Mentor - a kindergarten teacher ...

kindergarten teacher is the first stranger faced by the child in early childhood and which largely depends on the character formation of children and the formation of positive qualities.It kindergarten shape consciousness in civil society of the country.Value of experts of the profession can not be overemphasized, because they give free of sincere love and maternal care to the pupils during their stay in the children's preschool.The work and effort that puts the teacher in pre-school children are invaluable.

Perceptions of tutor

doubt, a kindergarten teacher is a noble profession, but not everyone can become good teachers.In order to determine whether the profession you should answer a few questions that will help you with this.The most important question - in your ability to love their children, no matter what, and for what they are, with their flaws and peculiarities.You will approach this profession, if you are really ready to love their students the same sincere and selfless love, which can only

children.If you want to be the children's teacher, it should be remembered that representatives of the profession must be able to control their own emotions.Mentor - a person balanced.To become a professional in their chosen field of activity, you need to have qualities such as punctuality, responsibility and care.

This will not work profession educator

addition to the desired and required qualities, which should have preschool educator, there are some that he should not be.

● For example, irritability.Naturally, because you do not get a good teacher, if you instantly annoyed when you see Sala children.

● Mentor - a person who complies with tact, always and everywhere.Such a specialist will not work because the people who easily get angry.

● Mentor - a person who knows how to live by a certain regime.If you find this difficult, then worked as a teacher, you can not, because the activities of children in preschool clearly planned, as they say, by the minute.

● If you like to let things take their course, the profession of the teacher definitely not for you, because working with children requires organization, consistency and compliance with certain rules and regulations.

● Mindfulness and concentration are very important in this field.If you can not focus on one, and preferably several tasks at once, and often distracted, the preschool teacher you will never be.

Responsibilities educator

At first glance it may seem that the work of children's teacher does not require specific skills.In fact, everything is absolutely not true.Misconceptions about the simplicity and ease of the profession is no substantiated.As a general rule, think like people who are not closely faced difficulty preschool educator.In reality, teachers have strict requirements that they must fulfill, and they are many.

● Creation of a group of children psychologically comfortable atmosphere is an important requirement for the caregiver.

● In the work children's teacher should adopt and adapt both domestic and foreign methods of upbringing and education of preschool children.

● When organizing activities focusing on the creation of a safe environment, which should not harm the health of children, both physical and psychological.

● of the cognitive activity of children also figure prominently in the work of the teacher.It includes not only specially organized classes, but also a free kids activities.

● Mentor - a person who knows how to develop each child's individual development route based on an assessment of his knowledge and skills at the moment.

● To run children's teacher, you must be able to develop remedial plans for the development of children with special needs.

above requirements are the most major, but it is not the whole list of rules, which must adhere to a children's teacher in their work.

Getting profession teachers of kindergartens

To become a teacher, you need to undergo special training.People prepare this specialty in the universities, where there is the faculty of preschool education.In this area you can also get a bachelor's degree.

After graduation, in the case if you go to work in their specialty, you will have a small salary.Over time, it will rise slightly depending on the length of service and experience, as well as your category.Professionals with experience is often invited to private pre-schools, where salaries are much more than public kindergartens.

workplace educator

current forms of labor protection is a kindergarten teacher certification of workplaces.It is performed in order to identify vulnerabilities and address them.To solve these issues can only be a thorough analysis of the work environment.During such events, attention is drawn to meet workplace hygiene standards.Especially carefully analyzed the degree of traumatic workplace and the availability of means of collective protection.

Hazards workplace educator

Hazards in kindergarten may be biological and physical.Among the biological isolated bacteria and microorganisms.The physical is a microclimate, illumination, humidity and so on.

When a workplace tutor several harmful factors group close to the quarantine.It is necessary to eliminate all the problems and create the optimal environment for the development and education of preschool children, and to create optimal conditions for children's teacher.In addition to the above noted more chemical factor.It includes various mixtures and chemicals.Due to the fact that in preschool carefully keep order in each group, this factor is extremely rare.