although he mistakenly called investigators her full name Antonina A. Makarov (at the same time saying that it was Muscovite), such a big clue enabled the KGB to develop a list of citizens of the Soviet Union, bearing the same name.But it was not necessary to them Makarova, since the list was a woman by that name registered at birth.Makarova same desired effect, as we know, was registered under the name of Parfenov.

first investigators mistakenly went to another Makarov, who lived in Serpukhov.Nikolai Ivaniv agreed to carry identification.He was sent to Serpukhov and settled here in the hotel.However, the next day Nicholas killed himself in his room.The reasons for this remain unclear.Then the KGB discovered the surviving witnesses, who knew Makarov's face.But they were not able to identify it, so the search continued.

KGB spent more than 30 years, but this woman found almost by accident.Going abroad, Parfenov, a citizen filed a questionnaire with information about relatives.Parfenov Among them was listed as a sister somehow Antonina Makarova, Ginzburg for her husband.

How Tonya error helped the teacher!It was beyond the reach of justice thanks to her many years Tonka-machine-gunner!Biography and photos of her were hidden from the public for so long ...

jewelry worked KGB operatives.It was impossible to accuse an innocent man in such atrocities.On all sides checked Antonina Ginsburg.In Lepel brought secretly witnesses, even the police, who had been her lover.Only after confirmation of the information that Tonka-machine-gunner and Antonina Ginsburg - one person, a woman was arrested.

For example, in 1978, in July, the investigators decided to conduct an experiment.They brought one of the witnesses to the factory.At this time, under the pretext invented by Antonin was brought outside.Watching the woman out of the window, the witness identified it.However, this was not enough.Therefore, the investigators conducted another experiment.In Lepel, they brought two other witnesses.One of them pretended to be an employee of the local social security, which allegedly caused Makarov to recalculate pensions.The woman learned Tonka machine-gunner.Another witness was outside the building, along with the investigator of the KGB.She also learned Antonina.Makarova was arrested in September on the way to the head of personnel to their places of work.Leonid Savoskin investigator who was present at her arrest, later recalled that Antonina behaved very calmly and immediately understood.

Capture Antonina consequence

after being caught Antonina brought to Bryansk.Investigators initially feared that Makarov decides to commit suicide.Therefore, it was put into the chamber zhenschinu- "whisperer".The woman recalled that the prisoner was cool and confident because of her age she would be given a maximum of 3 years.

She was summoned for questioning herself and showed it the same composure, answering questions directly.In the documentary called "Retribution. Two lives Tonka-machine-gunner" Sergei Nikonenko said the woman was genuinely convinced that it is not punished for what happened and write off all the war.She behaved calmly and not less than when it was brought to the elbow for investigative experiments.

did not deny Tonka-machine-gunner.Her biography continued that security officers in Loket took the woman by the well-known Antonina - the pit, near which it is executed monstrous sentences.Bryansk investigators recall how they knew her, and spat after shied aside.And Antonina was and remembered everything calmly as your everyday delah.Ona said that it did not have nightmares.Not with her husband nor her daughters, Antonina did not want to communicate.Meanwhile, the chain of command running-soldier husband, threatened to complain to Brezhnev, even in the United Nations, requested the release of his wife.Until investigators did not tell him what Tonya charged.

brave, dashing veteran then aged and turned gray overnight.From Antonina Ginsburg renounced family and left the Lepel.The enemy would not wish that these people had to endure.


In Bryansk in 1978, in the fall, tried Antonina Makarova-Ginzburg.This process was the last major in the Soviet Union that took place over the traitors and the only trial of the Punisher-woman.

Antonina was also convinced that the punishment for the prescription of years too strict can not be.She even thought that she would be given a suspended sentence.Woman only sorry that once again will have to because of the shame to move and change jobs.Even the investigators knew that the post-war biography Antonina Ginsburg was exemplary, believed that the court will be shown clemency.In addition, in 1979 the Soviet Union was declared the Year of Women.

But in 1978, 20 November, was sentenced by the court, according to which Makarova-Ginzburg was sentenced to death.It was proved by documents wines of this woman in the murder of 168 people.It is only those whose identities have been established.Yet more than 1,300 civilians have remained nameless victims of Antonina.There are crimes that can not be forgiven.

In 1979, August 11, at 6 am, after all appeals for clemency were rejected, was executed judgment against Makarova-Ginzburg.This event has ended biography Antonina Makarova.

Tonka-machine-gunner has become very well known throughout the country.In 1979, May 31, the newspaper "Pravda" published a long article devoted to the trial of the woman.It was called "The Fall."It spoke of betrayal Makarova.Documentary Biography Tonka-machine-gunner was finally presented to the public.Case Antonina turned loud, one might even say, unique.According to the court for the first post-war years he was shot woman executioner, whose involvement in the shooting of 168 people during the investigation was formally proved.Antonina was one of three women in the Soviet Union, who were sentenced in the post-Stalin era to be shot and whose punishment was established reliably.Two other steel Borodkina Burt (1983) and Tamara Ivanyutina (1987).

Released in 2014 on the screens of the television series "The Executioner" remotely based on the story.In the story Makarov was renamed Antonin Malyshkin played by Victoria Tolstoganova.