How to make friends with a girl?

Even in the ideal relationship in humans comes a time when between them runs a black cat.The reason for this can be any trifle, misunderstandings, mistakes, betrayal, jealousy or just a difference of opinion.The main thing is just to find a compromise and save feelings.

In relations between lovers such times come very often.The initiators of the dispute almost always favor women because for them every detail is important, and if that guy can not pay attention to the girls every detail can become the whole tragedy.For example, unnoticed a new dress or a fleeting glance at another girl.Though sometimes they say that man - the weaker sex (and they live less and are sick more often), yet they are certainly stronger, though, because they know how to find the strength to take the first step during an argument.But, unfortunately, they do not always have enough romance, creativity, fantasy and imagination.How to make friends with a girl?How to make sure that once prevailed in the relationship of love?It is de

dicated to the topic of this article.

Most men and boys think that seeing a bouquet of flowers, a girl and everything just melted.But this is not so.In addition to flowers also need an act of love.Whether it's a romantic card or a soft toy in the form of a teddy bear with a heart - it does not matter.For the most suitable original composition of balloons, which can run to the window of his girlfriend.

If not enough finance, it is not necessary to puzzle over how to reconcile after a quarrel with the girl.For this method, you will need only a piece of chalk, which under the windows of beautiful handwriting favorite to write an apology and a declaration of love.

The most important thing is how to make peace with the girl - a sincerity and love.No matter for what reason in your relationship discord came, if necessary, she will forgive you.In fact, just it thinks that it is impossible to return it to the location.

can be reconciled with the girl and follows.If she does not want to see you, ask someone to agree with her about the meeting.Find a place where you can arrange a romantic dinner.Buy candles, rose petals, beautiful tablecloths, dishes.In addition, it is necessary to look slow and beautiful music.Do not forget the bouquet for his beloved.A lot of time to spend on something to write words that touched her heart.To make peace with the girl in this case is quite simple.By the way, before supper send her a nice card with a declaration of love, but do not call and do not take the phone.Let her once again quietly ponder the situation.

not enough finances for a romantic dinner?Then arrange a date with her in the beginning of a relationship.Forget all the hurtful words, no matter who is right and who is wrong.If you really love each other, then everything must be done carefully and think about how to make up a girl who is very dear to you.Well, if it's not, and you imagine your future without it, then maybe it's another chance to leave her alone and start to build their own destiny.

For the most expensive in the life of a person can do anything, even to step over his pride.Very often it happens that your spouse more than once regretted the rift in the relationship, and she is looking for ways how to make peace.The girl is much easier than a man.It is enough to make her smile that same radiant smile that is meant only to you, and we can assume that she was forgiven.

Try to quarrel does not poison your life.Sometimes it is better one time to keep silent than to look for ways and situations to reconcile.Women are very emotional and impulsive, sometimes this is what prevents personal life.But on the other hand, it is on these qualities and to play, to return to their seats.

Appreciate every moment spent together, every second!