Marketing environment of the firm.

Marketing is and operates in a very complicated multi-media.How to implement marketing strategies and tactics may not be accepted services company, cause a mixed reaction of the market, and not too fit different macroeconomic trends.Marketing department of any company is to collect as much information about the surrounding environment, a company that most effectively influence it.

concept of marketing environment consists of a set of relations and contacts with many different subjects, which determines the general character of the activities of a firm.Marketing environment of the company is the subject of a careful and thorough study.

marketing environment of the company is none other than the active factors and actors that affect marketing decisions and opportunities.Marketing environment of the company, depending on the capacity is divided into macro-and microenvironment.First Independent Marketing Company of the total, while the other operates at the level of a company.Microenvironment, in turn,

can be internal and external.

internal microenvironment controlled marketing service.It consists of various structural units of the company, as well as bonds that are formed between them.Stability of the company and its survival in the competition greatly depends on the internal microenvironment.Internal environment should be investigated to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company.Strong points are very important in order to survive in a competitive environment, so they need to expand and strengthen.And the effect of weaknesses on the economic activity should be reduced.

External microenvironment - it is nothing like the environment of the firm.It includes competitors, suppliers, customers, audience contact, marketing intermediaries, which have a direct bearing and influence on how to perform its function.

Suppliers - are physical persons and legal entities that provide not only the company and its competitors all the necessary resources in order to produce specific goods and services.

Marketing intermediaries - are different organizations and companies that contribute to the company in the production, distribution and marketing of goods.

huge influence on the activity of any enterprise that has, what kind of relationship she developed with contact audiences.They are groups of people who show potential or actual interest in a particular enterprise and affect the success in achieving its goals.

important element of the external micro-environment of the company are its competitors.That is, their marketing policy and the strength of the brand can have a significant impact on the success of a particular company.What is the concept of the brand?This designation, which is given the goods and registered in the prescribed manner, to distinguish it from the others and indicate the producer.For the buyer trademarks are the motive for buying.

Macromedia is a collection of many factors that affect the microenvironment.These factors include demographic, natural, political, legal, economic, socio-cultural, scientific and technical.All the macro factors influence each other and interconnected.Based on this analysis they must be integrated.In addition, it is important to remember that different factors affect differently different companies spheres of activity, size and so on.

company's marketing environment has great influence on the efficiency of its functioning.