The external environment of the enterprise, the macro factors

The external environment of the enterprise includes all the factors and conditions that occur in the environment and do not depend on the activity of a particular company.However, they have or may have an impact on the operation of a particular company so require development of administrative decisions.

is worth noting that the combination of these factors, as well as an assessment of their impact on the activities of a particular organization are different.As a rule, now in the process of management determined the factors that may affect results of operations, not only in the present period, but in the future perspective.Moreover, of particular importance is the external environment of the enterprise, have an impact on the internal environment, ie,initially identify and account for just such environmental factors.

The external environment of the enterprise is the source that feeds enterprise resources that are necessary to maintain internal capacity at the right level.The company is constantly exc

hanges with the external environment.It is possible that its survival.At the same time the external environment of the enterprise, its resources are not limitless.They have their own views, many organizations that are in the same environment.Thus, there is a possibility that the company may not always get the resources it requires from the external environment, which may weaken the potential of the company and cause negative consequences for her.The task of strategic management lies in ensuring the interaction with the environment of the enterprise, enabling it to maintain its potential at a proper level, thus providing him an opportunity to survive in the long term.

external marketing environment is a macro-firm.It consists of the main factors influencing the activity of the enterprise in a particular market segment.External marketing environment is directly dependent on the following factors:

1) Economics.It expressed the need to take into account the general economic situation in the country, to rationally adjust their policies;

2) demographic.Important for each organization is that group of the population that gets its goods;

3) political and legal.Each organization must be aware of the legislation regulating entrepreneurial activity and must be really aware of the political situation of the company;

4) scientific and technical.They lead to the need to monitor the NTP and implement them in their production, as well as require to be aware of state control over product safety and quality;

5) Natural.Because they might cause shortage of raw materials and problems associated with environmental pollution.You must be aware of government measures aimed at regulating natural resources;

6) culture.Since they determine people's attitude to nature, to society as a whole, to the universe, to the goods.

If market research is necessary to consider all the factors in a complex macro enterprise.In marketing, the company is the macro factors have a great influence on decision-making.Their analysis and monitoring is needed to guide enterprises to take timely marketing solutions, adjusting to the macro factors, reducing their negative impact, as well as taking advantage of the time they provide.For analysis of the external environment, various marketing methods are generally based on studies.On the macro factors, no organization can have its influence.They can only be taken into account in their activities.