The essence of branding and abc analysis

Branding - a corporate style organization.The history of branding has its origins in ancient times.There are allegations that the brand has the same number of years as the civilization.Based on the research, given the evidence that the history of branding can be traced back to 2250 BCIt should be noted that the Russian history of branding is much shorter.This is justified by the fact that a significant number of well-known brands in Russia - the very young.In every country branding is different, as a rule, because of the differences in the target audience and mentality.It is clear that the implementation and creation of programs for creating the brand depends on the intentions of the leaders of firms.

To improve the competitiveness of the organization used the scientific and methodological support of branding.The essence of branding is the process of product differentiation and identifies tools to market goods.We can say that the language of modern society, which is based on market relations.

Let us abc analysis accessible and understandable language.This is one of the tools to identify key products, categories, brands of a particular company.It is based on the Pareto rule, which states that 20% of the units bring us 80% profit.This principle can be applied not only to the goods.Analysis in this way can customers, human resources, suppliers activity.

abc To perform the analysis, willows particular organization shall be conducted compulsory registration of an object to be analyzed, its movement, reflected in the software.Otherwise, there will be nothing to analyze.

First we need to generate a report of sales for a specific period of time, for some categories, and transfer the data obtained, for example, excell.The report, as a minimum, should be analyzed object article if products are analyzed and recorded direct sales.For a start it is easier to generate a report in Excel, because the program is very flexible and the most common.

Then the data to be sorted in descending order of sales.In this way we obtain the total amount and will be able to distinguish it from 80% to 15%.

then need to summarize the sales, starting with the maximum performance, recording the results in an additional column.As a result, it will affect cumulative totals.Where the amount is equal to 80% of our need to put the terms of the border.Thus is obtained a class A

Then get in class, counting on the same principle should be 15% of our profits.We have class.All remaining items will be assigned to class C.

abc analysis includes three classes:

Class A contains items that bring the greatest profit organization, if the profit is analyzed.Therefore, this category requires a more specific attention.

Class B includes products that are also profitable.A number of products in this class it is possible to develop a Class A

Class C contains products with the potential to remove from the range as unnecessarily freeze the organization's assets, for a significant portion of space on shelves and warehouses, transport or consume human resources.It should be noted, producing a hundred abc analysis, do not make hasty conclusions until such time until you see the big picture.

With objects of analysis can and should be experimenting.Profit, turnover, gross turnover can supplement the analysis.After completing this analysis, several options can be combined to receive Class AB or CA, for example, turnover + profit.Even in this analysis reflects the essence of branding, encased in a difference of private interests that unite the interests of the same territory.