Thrush in women: What is this disease and how to cope with it?

Female body tends to withstand a lot of misfortunes.Dozens of them can not be avoided.This, for example, critical days, childbirth, sickness associated with these two "diseases".But the most common and unpleasant kind of disease is a yeast infection in women.What kind of disease is one that is visited by more than 97% of the female?

What is thrush?

second title of the disease - "candidiasis."It appears because of the presence of yeast in the body.A small amount of the microorganisms present on the skin of most of us.Depending on how strong the organism's immune system and microflora will depend reproduction of these fungi.Thus, yeast can appear in women.What is this condition?Will it depend directly on the body's ability to withstand a variety of fungi, particularly yeast?If the immune system at some point would be weakened, for example during a cold beriberi, the yeast will be able to penetrate into the vagina and cause thrush.From here you can make the first conclusion: it is important to constantl

y consume a large amount of vitamins and other means to enhance our immune system, and lead a healthy lifestyle.Nevertheless, signs of thrush every woman should know.

main symptoms of yeast infection in women

- The appearance of redness, cracking, sores, rashes on the external genitals, followed by a whitish bloom.

- white cheesy discharge from the vagina.

- painful itching and burning in the area of ​​the genitals.

- The appearance of pain during intercourse.

- The emergence of a burning sensation, cramps, pain when urinating.

important to understand that many people prone to thrush.In women, the signs (pictures with their manifestations can be seen in the doctor-gynecologist) must be recognized as early as possible, to see a specialist more quickly.On examination, he will be able to make the final verdict.If the diagnosis is confirmed, the treatment is prescribed in the form of antibiotics, compresses, special baths and so on.However, it is also important to know what the symptoms of yeast infections in women occur more often, and whether it is possible to suppress them in the early stages of disease development.

common symptoms of thrush

appearance of cheesy discharge should be immediately alerted and serve as a signal to take action to eliminate them.The longer you procrastinate, the faster the progress thrush in women.What is this disease?Will it be accompanied by the appearance of itching and other pain?As we have noted, it is the symptoms of the disease.Itching may start earlier discharge, and even frequent hygiene may not help.Because of this, there are hairline cracks in the delicate and thin skin of the vagina.All this is accompanied by pain.However, all these symptoms may not appear immediately.Only a gynecologist can determine if the thrush in women.That's exactly it makes itself known, it is possible to find, having passed the necessary tests.In most cases you just smear.It is important to regularly observed at the gynecologist in time to suppress all signs and symptoms of yeast infection, not allowing them to begin to progress.