How to reconcile with girlfriend

Probably every girl has such a special friend with whom he had passed so much different that it seems nothing can quarrel.Typically, these relationships are tied since kindergarten or elementary school, and continue for many years.Of course, each is known in trouble, so only the years can test the strength of your union.Such friends need to appreciate, they always will support you in difficult times, be sure to listen and give good advice.They can safely be trusted all the innermost secrets.You can discuss the prettiest fellow and former men bravely go shopping and elicit opinion, if you do not look fat in this skirt and pink polka dot bow to the pope.And she will tell the truth, it's a real friend.

However, there is no friendship without quarrel.After all there are periods when the light is white and is not nice.At such moments, you can offend a careless word, even the dearest person.What if this had happened, and how to make up with her best friend?

First, a sober assessment of the situation ha

s arisen, and the degree of guilt.Just think, if you are simply in a bad mood, then a friend, certainly not to blame for what came under the hot hand or too soon - hot tongue.If the problem lies in the fact that you somehow rudely responded, yelled or simply broke down, threw a tantrum, screaming and throwing, it is best to just wait a little time.It is necessary, first of all, you yourself to fully relax and not to repeat the incident while trying to reconciliation.In this case, it will be enough even call.Just explain to her friend that you now seriously, nerves were on edge, and that it turned out that it was exactly at.Be sure to apologize, because you do not want to offend anyone.She will understand, believe me.Peace can also seal the joint campaign in a cafe.

How to make peace with her friend, if you quarrel went on personality and insults?But this is a much more serious offense.After all, how could you not angry at the man if you do not want to completely erase from his life, never think in the heat of all the bad things that can only get out of his heart.You never know who that someone once said or done.Note that you live here and now, and that was - that passed.And do not remember very painful moments just to touch the man.Resentment may be more serious than you think.If this all happened, there is nothing left but to sincerely ask for forgiveness and hope for an understanding friend, if a large part of the blame is still on you.Explain that you "have behaved like a fool" (a simple but quite effective terms), so they would not hurt her that your relationship you any more memories.Be sure to let her know that you repent and keep the evil that has happened between you earlier.

How to reconcile with his girlfriend if she does not answer the phone?And how do you think people talked before?Phone - is not a panacea for all offenses.Show that you really value your friend.Come to her house, because communication is always a living brings people together, and a frank and warm conversation "eye to eye" - is the best answer to the question of how to reconcile with his girlfriend in the event of a sudden quarrel.Let's say you have come, and it is not at home.Or she does not want to let you (it depends on the scale of resentment).Quite effective is a statement that you will not leave until you get a pardon or at least talk to her about what happened.As proof of his words just sit under her door.Too childish, you say?And here and there.Believe me, the main thing in this case - to show people that you care about it.In the end, if this is your really good friend, it will not allow to sit in the cold aisle, and as a result required to invite to the conversation.So do not be afraid to show their emotions, if you really feel guilty about.

How to reconcile with his girlfriend when the quarrel occurred due to man?This is perhaps one of the most difficult situations.Not every woman is able to forgive such.If the case has not yet had time to go away, and you realize that you made a mistake, it is still quite possible to correct.However, the situation may be different, and if you allow yourself to withdraw from a friend not just a guy, and a constant lover (or, worse, her husband) then one can hardly hope for a pardon on her part.Therefore, always take a sober look at the situation and think about the possible consequences.After all, the relationship may be a passing fad, but a friend you will cause serious pain and thereby lose her forever.

In any case, if it so happens that in your life there was the burning question of how to make up with a childhood friend, act according to circumstances.Trust your heart, because no one better than you will not be able to reach out to the road and the loved one.